Hemorrhoids Sufferers Rank ClearMed No. 1 Treatment for Third Year in a Row

Consumer Health Reports recently released its annual study and survey of treatments for hemorrhoids, and for the third consecutive year ClearMed has come out on top. Consumer Health Reports included more than 100 hemorrhoid treatment brands in the study, evaluating them on quality, value, reorder rates, safety and customer service. It then asked those suffering from internal, external and bleeding hemorrhoids to rate the top five – Avatrol, ClearMed, Preparation H, Venapro and Zenmed – using the same criteria. The result: More than 95 percent of participants picked ClearMed as their top hemorrhoid treatment.

More than 40 percent of people in the world over the age of 50 suffer from hemorrhoids, with four percent of all pregnant women developing the disease in the United States alone. Hemorrhoids are veins in the lower rectum or anus that have become swollen because of increased pressure, often from straining during bowel movements or sitting for long periods of time. Symptoms include anal itching, pain and bleeding.

Only about 20 percent of those suffering from internal, external and bleeding hemorrhoids require surgery, the rest find that a hemorrhoid treatment will help ease pain and swelling.

ClearMed is an all-natural hemorrhoid treatment in a time-release capsule that provides relief by shrinking and soothing hemorrhoids. Unlike other treatments for hemorrhoids, ClearMed’s finely milled ingredients work first on the internal issues, repairing tissues that have been damaged by straining. Throughout the day, soothing and healing agents are released to help ease the discomfort of bleeding hemorrhoids and non-bleeding hemorrhoids. There are no reported side effects with ClearMed, even when used for long-term maintenance.

“ClearMed is a product that I am very proud of, and feel excited to share with hemorrhoid sufferers around the world,” says Lawrence E. Kreger, medical researcher for ClearMed.

ClearMed developers are so confident in their hemorrhoid treatment, they guarantee results in five to seven days. If customers are not completely satisfied, ClearMed will return their money through its 60-Day No Risk Guarantee program.

Via EPR Network
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