Report Shows The Recession Hasn’t Stopped The World From Wanting To Look Good

Flashy television programmes like ‘Nip/Tuck’ and gossip sites like TMZ make it very easy to believe that Los Angeles is the cosmetic surgery capital of the world. But cosmetic surgery is no longer such an‘American’ practice. has studied reports from around the world and has discovered a large number of countries are becoming increasingly open to cosmetic surgery. As breast implants, botox injections and other forms of body augmentation can offer improvements in appearance and confidence, it is no surprise that no country holds a monopoly on these procedures.

The UK is just one of the many countries experiencing a cosmetic surgery renaissance. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons found that, during 2008- 2009, the UK’s total number of procedures rose by 9%. These trends were echoed elsewhere in Europe. In fact, statistics indicate the USA is only 19th on a list ranking cosmetic surgery per capita, being thoroughly outpaced by Switzerland, Cyprus and Spain.

Cosmetic surgery practices are also more open about sharing information now there is no longer a ‘taboo’ surrounding the industry. Earlier this month, New Zealand released its first figures recording the number of procedures that took place in the country in 2008. This data from the New Zealand Foundation for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery suggested 2,739 procedures took place in the country that year, with breast enlargement comprising 16% of the total (matching the worldwide trend of breast augmentation and liposuction dominating the surgical landscape).

While it is useful to learn how many procedures are actually taking place, it is also interest to find out how culturally accepted cosmetic surgery has become. 38% of females polled by Olay Regenerist revealed they would happily have cosmetic surgery, with the common goals being to look younger (37%) or to increase romantic attractiveness (21%).

Via EPR Network
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