Procedures Increase With 40+ Post-Divorce Women

The Harley Medical Group has reported a 9% (year-on-year) rise in women aged 40+ years booking in for anti-aging surgery and non-surgical procedures as an ever-growing number of older women in the public eye get into relationships with men markedly their junior. The group has also noted a spike in the number of divorcees investing in cosmetic procedures to help them find new confidence.

Clinic staff have reported that many female patients aged 40+ are increasingly using divorce settlement money to fund cosmetic procedures. Liz Dale, director at The Harley Medical Group, commented, “We’ve all read about Sharon Stone, Janice Dickinson, and Sam Taylor-Wood embarking on affairs with younger men but it’s not just celebrities who are looking for new relationships in middle-age. Women aged 40-plus are increasingly citing embarking on a new relationship as a reason for undergoing rejuvenation treatments. We estimate that around 30% of our 40+ patients are divorcees.”

Mark Keenan the founder of the online divorce service, Divorce Online, commented: “Women are increasingly factoring in extra money in their divorce settlements for cosmetic treatments. After a stressful, unhappy divorce period many want to overhaul their life and often having a relationship with a younger man helps them feel energised. We are seeing more and more women making the most of the extra money and time they have by, for example, going travelling, buying a car or getting some cosmetic work done – our clients see it as part of the starting-over process.”

Liz Dale concluded, “Women simply want to look as young as they feel – inspired by older style icons like Stephanie Beecham and Susan Sarandon. It’s natural that young men will sit up and take note of these powerful, attractive women who aren’t afraid to get the most out of life.”

Via EPR Network
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