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Molplex Launches Novel ‘Drug Discovery On Demand’ Service

An innovative new online “drug discovery on demand” platform has been launched by Molplex, a company specializing in products and services for the life sciences. Designed to help drug discovery groups working anywhere in the world, it aims to eliminate the high start-up costs and minimize the financial risks traditionally associated with inventing new medicines.

Molplex CEO David Leahy said: “As the pharmaceutical industry changes, a new ecosystem of small, flexible teams operating as “Micro Pharmas” is emerging. Molplex will provide the services they need to succeed at inventing better medicines at lower cost”.

The first version of the new Molplex system launched today offers free access to sophisticated drug design systems, high quality assay-ready stock chemicals and high content biological screening at

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UIC Master of Science in Health Informatics: First in the Nation to Receive Prestigious CAHIIM Accreditation

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is pleased to announce that the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) has accredited its online Master of Science degree in Health Informatics. The UIC program is the first master level degree program to receive CAHIIM accreditation. Prior to receiving accreditation, UIC was one of only six master programs to be approved by CAHIIM.

“We are thrilled to receive CAHIIM accreditation for our online Master of Science in Health Informatics program,” says Department Head Dr. Larry Pawola. “The CAHIIM accreditation process requires our program to meet a very high educational standard; our accreditation status reflects both the overall quality of our online master’s program, and our ability to deliver valuable advanced education in an online format. We are pleased UIC is recognized as being the leader in health informatics education”

Students in the UIC online Master of Science in Health Informatics program (non-research track) can graduate after earning as few as 45 credits delivered through 14 courses. Since the master’s program started in fall 1999, student enrollment has grown to over 250 active students.

The online program is designed to appeal to working professionals. It offers a unique combination of academics, practical education and technology leadership skills that enables the effective utilization of information technologies to support the delivery of exceptional patient care.

MDCare EMR is Preliminary ARRA Certified Now!!

Vision Infonet, as a vibrant enterprising organization, began its journey towards the world leadership in serving the medical facilities with their back-office services including medical transcription, coding & billing.

With the ongoing trends of information technology, where change is an obsession, time a limited commodity, and quality the hallmark of every business, Vision Infonet strive and stand a flowing stream creating our own path and letting others follow in the service of healthcare providers. In this metamorphose environment of the business scenario, VISION INFONET is creating impressions on the sands of time, with the latest information technology. We believe it is imperative on our part to employ our professionalism and savoir-faire to develop and implement solutions in this field.

Vision Infonet has developed HIPAA compliant, user friendly, robust, web-based EMR and Practice management software, MDCare.

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iTech Releases SaaS Based expEDIum Medical Billing Solution v1.0

iTech Workshop Private Limited (iTech), a leading SaaS based Healthcare billing solution provider announces the availability of its expEDIum Medical Billing Solution v1.0 in a subscription (SaaS) model. The solution provides complete automated life cycle management of medical claims including automatic reconciliation of 835 (ERA), delayed payer report processing and denial management among other features. This solution provides better billing productivity for Practices, Hospitals, IPA, MSO, Healthcare BPO/KPO and Billing service bureaus.

iTech Releases SaaS Based expEDIum Medical Billing Solution v1.0

iTech Workshop Private Limited (iTech), a Healthcare IT Solutions Company with special focus on Medical Billing, HIPAA, X12N, Direct Payer Connectivity, Electronic Claim Life Cycle, Revenue Cycle Management Products and Solutions for the US healthcare domain, announces release of expEDIum Medical Billing Solution v1.0 in a subscription (SaaS) model.

Some of the key features include:

• Built in “online validation” of claims rather than waiting for 24 or more hours waiting for claims to be validated.

• Denial Management including increased payment due to secondary insurance visibility [In one case with 7 doctors with 900 claims that were eligible for secondary payments were not processed earlier as the information was not visible on the legacy system and customer lost revenue of about $45,000 in one year].

• Built in direct payer / CH connectivity providing seamless uploading of electronic claims and downloading of remittance advices and other reports. This reduces hours spent by billing administrators daily.

• “Provider direct” feature where providers can get to watch the status of their claims and look at analytics using a configurable dashboard using a secure logon.

• Increased claim life cycle visibility.

• Automated ERA processing reducing EOB data entry time.

• Built-in patient statements and collection agency reports features.

• EMR Integration – Secure and seamless connectivity from any existing web based or client-server EMR solution to our hosted billing solution.

• This platform price rolled into a single monthly subscription; no hardware/software or IT support costs and no capital expenditure. The pricing is for “all” available features without any “add-on” pricing for additional features (as in other equivalent products).

We have seen the solution providing over 50% more billing productivity compared to legacy systems due to more efficient processes and features. We have seen the average payment cycle time through this solution to be about 11 days compared to legacy system’s 24 days (our median of 9 days vs legacy’s 14 days, our 80 percentile of 15 days vs legacy’s 27 days).

The solution can be hosted securely on a SaaS (Software as a Subscription) model over the Internet or the Intranet for a monthly subscription. The solution is available in a “mega-tenant” model and shall be available on a retail “multi-tenant” model in the future. Our solution shall provide support for ICD-10 and HIPAA v5010 seamlessly in the future. A list of features is available at and demos can be requested through our website.

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Sensibill Returns From Texas Society Of Pathologists 89th Annual Meeting In Galveston

Sensibill travels to mutilpe Pathology Meetings each year. As a supporting vendor of The Texas Society of Pathologists, Sensibill is able to directly target pathologists practicing in Texas.

Sensibill Returns From Texas Society Of Pathologists 89th Annual Meeting In Galveston

“I am meeting Doctors all the time but these conferences allow my company to reach higher and interact multiple clients on a one on one basis,” says Sensibill President Barbara Graham.

The Texas Society of Pathologist has a deep history. It was founded in 1921 and is the oldest state pathology organization in the United States. Sensibill is currently one of the more than 790 members statewide.

President Graham adds, “It was a great opportunity for all of the pathologists in attendance to see the latest and greatest in technology for managing their practices. Sensibill showed the pathologists it technologically advanced ASP model (application service provider) advanced internet access functions, computerized coding software interfaces, document imaging and management, PQRI and state of the art reporting features.”

While at the conference, Dr. David Walker from UTMB in Galveston received the John J Andujar Citation of Merit. Congratulations to him!

About Sensibill:
Sensibill is a national medical billings and management company that specializes in providing technologically advanced services in automated coding, electronic claims filling, document imaging and storage, financial reporting, technical support, etc.

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Sensibill adds New Certification to Better Serve Clients

Sensibill adds New Certification to Better Serve Clients FORT WORTH – Sensibill is expanding each year and adding employees who are at the top of the medical billing field. Recently, Kim Brents, received her certified professional coder status. She has worked at Sensibill since May of 2001. Brents previous experience in the pathology medical billing field goes back to 1978. She also played a key role with a Pathologist associated with the Osteopathic Medical Center of Texas.

“I am excited to add my knowledge to the Sensibill team with this certification, says Kim Brents.

President Barbara Graham adds, “My company grows thanks to the help of my loyal employees who are constantly improving themselves. I only seek the best.”

Sensibill prides itself on technologically advanced revenue cycle management solutions and computerized coding.

President Graham says, “I know that I am providing my clients with the best possible coding expertise with Brents’ new certification.”

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ICD-10 CM/PCS Coding Software for Medical Coders and Billers

ICD-10 CM/PCS Training and Software launched:

For the first time in the USA, Medical Coding Experts launched ICD-10 Madeeasy

Software for the Medical Coders and Billers.
Software is designed for training and ICD10 Implementation.


1 ) ICD-10 PCS coding ( Get an ICD PCS code less than a minute)
2 ) ICD9-ICD10 Code Translation
3 ) ICD10-ICD9 Code Translation
4 ) Coding as per the Body Parts as per PCS System
5 ) Root Operations
6 ) Reimbursement Mapping
7 ) Comprehensive ICD-10CM/PCS Training
8 ) Hundreds of Practice Questions and Examples

ICD10Madeeasy objective is to make ICD 10 Implementation Easy.
Medical Coders and Billers can learn the New system within 40 hours and able to code the Medical records within minutes.

ICD10Madeeasy built logically by team of Physician and Medical coders led by Dr Santosh Guptha, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P,CMBS, CMRS,CHA,CPMB,CHL7 Dr Guptha, AHIMA ICD10 Trainer Certificate Holder.

Medical Coding experts will be providing Comprehensive ICD10 CM/PCS Training for Medical coders and Billers, Healthcare consultants at affordable fees.

Visit for more details.

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IRM, Inc. Releases Next Generation Revenue Management Reporting Solution Hospital Business Performance Management

Integrated Revenue Management, Inc.,  a leading technology, education, and consulting firm supporting hospital revenue management initiatives, today announced the releases and general availability of its new software as a service (SaaS) solution, Hospital BPM.

IRM, Inc. Releases Next Generation Revenue Management Reporting Solution Hospital Business Performance Management

Hospital BPM is an innovative and powerful analytics solution that hospitals use to track and manage vital revenue management initiatives. The solution combines powerful ETL technology with a series of revenue cycle management dashboards. The dashboards offer financial executives and department managers actionable information in a format that hospital finance professionals can easily understand and to which they can easily react.

Said Jack Duffy, Co-Founder of IRM, “This product represents a response to a key need in the industry. Hospital financial executives face two key problems today. Firstly, the volume of data they must analyze and process is increasing exponentially. This deluge of data from disparate sources makes analysis difficult, at best. Making informed financial decisions is further complicated by the unstructured nature of hospital financial information. Combine this systemic problem with a fluid regulatory environment and it makes the job of the hospital finance executive that much more difficult. Reimbursement rules of the road are changing daily and keeping pace with this change is a constant challenge.”

Hospital BPM represents the next generation of healthcare reporting technologies. The SaaS model keeps costs down and allows for rapid adoption across departments. The revenue cycle dashboard transform unstructured data from disparate sources and gives the reporting consumers the information they need to make critical and timely decisions.

Said Duffy; “We began the development of this solution as we typically do, with a live customer, satisfying a real and crucial need. Tufts Medical Center has been our primary beta client. We have worked with Tufts and their needs are quite common. We knew that once we released the solution live with Tufts, we could build upon that experience and release a general solution for the market.

The product is officially generally available. IRM, Inc. is planning a series of webinars and live product demonstrations and will be working with other clients to roll out the system live in production. You can learn more about this solution at

For more information on the solution or to schedule a demonstration, contact

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Tier 2 Consulting Helps Healthlogistics Deliver Online Catalogue and Contract Price Data to the UK NHS Ltd, the UK’s leading NHS e-procurement consultancy, has recently announced that ten leading NHS acute Trusts are now piloting its innovative online supplier catalogue and contract data system. Based on hybris and JEE technology, and customised and implemented by Tier 2 Consulting, HL-hybris provides a single source of reference for catalogue, contract and contract price data. The next phase of development of the system is now about to begin.

healthlogistics.jpg (169×111)

Tier 2 Consulting announced today that the next phase of the development of Healthlogistics’ HL-hybris catalogue and contract management system is about to begin. This will deliver outstanding search, contract generation and dashboard functionality for both Trusts and suppliers.

As part of the roll-out, some 900 suppliers working with these ten Trusts, including Kings College Hospital, Royal Brompton & Harefield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trusts, are now or will soon be providing filtered product, price and contract data via their dedicated web portal where they can securely and confidentially access data specific to them.

These acute and acute Foundation Trusts are pioneering the adoption of private-sector best practices and are keen to achieve the cost benefits of efficient supply chain management and data synchronicity.

Commenting on the continuing development of HL-hybris, Healthlogistics’ Director Peter Elwin said, “As a hybris Premium Business Partner, Tier 2 Consulting has a proven track record in system integration and configuration. As we continue to enhance the platform, and as each new Trust adopts the HL-hybris solution, we benefit from the technical expertise of Tier 2 to help us bed-in new Trusts and support this initiative over the long term. I’m confident that we have the best team in place to do that.”

Andy Kennedy, Director at Tier 2 Consulting, commented: “We were delighted to be chosen in 2008 by Healthlogistics to deliver the technical aspects of their HL-hybris offering, and are excited about the many exciting further enhancements that are planned over the coming year. The combination of Healthlogistics’ undoubted expertise in the field of NHS e-procurement, Tier 2’s technical experience and the extensive functionality of the core hybris system has resulted in a truly innovative platform”.

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Using ROAM, Authorized Healthcare Workers In New Brunswick Can Securely Access Any Health System In The Province From Any Location

The province is teaming up with partners to provide health-care professionals with better and faster access to medical information.

Health Minister Michael Murphy announced on Monday that new specialty software had recently been integrated with IT systems in New Brunswick’s regional hospitals and other health-care facilities.

“Providing all provincial health-care workers with a single secure access portal to provincial health information systems represents a significant modernization of our health system,” said Murphy. “This is a significant milestone in our One Patient One Record project, and further ensures the consistent delivery of care, regardless of the patient’s location.”

The access portal is supported by AnyWare Group’s ROAM platform. In addition to improving working conditions for health-care professionals, it will better protect patient privacy by providing to New Brunswick’s health-care professionals secure remote access to all of the province’s health information systems.

Health officials said that this innovative project will have an impact on the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the system.

“Sharing a single common secure infrastructure across the province’s entire health-care system provides cost savings for the province, and a consistent experience for health-care workers,” said Gordon Gilman, CEO of FacilicorpNB. “This project is a result of excellent teamwork and collaboration between the regional health authorities, the Department of Health and FacilicorpNB.”

The portal will increase the efficiency of the health-care system by allowing clinicians to devote more time to patients, and improve patient safety. Health officials also mentioned the portal’s impact on innovation and cost-effectiveness, thereby lowering health-care expenditures and reducing wait times.

“AnyWare Group is pleased to be supporting New Brunswick’s iHER (interoperable electronic health record) initiative,” said Robert Lalonde, AnyWare Group Inc. CEO. “Providing a single secure remote access point for all health-care workers across the province makes New Brunswick a North American leader in e-health.”

The launch of the ROAM platform follows the introduction of government legislation designed to protect personal health information and privacy.

About AnyWare Group
AnyWare Group is the leading remote access solution provider for hospitals and healthcare organizations. AnyWare Group’s award-winning ROAM Platform enables clientless remote access to all applications from any device (PCs and Macs) without requiring the management of users’ computers. Through the ROAM portal, organizations present all relevant applications to authorized users, when and where required. More information is available at

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Anyware Group’s ROAM Helps Radiologists, Physicians And Managers Access Hospital Systems From Anywhere

With doctors spread across 4 rural counties, Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan has implemented AnyWare Group’s ROAM (Role Oriented Access Management) as the remote access platform to deliver their medical systems and applications, leading to more timely adherence to the hospital’s “sign-off” policy.

All hospitals depend on physicians and radiologists to promptly “sign-off” on patient records – but it is challenging to encourage and sustain compliance when physicians are spread out over a wide rural area like Western Michigan. With ROAM, healthcare providers can access internal hospital systems, check patient records and sign-off reports, from home or in a distant office, improving the effectiveness, and lifestyles, of physicians, administrators and IT staff – who might otherwise be forced to stay overtime in the hospital.

“A high level of complexity can discourage consistent adherence to the “sign-off” policy,” said Sue Luskin, IS Supervisor at MMCWM. “ROAM is so intuitive, it’s easy to use right away and our physicians and staff took to it immediately.”

Sue Luskin recently received an email sent by Lynn S. McCurdy, D.O., a radiologist. Dr. McCurdy wrote:

“I just used ROAM to sign 28 reports (which were not transcribed yet when I left the hospital at 7:30 last night). It worked beautifully; in fact, much more smoothly than when I was editing and signing reports in house (perhaps because both I and the transcriptionist were busily accessing the list). Next time I won’t stay late while the weather is deteriorating, knowing I can sign things from the safety of my home.”

Memorial Medical also chose ROAM because it is “clientless” – so specialists in distant cities can be provided with a secure personalized portal that restricts access to only the systems and information they need, based on role, within minutes. Rural hospitals often rely on larger urban hospitals for consultations from on-call specialists, especially in emergency situations. Remote access systems that take days to add a new user, or require a high level of technical support for end users, are not well suited for this situation.

“We recently heard from a consulting radiologist from a large urban hospital who had provided a diagnosis for one of our emergency patients,” said Sue Luskin. “He said that consulting to Memorial Medical was such a wonderful experience – that we could set him up with a new temporary user account immediately and, within minutes, he was reviewing images and dictating his diagnosis. He was very impressed with the ease with which ROAM had made records available.”

Prior to introducing ROAM, Memorial Medical provided access to their HIS through IPsec VPN, which required that IT staff either burn and mail out a CD or visit distant offices and homes to install a client on each of the personal computers belonging to authorized users on the network. It was very time consuming for IT staff and tends to act as a disincentive to granting remote access to new users.

“We at AnyWare Group are very excited to be working with Memorial Medical on this important initiative that truly highlights the unique capabilities of the ROAM Platform,” said Robert Lalonde, CEO of AnyWare Group Inc. “By providing authorized physicians, clinicians and managers with a single point of access to hospital systems and applications, ROAM is helping Memorial Medical improve the work life and efficiency of physicians and staff.”

About Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan
Headquartered in the town of Ludington, Michigan, an area known for its beautiful beaches, spectacular sunsets and numerous parks, Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan serves a community spread out over 4 rural counties, with over 500 employees, including those working in a satellite primary care facility in a neighboring county.

About AnyWare Group
AnyWare Group provides remote access solutions designed to meet the needs of hospitals and healthcare organizations. AnyWare Group’s award-winning ROAM Platform enables clientless remote access to all applications from any device (PCs and Macs) without requiring the management of users’ computers. Through the ROAM portal, organizations present all relevant applications to authorized users, when and where required.

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MaineGeneral Health Selects AnyWare Group’s ROAM Platform For Remote Access

AnyWare Group Inc. announced today that MaineGeneral Health, one of the largest health care systems in Maine, has implemented AnyWare Group’s clientless remote access platform. The ROAM (Role Oriented Access Management) platform allows secure remote access to any designated application or file share within the health care system through a role-based portal.

Physicians associated with MaineGeneral’s Augusta and Waterville campuses may now use any PC or Mac, equipped with nothing more than a web browser and a basic version of JAVA, to access more than thirty applications within the health care system. Application examples include Eclipsys Sunrise, Allscripts TouchWorks, Philips iSite, Kronos and Lawson which reside in various environments including Citrix and Terminal Services.

“Initially we were looking for a very secure and cost effective remote access technology to connect our independent physicians to our EHR,” said Danny Burgess, CIO of MaineGeneral Health. “To be honest I had a very difficult time believing the claims of what ROAM could do for our organization. ROAM simply sounded too good to be true. Healthcare vendors routinely make extraordinary claims, but most have a track record of over-promising and under-delivering. It was not until we agreed to a ROAM pilot that AnyWare Group demonstrated they could do everything they said and much more.”

ROAM’s remote access capabilities have proven effective for the IT staff of MaineGeneral as well as a broad cross section of healthcare professionals. “The positive feedback from physicians has been overwhelming,” said Jimmy Mansir, System Support Technician. “Users are receiving the access they need, when needed”. “I have found ROAM to be an extremely powerful tool, simple to use and, best of all, it delivers only the applications that I require,” said Dr. Edward Ringel, Director of Clinical Informatics.

System engineering staff can deploy applications quickly, securely and reliably. “Prior to using ROAM for remote access, we had used IPSec VPN as well as one of the leading SSL VPN appliances – Citrix Access Gateway – for remote access connectivity. Both are great technologies, but we all agreed that ROAM delivered a level of security, simplicity and flexibility that was hard to ignore,” said Jerry Lindsay, Senior Systems Engineer. “Valuable IT resources have been freed to work in critical areas because, as a service, we just tell AnyWare Group what applications or roles we want to add to our ROAM Portal and they take care of it.”

AnyWare Group provides proactive monitoring and responsive 7/24 support as part of the service. “One of the most significant benefits of ROAM has been the support and engineering services that come bundled as part of the ROAM offering. There hasn’t been a single issue they couldn’t help us with”, said Mansir. “In addition our help calls regarding remote access have 
virtually disappeared as end users find the ROAM remote access solution extremely simple to use. There is virtually no learning curve for the end users.”

“Since AnyWare Group focuses on healthcare solutions, they have expertise that has helped us optimize a number of our applications including our PACS systems for remote access,” said Burgess.

“Having MaineGeneral Health as a customer is certainly a thrill for us. They have given us an opportunity to demonstrate the value we bring to both the IT department and end users – particularly physicians,” said Robert Lalonde, CEO of AnyWare Group. “The results at MaineGeneral legitimize the benefit claims of ROAM as a clientless remote access platform and are yet another customer proof point for us.”

About MaineGeneral Health
MaineGeneral Health is the parent corporation of a network of acute care hospitals, physician practices, long term nursing care, and assisted living and retirement communities.

About AnyWare Group
AnyWare Group is the leading remote access solution provider for hospitals and healthcare organizations. AnyWare Group’s award-winning ROAM Platform enables clientless remote access to all applications from any device (PCs and Macs) without requiring the management of users’ computers. Through the ROAM portal, organizations present all relevant applications to authorized users, when and where required.

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Medical Record Portable Storage Supports International Health Level Seven (HL7) Standards

Med Records to Go(tm) stores health information vital to medical professionals and emergency responders. A computer application called Med Records to Go(tm), that stores electronic medical records, can help reduce errors in emergency conditions, as well as in hospital or medical clinic admissions. Introduced by the Vital Record Corporation in November, 2006, Med Records to Go(tm) uses flash drive technology to record and store health information for emergency viewing by medical personnel and for electronic transmission to medical facilities using HL7 standards.

A new feature of the application allows electronic transmission of the stored medical records on the flash drive to medical facilities or offices in Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) format of the international HL7 standards. (See For electronic transmission of the CDA document, the application includes simple entry of the Internet address of the destination hospital or medical facility. If the stored medical records of the portable unit contain a digital photograph of the owner, it is included in the CDA document and in the transmission to a medical facility.

This new feature also includes the application option of creating and previewing the CDA document on the flash drive. A simple button click of the application automatically starts the installed Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) of the computer system for previewing the CDA document. In similar manner, the CDA XML source code can be previewed automatically with the installed system browser.

All software, controls, transmission features, and electronic medical records of Med Records to Go(tm) are contained in the portable storage unit. A temporary Internet connection is required to transmit a CDA medical record document to a medical facility or office. Otherwise, the health information is kept private and secure and not vulnerable to access on the public Internet. For additional security, the medical information stored on the portable unit is encrypted and cannot be read using any other application.

The additional cell phone feature of Med Records to Go(tm) incorporates the transmission of electronic medical records from the storage unit to a standard cell phone. A temporary Internet connection is also required to send the medical data in encrypted form to the Vital Record Corporation server before placement on the cell phone. In addition to data encryption, user identification and password controls are used for retrieving the medical data from the Vital Record server for storage on a cell phone.

Emergency medical personnel have immediate access to the health information because the information is automatically displayed (auto run) when the storage unit is plugged into the computer. Medical personnel can view the medical information by browsing the various pages contained within the storage unit. No special application knowledge is required for viewing the data since the standard Internet browser installed in the computer is used. Optionally, the health information of the storage unit can be transmitted by emergency personnel to any medical facility that supports the international HL7 standards.

About Vital Record Corporation
Vital Record Corporation, headquarted in San Diego, California, is comprised of a small team of computer science experts. They provide application development, web site design and implementation services, including internet access services, to individuals and small businesses. The Vital Records team members are developers of the recent Med Records to Go(tm) application, a device that stores electronic medical records and other vital health information.

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Recorders.Com Begins Sales And Shipping Of Recently Launched Dragon Medical 10, The Fastest And Most Reliable Real-Time Medical Speech Recognition Software In The World

Along the lines of its tradition of superior services to customers all over the world, begins sales and shipping of recently launched Dragon Medical 10 from its seven strategically located warehouses.

Dragon Medical 10 is claimed to be the best selling, the fastest and most reliable real-time medical speech recognition software in the world. With an enhanced accuracy of over 20%, the software is claimed to recognize dictation two times faster than its previous versions.

Dragon Medical 10 comes standard with additional and recognized medical vocabulary, improved electronic medical record (EMR) systems, upgraded regional accent support, and customizable command facilities such as Voice Shortcuts. It is the most widely used speech recognition solution being used today by 80,000 clinicians in the United States alone.

Dragon Medical 10 offers faster solutions for doctors and physicians to create medical records and emails. The new software is claimed to boost productivity with improved Web search, ability to control PC and EMR by voice. As a result, doctors and professionals can reduce transcription costs and enhance productivity and patient care.

A spokesperson for says, “We are thrilled to now offer the latest version of the Dragon Medical speech recognition software. Just when we thought Version 9 of Dragon Medical was going to be hard to top — Version 10 delivers on its promise of improved speed and performance and even greater speech accuracy, which allows users to increase the speed of their reports by 3 times faster than typing alone, but with up to a 99% accuracy rate. This is a must have software for doctors and physicians who value their time and the accuracy of their reports.”

Dragon Medical 10 offers support in over 75 medical disciplines with medical speech recognition vocabularies. It makes software as high as 38% more accurate than any other medical speech recognition software being used in medical practices.

Dragon Medical 10 has a host of additional features and benefits, which should also be noted. The speech software has accent recognition capabilities as it adapts to a variety of accents: U.S., Asian, Indian, etc. Dragon Medical 10 also complies to HIPAA regulations that are essential for patient confidentiality. The speech recognition software completely integrates directly and fully allows users to use their voice to dictate, edit and control widely used Microsoft software applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, Explorer and AOL.

Dragon Medical 10 comes Bluetooth ready, works with Bluetooth headsets and is ideal for doctors or physicians who need to be productive when they are on the go and away from the office.

About Nuance Communications, Inc
Nuance Communications, Inc is the industry leader in providing speech and imaging solutions with largest portfolio of such products. The company has the world’s best-selling speech recognition software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking® in its portfolio. Whether it is natural speaking software or the solutions that enhances customer service and business productivity, Nuance offers proven speech-enabled clinical documentation solutions for medical professionals and businesses.

About is the renowned online supplier of audio-visual devices and software from well-known brands such as Philips, Sony, Olympus, and Nuance. They are a leading supplier and ship a wide range of top class headset microphones, handheld USB microphones, wireless microphones, 5-star rated digital voice recorders with a low price guarantee and a quick delivery system.

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