Liberate Reveals Almost Half Of Women Teased About Their Looks Consider Cosmetic Surgery

Liberate, the new cosmetic surgery group, has been completing some public research around some shocking topics, with the most notable revealing that almost half of the women consulted who were bullied at school have considered cosmetic surgery in order to ‘fix’ themselves.

The 3000 British women between 18 and 30 years-old who took part in the research were asked if they had ever been bullied, teased or targeted about their appearance, to which 47.45% answered yes and 52.57% answered no. Out of the women who answered yes to the first question, 43.5% of them said they would consider cosmetic surgery to fix the problem.

These results from the Liberate public research show that at some point around half of the women surveyed were bullied, and around half of these women would consider getting cosmetic surgery because they believe this would ‘fix’ the issue which was causing them to be bullied in the first place.

Liberate believes this is a shocking statistic, as people who are being bullied should be equipped with the proper tools to deal with it financially, physically and psychologically instead of opting for cosmetic surgery without making an informed and responsible choice.

The research was conducted by One Poll in February 2011 in order to record women’s feeling about their appearance and their attitudes towards to cosmetic surgery. Liberate wanted to explore issues young women face surrounding cosmetic surgery, look at current trends and find out what young women know and don’t know about surgery.

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