The Harley Medical Group Opens New Clinic in Glasgow

The Harley Medical Group has revealed that Scottish people are five times more likely to have cosmetic surgery than the average person. 5% of Scottish men and women say they would have, or have already had cosmetic surgery, while one in ten would opt for non-surgical solutions, such as Botox. The findings come as The Harley Medical Group adds a new Glasgow clinic – the fifth new clinic opening over the past year – to its UK and Ireland portfolio, bringing the total estate to 28 clinics, with Edinburgh and many other in the pipeline for 2010.

Following the announcement last year that craggy Scot, Gordon Ramsey, has fillers in his chin to soften deep lines, it’s perhaps less of a surprise that over 4% of Scottish men would have cosmetic surgical or non-surgical treatments. Scottish women are also looks conscious with 7% of them admitting they would have cosmetic procedures, and 17% would look to battle aging with non-surgical solutions.

Scottish men cite native sex symbol Gerard Butler as the person whose looks and physique they most covet. Meanwhile, women admire the way Helen Mirren has held back the years, despite being in her 60s. The actress, who says she would certainly consider having cosmetic surgery, was named by 15% of Scottish women, as the person they most aspire to look like.

The Harley Medical Groups Glasgow Clinic Manager Donna Ward stated, “We’ve had really positive feedback from prospective patients anticipating the clinic opening. Scottish patients, who have been travelling to Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester clinics now have a brand new facility on their doorstep.

“We’re already booked out to the middle of next month. Treatments for rosacea, which is redness of the skin, and laser treatments for sun damage have been proving very popular. The most enquired about surgical procedures to date has been breast reduction by men and for women it is breast augmentation and uplift, with Liposuction a close 2nd for both males and females…

Via EPR Network
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