The Harley Medical Group Reports World Cup Widows Plump For Jabs

The Harley Medical Group is reporting that as the 2010 World Cup kicks off, many of its 29 UK clinics will be at ‘full capacity’ with non-surgical treatment bookings up 25% on the England match dates.

While many male footie fanatics have scheduled time off work to watch the first round of games in June, women across the country are making the most of the free time and booking rejuvenating peels and wrinkle relaxing injectables.

Keen to not to have any distractions this summer men are openly encouraging girlfriends and wives to spend more ‘me’ time, with pampering sessions and girls-only days out.

Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group, commented, “During the World Cup four years ago, we noticed a peak in female dominated treatments. This year the trend continues with enquiries for June up 48% compared to this time in 2006, which reflects the cumulative growth we’ve seen in non-surgical treatments overall. Women know they won’t be getting much attention from their husband or boyfriend while the football is on so this is the perfect feel-good factor treat.”

“Unsurprisingly we’re also expecting cosmetic surgery bookings for men to be down slightly – around 10% – in June for the first time in 20 months.”

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Individualized Drug Rehab Model Results In Greater Addiction Recovery Rates

For every industry, change is inevitable. Within the medical and addiction treatment field, not only is change inevitable and expected, but it is also necessary in order to provide the best possible treatment and outcomes for patients.

One drug rehab in New England has been dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatment options for individuals suffering from addiction by utilizing current accepted methods of treatment and combining them with more non-traditional approaches, resulting in individualized drug addiction treatment options for its patients.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has long been regarded as the model for addiction treatment centers worldwide. From its beginnings, Mountainside has complimented its core treatment offerings with other non-traditional forms of addiction therapy. By doing so, they were among the first to offer true, comprehensive drug addiction treatment that is uniquely created for each individual seeking help.

“When we first began our program, we weren’t seeking to do something different simply for the sake of being different,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside. “Our goal has been, and always will be, to offer the most effective treatment program for those suffering from various types of addictions. And, based on empirical data, we’ve found that the best way to accomplish this is through individualized treatment options. It’s common knowledge that if an individual doesn’t need physical symptom management, their treatment plan won’t include it. But, suppose Yoga or Tai Chi isn’t something that is a good fit for a person? Should we force those things on them simply because it’s one of our treatment options? The answer is a resounding: no. Including something in a treatment plan simply because it is available would be counterproductive to what we’re accomplishing, and that is: better than average long term sobriety success rates.”

For more than 12 years, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has led the way in offering an individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment program.

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Washington Drug Rehab Helps Families Get Their Loved Ones Back

The drug and alcohol rehab referral service has a database of more than 3,000 facilities across the country, and Washington is well represented. Methamphetamine and marijuana abuse are serious problems in the state, which will lose an estimated 400 residents this year alone to drug abuse. And, an estimated 38,965 residents will be arrested on drug charges this year. Drug treatment Washington centers also deal with the increasing number of alcoholics in the state. An estimated 1,790 will die this year in alcohol-related deaths, and an estimated 29,545 will be arrested for DUI. Whatever the addiction, will help family members find the right Washington drug rehab and alcohol rehab facility.

Families that are ready to help a loved one find a drug rehab WA facility can begin the process by going to today. There, they will find articles on everything from “The Top 5 Reasons Interventions Fail” and “8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Residential Rehab” to detailed definitions of various addictions, including methamphetamine and marijuana. They also will find success stories from family members who have been exactly where they are now, such as this one from a mother who called desperately looking for a drug treatment Washington facility:

“When my son, Byron, started stumbling in from school and even from work, it was obvious he was “on” something. Desperate, I called the Call Center. Within hours, one of their treatment facilities was ready for Byron. He has now been ‘clean’ for three years and is in college.”

There are many success stories on the website, allowing family members to not feel alone in their struggles with an addicted loved one. They often provide the final push family members need to begin the process of finding a Washington Drug Rehab facility for their loved one suffering from addiction.

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Drug Treatment Center in San Francisco Provides Hope to the Addicted

The drug and alcohol rehab referral service offers its services in all states, providing hope to addicts and their families everywhere. California in particular has a great need for the alcohol and drug treatment centers in the organization’s database. Drugs easily enter the state through California’s border with Mexico, resulting in a high rate of drug arrests within the state: Every day, 610 drug arrests are made. Alcoholism also remains a serious issue in California, with 460 DUI arrests happening every day, making it vital to provide quality drug and alcohol rehab. San Francisco alone has roughly 20 residents die from alcohol-related deaths and four residents die from illegal-drug overdoses every month. These statistics keep the counselors at more than busy matching addicts with one of the many centers for alcohol and drug treatment San Francisco has.

If an addict has hit rock bottom and wants to find hope again at an alcohol and drug treatment San Francisco center, he can go to today and start his research. The website offers extensive information about various addictions and their treatments, and it also features success stories from the many addicts who have found the right drug and alcohol rehab San Francisco center for them through T.T., a teacher, had this to say about the drug and alcohol treatment San Francisco referral service provided by

“It took waking up on the street to persuade me to get help for my addiction. That night, I picked up the phone and called the Call Center. It’s a year later. I’m drug-free, and I have urged many other addicts I know to call the Call Center. Thank you.”

All of the success stories on the website are filled with hope and provide inspiration for those just starting to think about going to an alcohol and Drug Treatment San Francisco center.

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