Announces Free Online Help Resources for Choosing or Maintaining your Health Plan Insurance, an online provider of health insurance quotes and designed to offer the public free access to health insurance information, announces the release of their new article series in addition to questions and answers to help consumers make educated decisions.

With unemployment reaching record highs it’s easy to see why so many Americans are struggling with their medical insurance. In response to the growing need for information about medical coverage during times of economic distress, Answers is a community that offers the public information for keeping or getting the coverage you need when your employment runs out as participants can ask health insurance agents and experts in the industry any questions they wish.

Perhaps you don’t know how to apply for COBRA, or haven’t had time yet to think of managing your health care, but in any case the advice offered Answers is free of charge and designed to provide the growing number of men and women who no longer get coverage from an employer with .

This includes ideas for those who need individual health insurance, family coverage, or just children’s health insurance. In addition to all the free resources providers in an easy to read format, users can enter their zip code into the search box displayed and quicklycompare the insurance quotes and coverage available in their specific area.

With so many different plans and deductibles, each depending on your state and county locale, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the modern and sometimes complex health insurance market.

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PruHealth Set To Grow Following Approval Of Standard Life Healthcare Acquisition

PruHealth has become a competitor of scale in the UK Private Medical Insurance (PMI) market following the completion of the acquisition of Standard Life Healthcare by Discovery Holdings* of South Africa.

The acquisition opens a new chapter in PruHealth’s development, boosting cover to 700,000 lives and market share to 11 per cent, demonstrating its commitment to the UK market and making it the fourth largest PMI provider in the UK.

Neville Koopowitz, previously CEO of Discovery Health, has been appointed CEO of PruHealth, and has transferred to London. Herschel
Mayers continues as the CEO of PruProtect.

This transaction provides PruHealth with a significantly strengthened competitive position in the UK PMI market. The business will draw on its combined core strengths in product innovation, wellness and service delivery to offer one of the broadest and most flexible health insurance plans and product ranges in the market.

Full integration will roll out over the coming months. A product suite building on the best of the current PruHealth range and the range previously offered by Standard Life Healthcare is scheduled to be launched later this year.

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Better Vision with Natural Herbs

Eyesight RX, natural eye formula developed by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., is a revolutionary new vision support formula that may improve color perception, clarity of vision, day and night vision, distance vision, and the pleasure of looking at artwork, plants, nature. Eyesight Rx vision support supplies antioxidants to the tissues in the eye, including lutein, zeaxanthin, other carotenoids, and dozens of beneficial compounds that support and improve eye health.

About Advance Physician Formulas – Advance Physician Formulas,, provides science-based natural formulas developed by a medical doctor, top quality supplements with the highest grade raw material ingredients, along with reliable, honest, and friendly service.

About Ray Sahelian, M.D. – Dr. Sahelian has been writing about nutritional supplements for the over 20 years. His informative nutritional website, is the highest visited site for vitamin news. Any information about vitamins typed in Google will bring up his website under the regular organic searches. Dr. Sahelian has written over 10 books about vitamins and nutritional supplements and sold over one million copies. His top two books, Mind Boosters and Natural Sex Boosters have helped thousands of people.

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More Healthcare press releases Launches Key Information Designed to Take the Guess-Work Out of Choosing Your Life Insurance

If you’re in the market for good quality life insurance at affordable prices either be whole life insurance or term life, be sure and take a look at Their comprehensive articles reveals information and all you need to know when searching for affordable coverage in your area.

To access the articles you are not required to give any personal information. If you are buying life insurance in the near future, all you need to do is simply input your zip code into the search box, and a list of the best and most reliable agencies in your area will appear.

Users can select a variety of insurance agencies and get free quotes in order to discuss the “ins-and-outs” of the market with someone knowledgeable in the field, and licensed to sell that coverage. With the laws governing life insurance varying from state to state it’s easy to fall victim to misinformation, to get confused, or to end up paying more thanyou should.

Shopping around is also the easiest way to save money, and to compare notes on different companies, different plans, and different rates. Life insurance is a long term investment that could potentially involve large sums of money, and choosing the right coverage is essential for protecting the people and assets that you could leave behind in the event of your sudden passing. is an entire site dedicated to offering information that clarifies the process of selecting life insurance, and offers users the ability to get that coverage at a great price. The site is full of details regarding Whole life insurance, Term life insurance, and Variable life insurance, including definitions, tips, and things to look out for.

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New Gateway To Illicit Drug Addiction

A recent study conducted by University of Buffalo physicians suggests that prescription pain killers are the new gateway drug to illicit drug addiction.

A study published by UB shows that 31 out of 75 patients hospitalized for narcotic detox first became addicted to drugs as a result of legitimately prescribed narcotics for pain. Another 24 individuals obtained their drugs via a friend’s left-over pills or from a family member’s medicine cabinet. The remaining 20 patients said they got hooked on street drugs.

A startling 92% of the patients within the study said they turned to buying heroin off of the street as it is less expensive and produces a stronger high than any prescription narcotics.

After their pain was resolved, however, most reported that they continued to use the prescribed drugs to help deal with the emotional stresses of day to day life and to feel better, in general.

“This is a disturbing trend,” remarks a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcoholism Treatment Center. “While effective for short-term pain management, prescription pain killers can be quite dangerous for some people. When these medications are prescribed it is best that patients be advised of the various ramifications that can occur and, if they begin to feel any dependence, they should tell their doctor. It can be very useful to bring in a pain management specialist for patients requiring longer term use. It’s troubling that a useful medication can cause such physical and psychological dependence, necessitating a program like our drug rehab New York program.”

Researchers found that about 51% of those who use illicit drugs first used narcotic pain killers for back pain, after surgery or an injury. The remaining 49% began using drugs simply because they were curious or a peer had narcotics readily available.

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