New Product Provides Hope for Hiccup Sufferers

 Just as there is no cure for the common cold there has not been a treatment for the hiccups. But an inventor in Sacramento, California believes he has developed just the thing to stop hiccups cold.

Chuck Ray who suffered from hiccups for years came up with the tool he calls the Hiccup Stick quite by accident while fiddling with something in his mouth. After several working models, months of trial and error and with the help of family and friends he has parlayed his efforts into a new company that now offers consumers the first ever product to stop their hiccups.

Ray’s company, Hicural began selling the patent-pending Hiccup Stick about a year ago after demonstrating its effectiveness and gauging interest among potential retailers and consumers alike. Already, Ray says, the Hiccup Stick has helped hundreds of people of all ages from casual sufferers to those with more chronic hiccup issues. “It hasn’t been just one particular group of people. It’s been everyone. Parents have bought it for their kids, for themselves, their parents or their friends. It really has been amazing,” Ray said.

Although nothing can prevent hiccups from occurring, Ray says the Hiccup Stick can stop them in seconds whenever they occur no matter the cause. The person using it simply places the flexible and reusable plastic stick-like device with an open gate in their mouth while drinking a few sips of water from a glass. Within a few seconds, Ray says their hiccups are gone.

Ray says that although there are a lot of home remedies that people swear by, he believes they don’t work for everyone with any consistency. And so far, interest in the new hiccup stick has proven that. “People will tell me about a remedy that works for them which is great but there are many others who can benefit and have from using the product because it solves a real problem.”

Ray says the next step is proving the product in clinical environments where hiccup issues are much more severe. Ray says he has heard from doctors who have treated surgery patients with the powerful anti-psychotic drug Thorazine which has harmful side effects including high blood pressure and memory loss. Other doctors have told him that chemotherapy patients also suffer from severe hiccups.

The Hiccup Stick, the carrying tube it comes in and its packaging is manufactured entirely in the U.S.

The Hiccup Stick comes with a full money back guarantee and retails for $7.99. The product is now available in catalogs, some regional stores and online at,, as well on the company’s own website,

Please visit for additional product information.

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Peak Nutrition’s Nourkrin Woman Provides the Answer

It isn’t just men who suffer with hair loss and their hair thinning, woman also suffer and the effects of this can have a psychological effect on all women. Peak Nutrition, providers of a range of health and well-being supplements, may have the answer with Nourkrin Woman.

As a natural food supplement, Nourkrin tablets contain only natural ingredients such as Acerola Cherry Extract, Silica Kieselguhr and Horsetail extract which means there are no side effects to worry about. There are 4 stages to taking the product that take approximately six months.

Stage 1 is the slowing and stopping of hair loss; stage 2 is the process of strengthening the existing hair; stage 3 is when it promotes the growth of dormant hair and the final process involves the strengthening of the new hair.

Andrew Skipper, Managing Director of Peak Nutrition, said:

“We know that hair thinning and hair loss can really affect a woman’s confidence so we wanted to show that there is something customers can do about it. We hope Nourkrin Woman can not only give them some hair back but their confidence and self-esteem back. Although it has a new name, it is still the same great product!”

Nourkrin is suitable for both men and women and whilst there are no guarantees in life, the product has been clinically proven to promote the growth of existing hair and stop hair loss. Peak Nutrition also has other hair loss products available such as the Hairmax Lasercomb which has proven to be extremely popular recently.

Those that have used the tablets have seen some fantastic results and if there are people out there that are suffering with hair loss, why not give Nourkrin Woman a try; you may be surprised with the results.

Peak Nutrition also has a range of other products available to buy such as Pilfood,Nanogen and Orthomol, all available at

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