The Harley Medical Group Challenges Traditional Beauty Solutions

The Harley Medical Group is launching a new advertising campaign designed to highlight the more practical solutions offered by cosmetic and non surgical procedures.

The Harley Medical Group Challenges Traditional Beauty Solutions

The UK’s largest cosmetic surgery company hopes to tap into the day-to-day concerns of the ‘ordinary’ person to demonstrate how, contrary to some common perception, cosmetic solutions can give less dramatic and more functional beauty solutions.

The adverts, designed by Medicine Man, include an image of the bottom half of a bikini-clad woman’s body with the tag line “Bad hair day…ever considered laser hair removal.”

Another highlights how on average a woman will shave her legs 11,500 times – suggesting laser hair removal as a safe, permenant and hassle-free alternative.

Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group commented, “The adverts are now appearing on the back-end of buses across the UK. We deliberately set out create advertising that will make people do a double-take and demonstrate clearly how cosmetic and non surgical treatments can be an effective solution to unwanted hair or the removal of stubborn fat .”

The series of five adverts cover liposuction, breast surgery, lines and wrinkles treatments and laser hair removal.

Via EPR Network
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