Assay-Ready Chemistry Partnership between Molplex & Enamine

Molplex and Enamine today announced a new partnership to offer the Enamine screening collection of 1.8 million stock chemicals through the Molplex online drug design and assay-ready chemical supply services. The agreement is a major step towards eliminating the high start-up costs ofdrug discovery, bringing sophisticated drug design, compound management and assay-ready chemistry to the world’s drug discovery scientists on demand.

The agreement adds Molplex online drug design systems to the deep experience in organic chemistry and compound management of Enamine to solve the problem of generating viable chemical leads for novel targets.

Molplex CEO David E. Leahy said: “We are very proud to be selected by Enamine as their partner for on demand drug discovery services at a time when major restructuring of the industry is creating new opportunities and new markets for our combined expertise. This agreement marks a step change in the size and scope of our assay-ready chemical supply service and major progress towards our goal of being the world’s first choice partner for enabling the long tail of drug discovery”

Via EPR Network
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