Affordable Drug Rehab Not A Myth, But Fact In New England

It’s accepted as fact that drug rehabs are cost prohibitive to self-paying individuals. Unfortunately, that misconception has contributed to barriers for individuals trying to get the help they so much need.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center located in Canaan , CT has dedicated itself to providing quality and affordable drug addiction treatment as well as alcoholism treatment. Since the program’s inception, Mountainside has positioned itself as the leader in cutting-edge, affordable drug rehab. Focusing on bringing true value to the table, Mountainside set out to become the first of its kind to offer such affordability, coupled with true, innovative drug addiction treatment plans.

“Cost is a factor in every single facet of life, and health care is no exception especially in this economy downturn,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “What’s disturbing is that there are individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol who truly want to live a sober-free life who feel that they can’t afford it. Addicted individuals don’t need any unnecessary reasons, whether true or not, to deter them from treatment. It’s natural for an addicted person to be hesitant to get treatment- that’s part of the process. Throwing in the myth of lack of affordable drug rehab simply further complicates matters. Mountainside is determined to get the message out and educate the public so that this misconception can be put to rest, enabling individuals to get the help that they truly need.

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