Dr. Ketch’s Book Covers Important Topics For Parents Whose Children Need Surgery

A recent study of more than 11,000 children published in the journal Pediatrics found that door hinges and frames represent the greatest danger to small children in the form of hand and finger injuries.

The results of these injuries can lead to surgery, and one prominent anesthesiologist is paving the way in helping parents understand what that means for their kids.

Dr. Armen Ketchedjian, author of the book Will It Hurt? A Parent’s Practical Guide to Children’s Surgery, says that the injuries children sustain can often only be repaired through surgery, and that parents should prepare for that possibility.

Most of these injuries occur when doors close on a child’s fingers, a problem made worse in countries without legislation mandating safer door systems designed to help kids stay safe. 

“When you hear that your child must have surgery it can be a terrifying experience” saysDr. Ketch, as he is known to his patients. “It’s not easy to accept that your child needs an operation, but once you know that he or she does, it’s imperative that you help prepare your child as best you can.”

Will It Hurt? is Dr. Ketch’s way of furthering parent education in the days and hours surrounding child surgeries that result not only from injuries such as those caused by door frames and hinges, but also from developmental problems, childhood diseases and birth defects. 

“It has been shown that children have an easier time with surgery and recovery when they are less anxious, and a great way to help that happen is to have the parents be less anxious,” says Dr. Ketch.“That often means educating them so that their fears are alleviated at least a little bit.” 

Dr. Ketch’s book covers important topics for parents whose children need surgery, including:

• What to do the day of the surgery
• What to do if their child needs to stay overnight
• How to choose a surgeon
• What questions to ask of the child’s doctors
• What to expect as the child recovers from surgery

Will It Hurt? helps educate parents about pediatric surgery. It is an easy-to-read resource that will give parents, their child and their families the help and reassurance they need to make any surgical experience as stress-free as possible.

Listed in The Guide to America’s Top Anesthesiologists by the Consumer Research Council of America, Dr. Ketch trained at Cornell Medical Center, with a fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and a pain management elective at Boston Children’s Hospital. He has worked to help develop new techniques in ambulatory anesthesia, taught medical students and residents, and cared for more than 10,000 patients.

Dr. Ketch is also the author of the children’s book Golden Apples (winner of the 2008 Reviewer’s Choice Award), a beautifully illustrated book that aims to help educate children about the dangers of drug abuse. 

For more information, contact the author directly at support@dr.ketch.com.

(Will It Hurt? A Parent’s Practical Guide to Children’s Surgery by Dr. Ketch; ISBN: 0-9815373-0-8; $14.95; 172 pages; 5½” x 8 ½”; softcover with illustrations; WARREN ENTERPRISES, LLC)

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