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NAICONS and NexThera Transfer Rights Of NAI-107, A New Anti-MRSA Antibiotic, To Sentinella Pharmaceuticals

NAICONS (New Anti-Infectives CONSortium) and NexThera Biosciences, Italian companies focusing on the discovery and development of novel anti-infective drugs, today announced that they have entered into an agreement with Sentinella Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a US-based pharmaceutical company established by Care Capital LLC, a leading life sciences venture capital firm. Under the terms of the agreement, Sentinella has acquired all rights to NAICONS’ proprietary lantibiotic technology, including its lead product candidate NAI-107, in exchange for an upfront cash payment, future development and commercialization milestones, royalties on future product sales and an equity stake in Sentinella. Lantibiotics represent a new class of natural products with potent bactericidal activity against gram positive bacteria including the multi-drug resistant pathogens MRSA and VRE.

naicons.jpg (230×242)

“This agreement represents an important recognition of NAICONS’s ability to discover and characterize innovative antibiotics with a novel mechanism of action”, stated Stefano Donadio, NAICONS’ Chief Scientific Officer. “Our technology is based on fermentation products and includes strong expertise in manipulating antibiotic-producing bacterial strains. This agreement further supports NAICONS’ mission of rebuilding the strong and successful Italian tradition in the antibiotic field.”

“Our partnership with a US-based pharmaceutical company represents the best opportunity to rapidly and successfully advance a potential life-saving drug into clinical development in its largest market. It also gives NexThera international visibility for developing additional anti-infective compounds”, said Daniela Jabes, NexThera’s Chief Executive Officer. “This agreement represents the first tangible result of the synergy between NAICONS’s discovery engine and NexThera’s development focus.”

nexthera.jpg (288×167)

“We are delighted to be entering into this transaction with NAICONS and NexThera,” said David Ramsay, a Director of Sentinella. “The principals behind NAICONS and NexThera have a successful track record in the discovery and development of anti-infective products, including rifamycins, penems, dalbavancin and ramoplanin , and we hope to build on that success to develop and commercialize an important novel class of antibiotics for the treatment of multi-drug resistant nosocomial infections.”

Every year several million people worldwide acquire infections while in hospitals, with significant mortality rates. Continuing a trend that began several years ago, it is estimated that approximately seventy percent of hospital infections are currently caused by pathogens resistant to at least one class of existing antibiotics. Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE) are among the most dangerous nosocomial pathogens.

According to the Infectious Diseases Society of America, drug resistant bacteria represent a significant economic burden because of the need for costly drugs, extended hospital stays and lost working days. The annual cost of infections by drug-resistant pathogens has been estimated as nearly $5 billion in the U.S. alone.

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Little Sprout Imaging Was Pleased To Be Included In This Months Issue Of Angie’s List Health

Martha Morgan, the Founder of Little Sprout Imaging, was invited to respond to the controversy surrounding the industry and the recent ban of non-medical ultrasounds in the State of Connecticut. Rounding out the “Ask the Experts” panel is Dr. Jacques S. Abramowicz.

Little Sprout Imaging Was Pleased To Be Included In This Months Issue Of Angie’s List Health

Morgan admits that the industry has a less than desirable reputation. Earlier this decade, the FDA and AIUM expressed concern about the use of a medical device by untrained personnel. Yet, centers continue to open across the country with the business owner having learned how to operate the ultrasound machine in 2 days. Pregnant women assume that their state or the federal government oversees the industry. If Moms-to-be understood that 90% of the free-standing 3D centers were operated by laypeople rather than trained professionals, they would seek out the true professionals and consumer demand would settle the industry controversy. If we, as an industry, do not self-regulate; the states may very well legislate us all out of business. The State of Connecticut did exactly that effective, July 1, 2009.

To view the entire article in Angie’s List Health, go to:
Angie’s List Health, October 2009 Issue

Little Sprout Imaging has provided 3D / 4D ultrasounds in Maryland since 2004. Their service model includes medically trained Sonographers and physician oversight. Their high-standards take into account the FDA and AIUM concerns. This distinction earned them the 2006 Smart Woman Bravo! Business Achievement Award as well as the label “Mom and Baby Friendly” in the Greater-Baltimore region. In addition to their responsible business practices, technologically they are a leader in the industry. Little Sprout Imaging introduced webcast ultrasounds to the industry in 2006. Their webcast service; called SproutCast, is offered LIVE and OnDemand.

To sign the Little Sprout Imaging petition to keep 3D ultrasounds elective in the State of Maryland, go to: Click on sign the petition.

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Tier 2 Consulting Helps Healthlogistics Deliver Online Catalogue and Contract Price Data to the UK NHS Ltd, the UK’s leading NHS e-procurement consultancy, has recently announced that ten leading NHS acute Trusts are now piloting its innovative online supplier catalogue and contract data system. Based on hybris and JEE technology, and customised and implemented by Tier 2 Consulting, HL-hybris provides a single source of reference for catalogue, contract and contract price data. The next phase of development of the system is now about to begin.

healthlogistics.jpg (169×111)

Tier 2 Consulting announced today that the next phase of the development of Healthlogistics’ HL-hybris catalogue and contract management system is about to begin. This will deliver outstanding search, contract generation and dashboard functionality for both Trusts and suppliers.

As part of the roll-out, some 900 suppliers working with these ten Trusts, including Kings College Hospital, Royal Brompton & Harefield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trusts, are now or will soon be providing filtered product, price and contract data via their dedicated web portal where they can securely and confidentially access data specific to them.

These acute and acute Foundation Trusts are pioneering the adoption of private-sector best practices and are keen to achieve the cost benefits of efficient supply chain management and data synchronicity.

Commenting on the continuing development of HL-hybris, Healthlogistics’ Director Peter Elwin said, “As a hybris Premium Business Partner, Tier 2 Consulting has a proven track record in system integration and configuration. As we continue to enhance the platform, and as each new Trust adopts the HL-hybris solution, we benefit from the technical expertise of Tier 2 to help us bed-in new Trusts and support this initiative over the long term. I’m confident that we have the best team in place to do that.”

Andy Kennedy, Director at Tier 2 Consulting, commented: “We were delighted to be chosen in 2008 by Healthlogistics to deliver the technical aspects of their HL-hybris offering, and are excited about the many exciting further enhancements that are planned over the coming year. The combination of Healthlogistics’ undoubted expertise in the field of NHS e-procurement, Tier 2’s technical experience and the extensive functionality of the core hybris system has resulted in a truly innovative platform”.

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Online Sexual Partners Calculator

According to new research released by Lloydspharmacy, the typical British adult has slept indirectly with 2,811,024 people.

The leading community pharmacy chain has developed an online calculator which allows people to work out the number of indirect sexual partners they have had.

The sexual partners calculator has been developed to help people understand the risks of unprotected sex. According to the Health Protection Agency, cases of sexually transmitted infections rose last year by 0.5%, to 399,738 and cases of Chlamydia increased by eight per cent between 2006 and 2008.

The average British man claims to have had nine sexual partners while the average women claims 6.3 partners, giving an overall average of 7.65. However, as the new calculator demonstrates, they are potentially exposed to the sexually transmitted diseases of hundreds of thousands of others.

The calculator, which uses data collected from more than 6,000 UK adults, is called Sex Degrees of Separation, a reference to the famous theory first proposed by Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy which states that no one person is more than six steps removed from another.

When people enter the age range of each partner, the calculator raids its database to work out how many previous sexual partners people within that age range have had on average. It then repeats this process for five further ‘generations’ of partner. This is added together to give a Sex Degrees of Separation total.

The launch of the calculator coincides with the introduction of Lloydspharmacy’s Relationship Screen, an online postal service which allows people and their partners to have a Chlamydia test – the most common STI in the UK – Gonorrhoea test and HIV test before committing to full intimacy.

Clare Kerr, head of sexual health at Lloydspharmacy said: “When we sleep with someone, we are, in effect, not only sleeping with them, but also their previous partners and their partners’ previous partners, and so on. It’s important that people understand how exposed they are to STIs and take appropriate precautions including using condoms and getting themselves checked out where appropriate.

“A simple sexual health test will give both partners in a relationship peace of mind. The majority of STIs are easy to rectify, but if left untreated, the long term implications can be very serious.”

The Sex Degrees of Separation calculator, and more information about Lloydpharmacy’s sexual health services, can be found at online.

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The First Cookery And Nutrition Academy In Europe

New You Boot Camp launch Cookery & Nutrition Academy breaks as a lifestyle extension to the successful New You Boot Camp programme. If you are passionate about cooking and healthy eating without compromising on the taste then the New You Boot Camp Cookery & Nutrition Academy break might be perfect for you.

The Cookery & Nutrition Academy puts you on the path to discovering how to prepare delicious and healthy food which is quick and easy to prepare.

The aim of the break is to teach you about the nutritional value of food as well as a healthier way of cooking that can empower you to transfer all the skills that you have learnt into your lives at home.

The three day breaks teach you how to cook quick fix meals, family favourites, and even prepare for dinner party’s. Not only that you New You Boot Camp have put together a glossy booklet filled with all the delicious recipes that you that you tried throughout the break for you to take home.

The New You Boot Camp Cookery & Nutrition Academy concept has been designed so that each course’s dates theme will change ensuring that when you come back to visit again you will learn how to cook something new.

The New You Boot Camp Cookery and Nutrition Academy is based at a beautiful property located in the wonderful Dorset Countryside in the village of Thornicombe near Blandford.

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Using ROAM, Authorized Healthcare Workers In New Brunswick Can Securely Access Any Health System In The Province From Any Location

The province is teaming up with partners to provide health-care professionals with better and faster access to medical information.

Health Minister Michael Murphy announced on Monday that new specialty software had recently been integrated with IT systems in New Brunswick’s regional hospitals and other health-care facilities.

“Providing all provincial health-care workers with a single secure access portal to provincial health information systems represents a significant modernization of our health system,” said Murphy. “This is a significant milestone in our One Patient One Record project, and further ensures the consistent delivery of care, regardless of the patient’s location.”

The access portal is supported by AnyWare Group’s ROAM platform. In addition to improving working conditions for health-care professionals, it will better protect patient privacy by providing to New Brunswick’s health-care professionals secure remote access to all of the province’s health information systems.

Health officials said that this innovative project will have an impact on the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the system.

“Sharing a single common secure infrastructure across the province’s entire health-care system provides cost savings for the province, and a consistent experience for health-care workers,” said Gordon Gilman, CEO of FacilicorpNB. “This project is a result of excellent teamwork and collaboration between the regional health authorities, the Department of Health and FacilicorpNB.”

The portal will increase the efficiency of the health-care system by allowing clinicians to devote more time to patients, and improve patient safety. Health officials also mentioned the portal’s impact on innovation and cost-effectiveness, thereby lowering health-care expenditures and reducing wait times.

“AnyWare Group is pleased to be supporting New Brunswick’s iHER (interoperable electronic health record) initiative,” said Robert Lalonde, AnyWare Group Inc. CEO. “Providing a single secure remote access point for all health-care workers across the province makes New Brunswick a North American leader in e-health.”

The launch of the ROAM platform follows the introduction of government legislation designed to protect personal health information and privacy.

About AnyWare Group
AnyWare Group is the leading remote access solution provider for hospitals and healthcare organizations. AnyWare Group’s award-winning ROAM Platform enables clientless remote access to all applications from any device (PCs and Macs) without requiring the management of users’ computers. Through the ROAM portal, organizations present all relevant applications to authorized users, when and where required. More information is available at

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New Technology That Enhances Pre-Natal Bonding

As an expectant mother, her first official Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be next year, after her special delivery arrives. Here are five unique ideas to make this Mother’s Day special for the expectant mother.

Precious Glance, a leading imaging boutique, can help celebrate motherhood in all its stages. Its premiere service is its 3D and 4D ultrasound technology. Unlike traditional, black-and-white 2D ultrasounds that show only the skeletal outline of the child, 3D and 4D ultrasounds share the baby in greater detail. 3D ultrasounds show the baby’s tissue, so the result is more like the baby’s first picture. Each contour of the baby’s face can be seen in 3D, which can be enhanced in red tones for further personalization. 4D ultrasounds actually show real-time movement, offering an entirely different bonding experience.

“Our 3D and 4D ultrasounds provide exciting, meaningful ways for mothers to start getting to know their babies – the ultimate Mother’s Day gift” said Chastity Jones, owner of the ultrasound studio . “We offer highly-specialized services to help a mother celebrate one of the most meaningful, intimate times in her life.”

Precious Glance offers gender checks and photography packages, preserving the memory of the expectant mother in all her glory.

Mothers often experience aches and pains like nothing they’ve ever had before. Why not surprise her with hiring a pre-natal massage specialist to ease her discomfort and help her relax?

Throwing a baby shower? Consider Baby Cakes Diaper Design, whose creative specialists concoct decorative, tiered cakes made of diapers and sprinkled with gifts and trinkets guaranteed to make her shower memorable.

Sometimes mom doesn’t have to leave her house to enjoy her gift: If she’s encouraged to stay off her feet, why not hire a concierge to pet-sit, grocery shop, or even run errands for her?

Remember: There’s no reason to wait until next year to start celebrating Mother’s Day if she’s expecting today. She can celebrate the fact that she’s expecting this year, commemorating a time in her life in a way that can’t ever be replicated.

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Anyware Group’s ROAM Helps Radiologists, Physicians And Managers Access Hospital Systems From Anywhere

With doctors spread across 4 rural counties, Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan has implemented AnyWare Group’s ROAM (Role Oriented Access Management) as the remote access platform to deliver their medical systems and applications, leading to more timely adherence to the hospital’s “sign-off” policy.

All hospitals depend on physicians and radiologists to promptly “sign-off” on patient records – but it is challenging to encourage and sustain compliance when physicians are spread out over a wide rural area like Western Michigan. With ROAM, healthcare providers can access internal hospital systems, check patient records and sign-off reports, from home or in a distant office, improving the effectiveness, and lifestyles, of physicians, administrators and IT staff – who might otherwise be forced to stay overtime in the hospital.

“A high level of complexity can discourage consistent adherence to the “sign-off” policy,” said Sue Luskin, IS Supervisor at MMCWM. “ROAM is so intuitive, it’s easy to use right away and our physicians and staff took to it immediately.”

Sue Luskin recently received an email sent by Lynn S. McCurdy, D.O., a radiologist. Dr. McCurdy wrote:

“I just used ROAM to sign 28 reports (which were not transcribed yet when I left the hospital at 7:30 last night). It worked beautifully; in fact, much more smoothly than when I was editing and signing reports in house (perhaps because both I and the transcriptionist were busily accessing the list). Next time I won’t stay late while the weather is deteriorating, knowing I can sign things from the safety of my home.”

Memorial Medical also chose ROAM because it is “clientless” – so specialists in distant cities can be provided with a secure personalized portal that restricts access to only the systems and information they need, based on role, within minutes. Rural hospitals often rely on larger urban hospitals for consultations from on-call specialists, especially in emergency situations. Remote access systems that take days to add a new user, or require a high level of technical support for end users, are not well suited for this situation.

“We recently heard from a consulting radiologist from a large urban hospital who had provided a diagnosis for one of our emergency patients,” said Sue Luskin. “He said that consulting to Memorial Medical was such a wonderful experience – that we could set him up with a new temporary user account immediately and, within minutes, he was reviewing images and dictating his diagnosis. He was very impressed with the ease with which ROAM had made records available.”

Prior to introducing ROAM, Memorial Medical provided access to their HIS through IPsec VPN, which required that IT staff either burn and mail out a CD or visit distant offices and homes to install a client on each of the personal computers belonging to authorized users on the network. It was very time consuming for IT staff and tends to act as a disincentive to granting remote access to new users.

“We at AnyWare Group are very excited to be working with Memorial Medical on this important initiative that truly highlights the unique capabilities of the ROAM Platform,” said Robert Lalonde, CEO of AnyWare Group Inc. “By providing authorized physicians, clinicians and managers with a single point of access to hospital systems and applications, ROAM is helping Memorial Medical improve the work life and efficiency of physicians and staff.”

About Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan
Headquartered in the town of Ludington, Michigan, an area known for its beautiful beaches, spectacular sunsets and numerous parks, Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan serves a community spread out over 4 rural counties, with over 500 employees, including those working in a satellite primary care facility in a neighboring county.

About AnyWare Group
AnyWare Group provides remote access solutions designed to meet the needs of hospitals and healthcare organizations. AnyWare Group’s award-winning ROAM Platform enables clientless remote access to all applications from any device (PCs and Macs) without requiring the management of users’ computers. Through the ROAM portal, organizations present all relevant applications to authorized users, when and where required.

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MaineGeneral Health Selects AnyWare Group’s ROAM Platform For Remote Access

AnyWare Group Inc. announced today that MaineGeneral Health, one of the largest health care systems in Maine, has implemented AnyWare Group’s clientless remote access platform. The ROAM (Role Oriented Access Management) platform allows secure remote access to any designated application or file share within the health care system through a role-based portal.

Physicians associated with MaineGeneral’s Augusta and Waterville campuses may now use any PC or Mac, equipped with nothing more than a web browser and a basic version of JAVA, to access more than thirty applications within the health care system. Application examples include Eclipsys Sunrise, Allscripts TouchWorks, Philips iSite, Kronos and Lawson which reside in various environments including Citrix and Terminal Services.

“Initially we were looking for a very secure and cost effective remote access technology to connect our independent physicians to our EHR,” said Danny Burgess, CIO of MaineGeneral Health. “To be honest I had a very difficult time believing the claims of what ROAM could do for our organization. ROAM simply sounded too good to be true. Healthcare vendors routinely make extraordinary claims, but most have a track record of over-promising and under-delivering. It was not until we agreed to a ROAM pilot that AnyWare Group demonstrated they could do everything they said and much more.”

ROAM’s remote access capabilities have proven effective for the IT staff of MaineGeneral as well as a broad cross section of healthcare professionals. “The positive feedback from physicians has been overwhelming,” said Jimmy Mansir, System Support Technician. “Users are receiving the access they need, when needed”. “I have found ROAM to be an extremely powerful tool, simple to use and, best of all, it delivers only the applications that I require,” said Dr. Edward Ringel, Director of Clinical Informatics.

System engineering staff can deploy applications quickly, securely and reliably. “Prior to using ROAM for remote access, we had used IPSec VPN as well as one of the leading SSL VPN appliances – Citrix Access Gateway – for remote access connectivity. Both are great technologies, but we all agreed that ROAM delivered a level of security, simplicity and flexibility that was hard to ignore,” said Jerry Lindsay, Senior Systems Engineer. “Valuable IT resources have been freed to work in critical areas because, as a service, we just tell AnyWare Group what applications or roles we want to add to our ROAM Portal and they take care of it.”

AnyWare Group provides proactive monitoring and responsive 7/24 support as part of the service. “One of the most significant benefits of ROAM has been the support and engineering services that come bundled as part of the ROAM offering. There hasn’t been a single issue they couldn’t help us with”, said Mansir. “In addition our help calls regarding remote access have 
virtually disappeared as end users find the ROAM remote access solution extremely simple to use. There is virtually no learning curve for the end users.”

“Since AnyWare Group focuses on healthcare solutions, they have expertise that has helped us optimize a number of our applications including our PACS systems for remote access,” said Burgess.

“Having MaineGeneral Health as a customer is certainly a thrill for us. They have given us an opportunity to demonstrate the value we bring to both the IT department and end users – particularly physicians,” said Robert Lalonde, CEO of AnyWare Group. “The results at MaineGeneral legitimize the benefit claims of ROAM as a clientless remote access platform and are yet another customer proof point for us.”

About MaineGeneral Health
MaineGeneral Health is the parent corporation of a network of acute care hospitals, physician practices, long term nursing care, and assisted living and retirement communities.

About AnyWare Group
AnyWare Group is the leading remote access solution provider for hospitals and healthcare organizations. AnyWare Group’s award-winning ROAM Platform enables clientless remote access to all applications from any device (PCs and Macs) without requiring the management of users’ computers. Through the ROAM portal, organizations present all relevant applications to authorized users, when and where required.

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Medical Record Portable Storage Supports International Health Level Seven (HL7) Standards

Med Records to Go(tm) stores health information vital to medical professionals and emergency responders. A computer application called Med Records to Go(tm), that stores electronic medical records, can help reduce errors in emergency conditions, as well as in hospital or medical clinic admissions. Introduced by the Vital Record Corporation in November, 2006, Med Records to Go(tm) uses flash drive technology to record and store health information for emergency viewing by medical personnel and for electronic transmission to medical facilities using HL7 standards.

A new feature of the application allows electronic transmission of the stored medical records on the flash drive to medical facilities or offices in Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) format of the international HL7 standards. (See For electronic transmission of the CDA document, the application includes simple entry of the Internet address of the destination hospital or medical facility. If the stored medical records of the portable unit contain a digital photograph of the owner, it is included in the CDA document and in the transmission to a medical facility.

This new feature also includes the application option of creating and previewing the CDA document on the flash drive. A simple button click of the application automatically starts the installed Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) of the computer system for previewing the CDA document. In similar manner, the CDA XML source code can be previewed automatically with the installed system browser.

All software, controls, transmission features, and electronic medical records of Med Records to Go(tm) are contained in the portable storage unit. A temporary Internet connection is required to transmit a CDA medical record document to a medical facility or office. Otherwise, the health information is kept private and secure and not vulnerable to access on the public Internet. For additional security, the medical information stored on the portable unit is encrypted and cannot be read using any other application.

The additional cell phone feature of Med Records to Go(tm) incorporates the transmission of electronic medical records from the storage unit to a standard cell phone. A temporary Internet connection is also required to send the medical data in encrypted form to the Vital Record Corporation server before placement on the cell phone. In addition to data encryption, user identification and password controls are used for retrieving the medical data from the Vital Record server for storage on a cell phone.

Emergency medical personnel have immediate access to the health information because the information is automatically displayed (auto run) when the storage unit is plugged into the computer. Medical personnel can view the medical information by browsing the various pages contained within the storage unit. No special application knowledge is required for viewing the data since the standard Internet browser installed in the computer is used. Optionally, the health information of the storage unit can be transmitted by emergency personnel to any medical facility that supports the international HL7 standards.

About Vital Record Corporation
Vital Record Corporation, headquarted in San Diego, California, is comprised of a small team of computer science experts. They provide application development, web site design and implementation services, including internet access services, to individuals and small businesses. The Vital Records team members are developers of the recent Med Records to Go(tm) application, a device that stores electronic medical records and other vital health information.

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Health World Web is announcing addition of videos to the Health Communities from, new medical providers’ ads campaign and new gadgets for doctors, clinical trials and support group searches

Health World Web, the premier Health 2.0 social networking site, has launched three new improvements for the site

Starting this week, users of Health World Web will be pleasantly surprised as video content from icyou (, the source of health-related videos online, will be included in the communities. The icyou videos will complement the already formidable body of user-generated content on Health World Web ranging from user experiences, reviews, recommendations, blog posts and community forum sharing. “I’ve been always obsessed with providing more relevant information to our users. Addition of videos is just another big step in that direction. Videos are attractive because they are personal, compact and informative. As soon as you join the community of interest, not only you can participate and learn from blogs and forums, you can instantly gain knowledge from the best medical resources on that topic in the most convenient way ”, says Daniel Kogan, Founder and CEO of Health World Web.

“icyou is committed to bringing health information to as many people as possible,” said Nina Sossamon-Pogue, Vice President of Media for Benefitfocus, icyou’s parent company. “That’s why we’re proud to partner with Health World Web, which has found a great way to help build communities around the health issues that impact our lives.”

Aside from beefing up the content, Health World Web continues its mission to bring technology, social networking and patient interaction together by tapping into the widget technology making the search for medical professionals, doctors and specialists easier and more convenient.

The Doctor Search gadget will provide users with a tool to search for more than 1.3 million medical providers across the United States, including MDs, dentists, chiropractor, PTs and others. Along with Medical Providers Search Gadget HealthWorldWeb releases Clinical Trials Search, Support Groups Search gadgets. Now, anyone can embed a simple script into any Web site or personal iGoogle page to complete a convenient doctor, clinical trial or support group search powered by Health World Web. Our gadgets are available on this page (

Lastly, doctors and medical professionals can also look forward to a better Health 2.0 with Health World Web. The problem with advertising on the Web has always been relevance. Imagine pitching obstetrics services to men or weight loss programs to anorexics. With Health World Web’s doctors advertising campaign, a paid advertisement is only displayed on the most relevant places on the site: whether it is on a community area, user area, forums, blogs or pages within each of those areas.

With the success of its Personalized Recommendation Engine (PRE) in providing a faster and more efficient way to deliver relevant content and information to patients, HWW decided to tailor its PRE technology so that doctors and other medical professionals could effectively advertise on the site. The PRE system utilizes patient data and activities on the site and then matches that information with doctors’ services, thereby bringing his or her specialty onto the patient’s screen.

What’s even better is that all advertisements are treated – and priced – equally. In observance of the service Health World Web gives to its users’ community, only relevant advertisements are served. Hence, our advertisers do not have to worry about having a flashy advertisement, nor do they have to bid for space or exposure. Only relevant ads shown to interested people—at a very low fixed cost!

About Health World Web
The site, was launched in 2006 and has since grown significantly. In combining social networking and intelligent search, makes it easier to create user-generated content on various health-related concerns. makes it possible to find online social and emotional support, recommendations, advice and tips. The site also features information about physicians, dentists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals aimed at helping consumers make ducated and informed decisions, backed by recommendations from a related on-site community.

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More Healthcare press releases Provides Access For The General Public To Health Care Professionals Able To Provide Telephone Consultations At An Appointed Time

A revolutionary new health care service called has been released for access by the general public to enable them to make appointments for telephone consultations with health care professionals such as psychologists, therapists and counsellors.

GOgoodhealth have an alliance with the health care group GOprofessionals which is also managed by internet pioneers and web developers WebStation Australia. provides the viewer with the ability to make an online appointment for a telephone consultation, at a time which suits them, with fully qualified therapists, psychologists, counsellors and other health care professionals.

People requiring privacy or living remotely or lacking mobility or with transport problems or are just ‘time poor’ are enjoying the convenience along with the cost and time savings of telephone consultations.

GObookings AppointmentDiary, Australia’s leading appointment management software, was chosen to handle the online appointment booking process. Once the appointment is booked the health care professional is then notified by email and/or SMS whilst the person making the appointment receives an instant confirmation email along with email and SMS reminders.

The AppointmentDiary version 8 software was chosen for this role as it is reliable, secured, easy to use, well proven and already highly regarded within the health care industry.

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Goprofessionals.Com.Au Combines Premier Exposure For Qualified Health Care Businesses In An Online Directory With An Online Appointment System For Consultations To Be Delivered By Phone At An Appointed Time

A revolutionary new technology system called has been released for access by the public to health care professionals such as psychologists, therapists and counsellors. GOprofessionals is managed internet pioneers WebStation Australia and PsychE-Commerce the ecommerce specialists for psychologists. is now being rolled out Australia-wide. will supply the health care provider with a copy of AppointmentDiary, Australia’s leading appointment management software, so their customers can book appointments for their business services online. The online appointment system allows customers to make appointments immediately, ending their search for services and saving them time.

Should the customer be reluctant to make an online appointment themselves, there is a 1300 number they can call and the PsychE-Commerce team will make the appointment for them.

Once the appointment is booked the listed health care professional is then notified by email and/or SMS.

The AppointmentDiary software was chosen for this role as it is a reliable, secured, easy to use, well proven and is already highly regarded within the health care industry. is not only limited to the online scheduling system for appointments but also listed clients will benefit from advertising their services on a fully optimized site. This means that their businesses visibility on search engines will be improved whilst increasing accessibility to potential customers. is also exclusive! All listings are screened by PsychE-Commerce with only a small number of listings allowed for each city. This also allows their potential customers to have an elite directory to select their services from. Appropriately qualified practitioners can apply through GOprofessionals or PsychE-Commerce to be listed on the new Directory.

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