Narconon Joins Recovery Month Celebrations

(Los Angeles, CA) – Now in it’s 21st year, the theme for this year’s National Recovery Month is “Now More than Ever,” and Narconon centers coast to coast are gearing up for the annual celebration along with other treatment programs and recovery advocates across America.

The Narconon drug rehabilitation and education program was founded more than four decades ago and now has at least 16 residential and outpatient treatment facilities in the United States and Canada alone, with dozens more worldwide. Again this year thousands of Narconon staff members, program participants, alumni, family members and supporters will continue their observance of Recovery Month with its recurring theme that permanent recovery from addiction is not only possible, but happens every day in its centers.

Past events have included community sponsorships and anniversary celebrations, educational presentations, radio shows talking about recovery, public service announcements for print and broadcast media and even a live webcast of a graduation ceremony.

One of the topics this year has been the devastation caused by the skyrocketing prescription drug addiction problems throughout America. From painkillers to tranquilizers and amphetamines, the latest surge in substance abuse has opened the eyes of millions of people. Showing that dependency and addiction can affect anyone, including unsuspecting patients taking such medications.

Narconon programs are one of the few programs in the country that does not prescribe more drugs to addicts seeking treatment, and it’s drug-free rehabilitation approach achieves a success rate of better than 70%. The program was was founded by William Benitez and is based on the research and developments of the late American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. To learn more about Narconon please see this video

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