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Deliver More Drug Treatments With Treatment-Centers

The business of providing drug treatments to addicts has never been more competitive. In any given area, addicts and their loved ones have hundreds of options when it comes time to choose a drug treatment center. Treatment-Centers.net allows centers to stand out and secure more intakes. Listings in the comprehensive online directory reach more than 125,000 unique visitors – targeted visitors looking specifically for treatment – a month. A listing also improves the search-engine ranking of a center’s own website.

February 2011 – Gone are the days when a solid reputation and steady referrals could supply a drug treatment center with a sufficient number of clients. Now, thanks to a highly competitive marketplace, these centers must also employ Internet marketing to reach and help addicts in need. Online directory Treatment-Centers.net makes Internet marketing easy for the centers, with its free informational listings and pay featured listings.

Free listings on Treatment-Centers.net reach more than 125,000 unique visitors a month. These visitors are addicts themselves or loved ones looking for addiction intervention and treatment options. Featured listings, available for a monthly fee, run at the top of the category for the state in which the center is located and on every other page – more than 11,000 – of the directory. Both types of listings include a link to the center’s own website, and because of the high search-engine ranking of Treatment-Centers.net, this link relationship also serves to raise the center’s website in search engine results.

Signing up for a listing on Treatment-Centers.net can be done entirely online. A representative from the drug treatment center must join as a community member, then provide information about the drug treatments it provides and upload a photo. For featured listings, the representative pays the monthly fee of $525 through PayPal. Listings go live within a few hours. Featured listings run on a month-to-month basis, with the ability to cancel at any time. Banner advertising also is available on the directory.

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Connecting Drug Treatments With People That Need Them

The wealthy and socially prominent are not the only ones that have a need for drug treatments. The reality is that drug addictions affect people across all walks of life. They don’t discriminate. Fortunately, it is possible to find a top quality drug treatment center that offers excellent drug rehabilitation help that is not dependent upon sources of income or whether or not the individual in need has insurance. This is thanks to a public benefit service called Treatment-Centers.net. The service works as a connecting line between addiction treatment centers and the people that need them.

December, 2010 – Treatment-Centers.net provides a progressive approach to ensuring that addicts get the drug treatments they need. This public benefit service works to connect quality drug treatment centers with the people that need them. The idea behind this approach is to take the guess work out of finding a drug treatment center that does not focus on how the individual in need will pay for the services.

The website at Treatment-Centers.net offers a place for drug treatment centers to be listed in an online directory. This makes it easy for addicts to find just the right facility when they choose to seek help. Besides the directory the site also provides resources and other useful information.

By the time an addict has reached the decision to seek help he or she is likely to be in distress. Many times the addict’s life is virtually falling apart around him. As the addiction worsens the person is likely to have more difficulties in his life. There may be relationship problems, financial issues or even legal concerns.

In many cases it is the family that seeks out the help needed. It’s been said that addictions are family affairs. This is because an addiction has an impact on friends and family members. It’s difficult to watch helplessly as a loved one’s life spirals out of control. And at times an addiction intervention is required in order to get the individual secured in a suitable drug treatment facility.

With such turmoil and stress going on the addict and family need to have easy access to information about drug treatments and other options. Once they make some choices about what treatment programs are right for them they will need to find a drug treatment center in the right location that offers that type of program. Family members may also want to learn about what is involved in an addiction intervention prior to moving forward.

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Find Drug Treatments For Patients With Treatment-Centers.net

For years, Treatment-Centers.net has been helping physicians find drug treatments for patients who want to get sober and regain control of their lives. The online directory covers the entire country, and also can help those looking for a drug treatment center elsewhere in the world. Physicians and their patients have 24-hour access to more than 11,000 addiction intervention and treatment centers through the directory, plus 24-hour access to a treatment counselor to narrow the many options down to one. Treatment-Centers.net also has confidential, online assessments and an active user community that shares addiction and recovery experiences in forums and chat rooms. These community members also leave a rating and review of the drug treatment center at which they spent time getting sober. Access to the directory and its many community areas is free for physicians, their patients and anyone else seeking help.

Physicians begin their search for the right drug treatment center for a patient by filling out an online assessment form on his or her behalf. The confidential assessment asks for basic information such as the physician’s contact number – if he or she is handling intake for the loved ones or addict – and the best time to call. The physician also provides the patient’s medical history and information about the addict’s drug abuse. A treatment counselor then calls the physician at the time requested to discuss options for drug treatments. If a physician wants to speak to a treatment counselor right away, he or she can call (877) 335-4673. Physicians can also browse the directory – which is sortable by ratings and reviews – themselves.

In addition to listings for drug treatments and addiction interventions, Treatment-Centers.net provides listings for other types of addictions as well. Physicians can turn to the directory and its counselors for help finding treatments and addiction intervention for alcohol, sex and gambling problems. Treatment-Centers.net creator Bernie Grohsman founded the directory after losing his brother to drug and alcohol addiction, and he hopes it can prevent as many families as possible from experiencing that painful loss.

About Treatment-Centers.net and Bernie Grohsman: Considered the leading Internet marketing expert in the behavioral healthcare field, Bernie Grohsman created the online directory of addiction intervention and drug, alcohol, gambling and sex treatment centers to provide free referrals to those in need. Visit Treatment-Centers.net for more information or call (877) 335-4673 to speak to a treatment counselor about finding the right drug treatment center for a patient.

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Drug Treatments Made Available To Those Who Need It Regardless Of Social Or Financial Status

Treatment-Centers.net offers an innovative approach to connecting addicts with quality centers that can provide the drug treatments needed. This is not dependent upon sources of income or whether or not the individual has insurance. Treatment-Centers.net has the resources available to unite virtually any drug addict with a suitable drug treatment center, all without any difficulty whatsoever.

This is made possible because Treatment-Centers.net works as a sort of conduit to facilitate the process. This public benefit service provides a platform in the form of a massive online directory in which drug rehab facilities can list their drug treatment center. In this way individuals that need help can find drug rehab facilities in their chosen area. The basic listing includes enough information to determine if the center is an option or not. More information can be gathered if there is an interest in the facility and the search can eventually be narrowed down until the ideal center is found.

Besides offering a simple but extensive directory the website at Treatment-Centers.net also provides resources and other useful information that can assist in guiding individuals at a time when they are likely feeling stressed and out of sorts. This includes information about addiction intervention and how to handle that difficult and uncomfortable situation.

It is often a family member of the addict that seeks help for an addiction and this can be a tremendous burden. Having reliable information available can make the process easier. The site is an ideal place to gather information about specific addictions, various drug treatments, or even how to determine if an addiction intervention is necessary. The site also offers a confidential online assessment that can help determine an individual’s specific needs.

Because this online public benefit service is inherently discreet it is the perfect way to explore drug treatment options. The anonymity afforded by the use of the computer makes many people feel free to gather more information than they would using other methods. This in turn can result in more people getting the help they need sooner. Treatment-Centers.net continues to add resources and information at the site, making it easier for more people to educate themselves and get the help they need.

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Finding Options In Drug Treatments Becomes Easy With Treatment-Centers.net

Treatment-Centers.net, a public benefit service that offers information about drug treatments and addictions, has revolutionized the way drug rehab centers are found by potential clients and concerned friends and family members. This website provides a concise and easy to use format which has information organized for users in such a way that even those unfamiliar with the Internet will feel comfortable and at home. The site navigation is simple. Any drug treatment center can be listed in the addiction treatment directory, as this adds to the value of the benefits for all.

August, 2010 – Treatment-Centers.net has found a way to take at least some of the burden out of finding suitable drug treatments and the appropriate drug rehab facility for those in need. This is important because people seeking a drug treatment center are doing so at a time when they are stressed and often feeling some sense of loss of control. Making tough decisions at such a time is truly a difficult task, and choosing drug treatment options can be a decision that will have a long term effect on one’s life.

Very often it is the family or loved ones of the drug addicts that are forced to seek out a proper drug treatment center. And although these individuals may be more in control than the addicts, they are experiencing stress related to watching a loved one’s life spiral out of control. In fact, many times the addiction affects the family and friends even more directly, as the addict may abuse or even resort to stealing from loved ones. Oftentimes an addiction intervention must take place in order to get the addict to agree to treatment.

Making the decision to carry out an addiction intervention can be extremely difficult. This process can be a very traumatic experience for all concerned. The family members need to be prepared ahead of time in order that they can present a strong and united front during the addiction intervention. This is vital if the process is to be effective. It is important that each member knows what to expect beforehand. Treatment-Centers.net offers information and guidance about the practice.

Most people want a drug treatment center that is not too far from home. However, choosing the location of a center is only the beginning of the decision making process. There are many different approaches to drug treatments, and this can be confusing. Some centers offer a holistic approach, others use the 12 step technique, some are completely drug free and others are not, and others use combinations of these approaches or their own unique method. The ever-growing resource center at Treatment-Centers.net is the ideal place to learn about each treatment option, how to conduct an addiction intervention, and even a confidential online assessment plus the huge directory of treatment centers.

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Help More Addicts With Your Drug Treatments Through Smart Internet Marketing

The alcohol and drug treatment center industry is a crowded one. In any given area, an addict has hundreds – if not thousands – of alcohol and drug treatments from which to choose. In most cases, the addict and/or his loved ones begin the search online, which makes Internet marketing a vital piece of an alcohol and drug treatment center’s advertising strategy. Treatment-Centers.net delivers a simple Internet marketing solution – created specifically for centers that provide alcohol and drug treatments and/or addiction intervention – that delivers important information about the center while boosting the search engine result rankings for the center’s website.

Internet marketing expert and recovering addict Bernie Grohsman created Treatment-Centers.net, a website and comprehensive directory that features informational listings for more than 11,000 alcohol and drug treatment centers and professionals. It also offers online assessments and 24-hour live phone assistance, not only for the addict but also for loved ones seeking addiction intervention assistance. A basic listing on Treatment-Centers.net costs nothing, and use of the website and its services – including participation in its recently launched community forums and chat rooms – also is free.

A basic listing helps a drug treatment center reach more than 125,000 unique visitors a month. Those visitors are looking specifically for alcohol and drug treatments and/or addiction intervention, which results in increased referrals to the alcohol and drug treatment center and improved search engine result rankings.

Advertising on Treatment-Centers.net has an even greater impact in these areas. When an alcohol and drug treatment center purchases a featured listing on the website, it runs at the top of the center’s state category. It also runs in rotation on more than 11,000 other pages on the website, which can push an alcohol and drug treatment center’s website to the first page of results for specific searches.

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Attract More Clients To Your Drug Treatments With Treatment-Centers.net

It used to be, a drug treatment center could rely on reputation and referrals alone to attract clients. The growth of the industry and the explosion of Internet marketing has forced those providing drug treatments and addiction intervention into a new advertising arena, one in which they often are not equipped to compete. In those cases, a drug treatment center can turn to Treatment-Centers.net. A featured listing on the website helps a drug treatment center reach more potential clients and boosts the power of its own website while doing so.

Treatment-Centers.net – created by Internet marketing expert and recovering addict Bernie Grohsman – offers informational listings for more than 11,000 drug treatment centers and professionals across the country, plus online assessments and 24-hour phone assistance. Treatment-Centers.net does not charge a drug treatment center for an informational listing, nor does it charge potential clients coming to the website for referrals or information about drug treatments and addiction intervention. The website also has a free community area, in which addicts can share information and experiences in forums and chat rooms.

These informational listings allow a drug treatment center to reach more than 125,000 unique visitors a month. Since informational listings include a link to a drug treatment center’s own website, its search-engine ranking improves due to the high search-engine rankings of Treatment-Centers.net. A drug treatment center can take further advantage of Treatment-Centers.net’s high rankings by purchasing a featured listing. It runs at the top of the category for the state in which the drug treatment center is located, and it also runs in rotation on every page – more than 11,000 – of Treatment-Center.net. This run-of-site placement provides the greatest impact on search-engine rankings for the drug treatment center’s own website.

Signing up for a featured listing on Treatment-Centers.net takes just a few minutes. The drug treatment center representative simply joins as a community member, provides information about the center’s Drug treatments, uploads a photo and then pays for the featured listing through PayPal. The listing will go live within a few hours. A featured listing costs just $525 per month, on a month-to-month basis; a drug treatment center can cancel at anytime. Treatment-Centers.net also offers banner advertising opportunities.

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Treatment-Centers.net Takes The Work Out Of Finding Quality Drug Treatments

Treatment-Centers.net offers a way to simplify finding ideal alcohol and drug treatments. The fact is that when a person finds himself in need of a quality drug treatment center he is often in distress and the need is urgent. This is actually a critical point because once the decision to seek or accept help has been made; there is only a short period of time in which the window of opportunity remains open. And at such a frenzied time the feelings of stress and desperation are enormous. This situation is even more intense if an addiction intervention has taken place.

Statistics and countless studies have proven that the client’s level of comfort with his or her chosen drug treatment center has a direct bearing on how successful the treatment will be. Clearly, selecting a program that meets with one’s personal needs and preferences is vitally important to his/her recovery. But until recently, unless one was in certain professions, it was almost impossible to learn about the various techniques used in drug treatments. That is, until or unless one had the information forced upon him or her due to a personal need or that of a loved one.

Treatment-Centers.net provides information related to various alcohol and Drug Treatments and a complete directory of rehab centers. The directory allows viewers to learn the details of each facility, including the type of approach used in treatment options. Armed with this knowledge one can make educated choices when selecting a drug treatment center. Treatment-Centers.net is by far the leading online directory of treatment centers and treatment professionals. The directory is as valued by treatment facilities and professionals as it is needed by the public at large. This comprehensive resource helps to end the mysteries that commonly surround alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

In cases where an addiction intervention is required, this website can provide the assistance needed to insure the safety of the addict and peace of mind for family members and loved ones. The information offered at the site is straightforward and unbiased. Treatment-Centers.net is not affiliated with any specific treatment center or professional. In fact, inclusion in the directory is free. Being included in the directory at Treatment-Centers.net can help to establish a treatment facility’s name recognition as well as offer huge link value.

Treatment-Centers.net was developed in order to provide a public service. This goal is met by offering accurate information about alcohol and drug treatments as well as informative articles and other resources. The object is to make choosing the right Drug Treatment Center easier. Very often, when a person is in need of alcohol and or drug treatment the situation is critical. A visit to Treatment-Centers.net can help to answer questions and alleviate some of the stress related to choosing a drug rehab facility. Individuals can even learn about proper Addiction Intervention procedures. If you or a someone you know is in need of help, call 1-877-335-4673.

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Finding Quality Drug Treatments Is Made Easy With Treatment-Centers.net

Treatment-Centers.net, the largest resource site for drug treatments and treatment options, has the information and directory listings that make choosing the right program easy. This website is a public benefit service which provides an extensive article and resource base about drug addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis. Besides being a treasure trove of information the site provides guidance and free assessments to the public. In short, Treatment-Centers.net is the ideal place to learn about addictions as well as to find the right treatment for a particular addiction or disorder. The site is not affiliated with any treatment center or treatment program. Its purpose is to help all people in need find a drug treatment center that will meet their expectations. This public benefit service helps those suffering with addictions while offering treatment centers more online visibility.

April, 2010 – Treatment-Centers.net is the largest online resource for drug treatments and treatment options information. The website provides a directory of over 11,000 drug rehab facilities but it is not directly affiliated with any of them. This means that each is represented in an unbiased and straightforward manner. This provides an opportunity for those seeking help to find exactly the right center for them and it offers the ideal platform for any drug treatment center to increase its visibility. Visitors to the website find articles and other resources that help them understand more about addictions and treatment options. Everything from addiction intervention to sex addictions is openly and thoroughly explained. The honest and frank approach to covering these topics results in a truer understanding from the readers and thus allows them to make better informed decisions pertaining to addiction treatment for themselves or for loved ones.

Because Treatment-Centers.net is the largest online database for information, resources, and Drug Treatments, it is the obvious place to find precisely the right treatment facility. Listings include facilities that are extremely inexpensive as well as luxury rehab centers. Help can be found for any type of addiction, disorder, and or dual diagnosis.

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Drug Treatments with the Largest Treatment Center Directory

Treatment-Centers.net When it comes to discovering a need to differentiate among the various drug treatments, then Treatment-Centers.net is the solution. Not only do they have the largest selection of information about drug treatment centers, but they also have tips for addiction intervention, multiple diagnosis, and important questions to ask various facilities.

Performing an Addiction Intervention can be a difficult task. It requires serious thought and considerable planning in order to ensure that there is an optimal chance that the individual chooses to go into drug rehab. Visiting Treatment-Centers.net can be of great benefit so that the addiction intervention is well-planned and well-understood.

It is a good idea to research information about various drug treatments that are available prior to an addiction intervention. It may also be beneficial to speak with someone who can answer questions and provide assistance if additional help is sought. The individuals at Treatment-Centers.net are available to not only help find a drug treatment center, but they are also available to the public to help provide assistance and direction for a successful addiction intervention.

Drug treatments have come a long way in comparison with the traditional 12-step program. Although the 12-step program has proven successful for several individuals, there has been an increase in the number of alternative treatment centers. Many of the alternative drug treatment centers are able to create success when others fail.

The most idealistic scenario is that after a single addiction intervention the individual chooses to go into treatment and the treatment results in permanent sobriety. Oftentimes, addiction intervention requires significant persistence in order to convince an individual to check into a drug treatment center.

Additionally, there is no drug treatment center that can guarantee 100% success. Therefore, it may be necessary for an individual to go into drug rehab a number of different times.

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