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TESTmyBRAIN opens its first center of Functional Neurology in Europe

GENEVA, 2016-Jun-8 — /EPR Healthcare News/ — TESTmyBRAIN (Switzerland) has opened its first center of Functional Neurology in Europe. This non-invasive therapy (no medication, no surgery) coming from the United States helps patients suffering from migraines, concussions, strokes, AD/HD, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer, … all disorders related to the brain and the central nervous system.

This innovative therapy combines several approaches and relies mainly over 3 decades of research on the eye-movements to diagnose and treat. Completely adopted and established in the United States, this therapy is almost unknown in Europe.

This is the reason why TESTmyBRAIN Switzerland is happy to bring the American experts to Europe to teach other doctors and to help patients differently with their pain.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Addiva Network Sponsors First Virtual Retreat June 5 – 7, 2009 For Midlife ADHD Women Worldwide

The first virtual retreat for adult AD/HD women will be held via teleconference June 5-7, 2009. The online retreat is sponsored by the ADDiva (pronounced ay-dee-dee’-va) Network, which supports women 40-and-better who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and women who simply have “ADD-ish tendencies.”

The retreat encourages women from across the globe to share their experiences and learn more about midlife ADHD. Linda Roggli, PCC, will facilitate the three-day event, which kicks off on Friday night, continues through Saturday with closing sessions on Sunday afternoon.

With a surge in the number of women approaching age 50, there has been a parallel increase in diagnoses of midlife ADHD women, according to Ms. Roggli, a certified professional coach for ADHD women. “Wildly fluctuating hormones often unveil latent ADHD. Women diagnosed at age 40, 50 or even 60, realize they have been compensating for their ADHD without knowing the reason. Suddenly, it all makes sense; ADHD has played an enormous role in shaping the lives of these women.”

Ms. Roggli founded the ADDiva Network as a response to the need for midlife women to connect with each other. She has facilitated ADDiva retreats since 2006 at her retreat center in North Carolina. The response has been overwhelmingly favorable. Retreats differ from conferences or workshops.

“Conferences usually provide training or information. Retreats go a little deeper. ADDiva women’s retreats have educational components, but the emphasis is on self awareness, acknowledgment and positive support.” Ms. Roggli said the issues for midlife women who are adjusting to their ADHD are unique. ”There is a period of denial, grief, acceptance and finally a strong urge to make changes. There is a deep sense of urgency; time is running out, they want to live their long abandoned dreams before it’s too late.”

Ms. Roggli created the first Virtual ADDiva Retreat to make the work more accessible to women unable to visit GardenSpirit. “Now women from around the world can be part of an ADDiva retreat,” said Ms. Roggli. “The Virtual ADDiva Retreat retains the flavor of my on-site ADDiva retreats, but has the added benefit of no travel, food or lodging costs. That’s important in today’s economic climate.”

Ms. Roggli is an ADDiva in her own right, diagnosed at age 45. She founded the ADDiva Network in 2006 to support women with ADHD. Today, the ADDiva Network connects hundreds of women with ADHD across the globe via the whimsical ADDiva website (http://www.addiva.net), the ADDiva Forum, monthly ADDiva Connection calls and a variety of classes and workshops.

“There is a vast reservoir of talent among ADHD midlife women that is being underutilized. With the right support, we can unlock that potential and allow ADD women to share their gifts with the world,” she said. “That’s what the 2009 Virtual ADDiva Retreat is all about.”

For more information about the ADDiva Virtual Retreat, women may contact Ms. Roggli at linda@addiva.net or visit the retreat website at: http://www.adhdvirtualretreat.com.

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