Bath Salt Abuse Becoming International Problem

The most recent substance abused and labeled a designer drug is fast becoming an international epidemic.

Bath salts, a potentially deadly combination of various chemicals such as mephedrone and MDPV, are highly addictive and extremely dangerous, producing hallucinations and physical manifestations that can be fatal.

“What’s remarkable about this substance is that, on the package, it is actually labeled ‘not for human consumption’,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “It’s terrifying to think that experimentation happens with substances that aren’t even to be ingested into the human body. And, unfortunately America is not the only country to be grossly affected by this epidemic. Countries such as England are also experiencing marked increase in the improper use of bath salts as well as the detrimental effects that follow bath salt abuse.”

Bath salts are particularly appealing to teens and young adults for a variety of reasons, mainly because they are easy and inexpensive to obtain. Producing side effects such as hallucinations and heart palpitations, the effects of the improper use of bath salts have been cited as the cause of death in several autopsies performed globally.

If you know or suspect that your teen or young adult is abusing bath salts or any other type of substance, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center offers professional intervention services to assist you in getting them the help that they need to recover. For the past 13 years, Mountainside has established itself as an innovator within the addiction treatment field, and the treatment modalities Mountainside utilizes are regarded as among the most cutting-edge approaches in helping individuals to get, and to remain, sober.

The compassionate, caring treatment team at Mountainside is comprised of licensed and certified counselors and social workers as well as a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, both of whom have specialization and extensive experience in drug addiction and alcohol treatment. For clients who may have psychiatric issues and/or a dual diagnosis, Mountainside provides the services of a Psychiatrist who also has specialization in addictions. As a result of their unique, innovative approaches to addiction treatment over the past 13 years, Mountainside has become the model for the addiction treatment field.

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