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Alcohol Rehabilitation Delivered By Leading Treatment Specialists

Affluent alcoholism victims typically seek the services of exclusive luxury alcohol rehabs. Unfortunately, that search is often impeded by a lack of reliable information about the alcohol rehab industry.

That’s about to change.

LuxuryDrugRehab.com is pleased to announce a new referral service linking affluent addiction victims to the best treatment and recovery facilities on earth. The goal of LuxuryDrugRehab.com is to help those victims find the facility that’s exactly right for them. To do that, the service provides clients with expert personal advice and a thorough understanding of the treatment options available to them.

Given the differences between and among alcohol rehabs, that sort of enlightenment can often make all the difference in the world.

Alcohol rehabilitation is a difficult process. To complete it successfully, patients need the best possible support along the way. The most effective alcohol rehabs are those which commit themselves most faithfully to meeting every individual need of each of their individual clients. In the end, no inferior standard of care could ever be acceptable.

Unfortunately, those principles aren’t always put into practice.

Every luxury alcohol rehab center looks good in its advertising brochure. But many facilities are far more concerned with appearance than reality. In fact, many of the most well-known alcohol rehabs in Los Angeles provide their clients with only a superficial veneer of luxury service. As should go without saying, these institutions routinely fall short of the promises they make to their patients.

Given the stakes in the fight against addiction, those sorts of failures can lead to disaster.

It’s no secret that alcohol abuse is a devastating disease. What might not be so obvious, though, is that successful alcohol rehabs really can help to solve the problem. LuxuryDrugRehab.com has proven itself capable of helping clients select the best treatment facilities available to them. Under the circumstances, it’s hard to imagine that any service could ever be more valuable than that one.

“I just want to say thank you,” reads a client testimonial published on LuxuryDrugRehab.com’s Web site. “You found me a rehab center where for the first time I was able to get the help I needed in a quiet, private space with constant attention. It was exactly the kind of space I needed to heal.”

LuxuryDrugRehab.com is a referral service dedicated to connecting callers with the right drug or alcohol rehab center. To learn more about the service, please call 1-888-488-0088, or visit the LuxuryDrugRehab.com Web site at www.luxurydrugrehab.com. Online visitors will find testimonials, staff profiles, and other valuable information about the residential alcohol rehab experience.

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Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation Center Intensifies Alcohol Treatment Program

Alcohol and drug related cases have increased drastically for years that triggered the attention of the public to respond to this concern. Drunk driving has been considered the number one killer in most road accidents not just in the US, but also in other regions of the globe. Few of these accidents have resulted to multiple deaths and damages not just of the driver, but including innocent lives.


To make things worst, TV commercials and movies have intensified their campaign towards the sales of alcoholic products making the battle against alcoholism futile. It is a norm in modern day entertainment that casts of movies and films get drunk that will eventually result to the performance of few unethical behaviors idolized by the public and polluting the minds of immature audiences.

In response to these alarming cases, some private organizations and sectors of the government are pushing their campaign to rehabilitate alcohol and drug dependents by convincing immediate families of dependents to send their patients to alcohol treatment centers for medication. Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation is extending its hands on this campaign through its continued support for alcohol rehabilitation with its facilities and expert personnel.

Once a person becomes alcoholic, the body then defies any effects of alcohol. Too much alcohol in the body can alter not just a person’s internal function such as metabolism, heart rate and blood flow, but can also adversely affect the brains functions. As more and more alcohol is driven into a person’s body, patients will require more dosage of alcoholic beverages to satisfy their craving for alcohol. Thus this early signs of future complex condition needs immediate alcohol treatment.

Alcohol rehabilitation is a delicate procedure that can renew the life of a dependent. Procedures involved during the treatment are designed to gradually keep patients from alcohol addiction. Detoxification and other crucial medical and psychological therapies are done on patients for their immediate recovery.

Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation facility located in California is committed to bring back a renewed life to patients willing to undergo addiction recovery procedures. Through their extensive efforts in helping patients recover, the organization has received several recognitions for their excellence. The institution is a high class alcohol treatment center that focuses on patient recovery.

Family members of dependents can rest assured that their patients are taken cared of when inside the perimeters of the facility. With their trained and professional staff, the facility is all geared to perform at its best in helping patience recover. Start helping a dependent today, by sending them to the right treatment facility.

About the Company:

Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation facility has been providing drug and alcohol treatment programs to patients with various types of addictions. The facility is headed by Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Georgina Smith as the Project Director. They can be reached through their dedicated hotline at 1-800-501-1988 or through their website at http://www.cliffsidemalibu.com/. Concerns can be addressed 24/7 and friendly staff are waiting to respond to your inquiries at the soonest possible time.

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A Well-Equipped Alcohol Rehabilitation at Sunset Malibu

The Alcohol Rehab Center is fully equipped residential drug treatment and alcohol rehab center. They have a drug rehab center that is specialized in substance abuse treatment, alcohol detox, and treatment of co-occurring disorders such as eating and depression disorders and painkiller addiction treatment. The addiction recovery program with high amenities and comforts help to recover quickly. An Alcohol rehab center is different from the drug rehab. The alcohol addicted patients need to be treated differently from the drug addicted patients. A unique alcohol rehab treatment program needs to be tailored to help regain a sober life. The Alcohol Rehab Center at Sunset Malibu is world class and well organised, to know more log on to http://www.drugrehabsunsetmalibu.com/.

An addiction treatment is essential for addiction recovery. It helps you save your life and more importantly lead a peaceful life. The patients for Addiction treatment come from every walk of life the Alcohol Rehab Centers help identify your problems and treat accordingly. The only way to come out of Addiction is an effective Addiction Treatment. A beautiful overview and four star amenities such as personal trainer in a fully-equipped gyp, luxurious private bedrooms, gourmet chef and a professional caring staff help you lead a life of abstinence. Such an effective treatment is offered at Sunset Malibu, to know more log on to – http://www.drugrehabsunsetmalibu.com/addiction-treatment/.

Alcoholics cannot get better without the help of alcohol rehabilitation. Alcoholism is a devastating disease that makes the victim loses their hope and dignity. But alcohol rehabilitation can help solve the problem and offer strength to overcome from this disease. There are many alcohol rehab center but the best and the most appropriate needs to be selected to get the best treatment. Alcohol Rehabilitation is a personal process. It should be such that each individual patient is privileged and the treatment facilities offered give a lasting success. The Alcohol Rehabilitation offered at Sunset Malibu is unique for two reasons. Alcohol abuse treatment programs offered here give an advance range of psychological and physiological therapies. They genuinely care for their work. To know more on the Sunset Malibu’s Alcohol Rehabilitation log on to http://www.drugrehabsunsetmalibu.com/alcohol-rehab/alcohol-rehabilitation/.

Detox is an important step in the process of drug rehabilitation. Addiction is a disease wherein the addicts get metabolically dependent on the drugs they abuse and find it impossible to overcome it. Therefore the Detox services help the victim. The drug detox and alcohol detox at Sunset Malibu are essential precursors to alcohol and drug rehabilitation. The successful detox program helps the patient to adopt themselves into the rehab process. The detox services work at their best when it is tailored as per needs of the addicted individuals. The physical and medicinal therapy in the detox center of Sunset Malibu helps towards a significant addiction recovery. To know more on the Detox service and make the best of the services of Sunset Malibu log on to http://www.drugrehabsunsetmalibu.com/detox/.

An effective addiction treatment can change your life. To lead a normal life take utilize the support and services offered at Sunset Malibu.

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Drug Abuse Continues To Climb Among Teenagers

A crowd of concerned parents and community members from this New York City area town convened recently to discuss the alarming rate at which their teenagers were becoming addicted to drugs. Forty-four 

percent of tenth graders and 55 percent of twelfth graders participate in binge drinking, reported Seth Weitzman, a principal in the Mamaroneck School District. Quoting from a recent teen survey conducted by Larchmont-Mamaroneck RADAR, a community coalition group formed to reduce substance abuse in their Communities; Weitzman spoke with alarm to community leaders as well as parents and citizens about the statistics, which he said were more than twice the national average among high school students.

In Oak Park, CA, a suburb just north of Los Angeles, John George of the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement for the California Department of Justice, reported that approximately 14,000 students from 115 public schools, both junior highs and high school, polled for a 2007-2008 study had tried drugs. Speaking recently to concerned parents and faculty at Oak Park High School, George warned that, beyond the direct impact that substance abuse poses to the health of students themselves, it was also found at the root of serious car accidents involving students. Nineteen percent of California youths involved in auto crashes had been using marijuana, George reported , noting that today’s “joint” is far stronger than its predecessors in the 1960s and 1970s.

Complicating the problem, he noted, is the increasingly large number of homes where both parents much work and, as a result, are not as available to their teens when they need emotional support, encouragement, counsel or just a listening ear. Plagued with depression, anxiety and a plethora of other social stresses, teens were increasingly turning to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain that coming of age in today’s economically and socially ravaged society involves.

Parents care. That’s not the problem. They want to be there for their kids. But sometimes being there and caring aren’t enough. Involvement of concerned and compassionate drug rehab professionals in a safe environment is the key.

One drug treatment center in Malibu, CA, providing just such Drug Rehab counseling in a private, family-style setting is Sunset Malibu. Featuring both conventional and holistic treatments, the drug rehab center focuses on providing lasting freedom from substance abuse, tailored to the needs of the individual and coupled with life skill training.

Drug rehabilitation for teenagers, of necessity, requires a different approach than it does for adults, Sunset Malibu staff maintains. Because youth are in their formative stages, they explain, the damage they can do may often be long-term, affecting not only their health but every other aspect of their lives from relationships to employment to their overall ability to experience a productive, satisfying life.

For this reason, the professionals at Sunset Malibu say, residential drug rehab centers are to be preferred over outpatient programs. At residential facilities, teens have 24/7 access to caring, trained professionals who can respond to their special needs as maturing individuals. Due to their stage of development, teens need input from others even more critically than adults, drug rehab center staff said, because their lack of life experience makes them less able than adults to handle the various challenges they meet on a day-to-day basis.

At Sunset Malibu, teens receive the specialized kind of support they need to become free from substance abuse. The drug detox program is safe, gentle, and involves both traditional and holistic methods. Teens are given constant supervision and support during the entire detoxification process, allowing the drug detox experience to be weathered with greater strength.

After Drug Detox, residents learn important life skills that will help them make positive choices that will lead them on the path to productive, satisfying lives. For more information, visit www.drugrehabsunsetmalibu.com.

About Sunset Malibu: Sunset Malibu is one of California’s top residential care facilities for adolescents and adults seeking freedom from addictive behaviors, including substance abuse, pain killer addictions and eating disorders.

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Alcohol Rehab is An Alcoholic’s Last Chance

March, 2009: Malibu California; Sunset Malibu is ready to help an alcoholic beat this addiction as one of the best alcohol rehab centers available on the west coast. Sunset Malibu’s Alcohol Rehabilitation center is located in California near the mountains and the beach for a relaxed setting while fighting the demons of alcoholism. 

At Sunset Malibu, patients who are in need of alcohol rehab are treated one on one and not as a group. Upon realizing a need for help in fighting an addiction to alcohol, patients entering the doors of Sunset Malibu have already taken the first step in the fight against alcoholism. Admitting an addiction is the hardest step for most patients.

Sunset Malibu boasts professionals who will walk by the side of a patient all the way to the justified end of that addiction. Alcoholism can’t be fought in just a few short weeks or even in a couple of months. Sunset Malibu realizes this fact and has proven time and time again that the fight against alcoholism has to be for life, not for a little while. Contact the professionals for beating alcohol rehabilitation at www.cliffsidemalibu.comand let the road to recovery begin.

No matter what happened to an individual to bring on the addiction to alcohol, Sunset Malibu has the right people and the right environment to bring about alcohol rehabilitation. Alcohol rehabilitation will only work if an alcoholic can be lead back to how things were before the addiction became predominant over everything else. At Sunset Malibu, the fact that an alcoholic may need step by step guidance during Alcohol Rehab to get back to this point is a major factor in how an alcoholic is brought around to beating this addiction. Long term success in winning over alcoholism is what Sunset Malibu has in mind for those who enter the doors asking for help.

Alcoholism can only be cured with the help of professionals who have studied case after case and have learned what it takes to beat this addiction through alcohol rehabilitation. An individual cannot beat alcohol alone. At Sunset Malibu rehabilitation center, a struggling alcoholic can relax and forget alcohol through yoga, acupuncture, herbology, and massage under a holistic environment as well as luxurious surroundings while at the same time having the shoulder of a professional to lean on when needed. For the start to a natural way to alcohol rehabilitation, visit www.cliffsidemalibu.com.

For an alcoholic, learning to live sober usually means a fight with constant depression, eating disorders, and most likely the lead into other addictive drugs that may seem at the time the best way to replace alcohol. At Sunset Malibu alcohol rehab, all these kinds of alcoholic problems are issues that have been seen time and time again. No problem that an alcoholic comes in with is too great for the Sunset Malibu professionals.

The practitioners at Sunset Malibu’s alcohol rehab center are dedicated to ending the horrible pain of alcoholic addiction. All the practitioners at Sunset Malibu are chosen due to outstanding reputations in the field of addiction treatment success. No one at Sunset Malibu will ever leave an alcoholic feeling as though there isn’t another way to win over that day’s particular issue that has arisen from being addicted to alcohol.

Age doesn’t matter at Sunset Malibu when it comes to alcohol rehabilitation. Addiction has no preferences of age, either. Sunset Malibu offers treatment for adolescents as well as adults for the addiction to not only alcohol but to drugs as well. The young people who enter at Sunset Malibu will receive the best alcohol rehabilitation services available in California.

Whether the addiction is to alcohol, pain killers, or opiates, the designed road to recovery at Sunset Malibu is lead by practitioners who are the best. A holistic recovery will lead an addict to a natural way of living that will benefit health mentally and physically.

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Treatment Of All Kinds Of Addictions In Cliffside Malibu

More and more American are suffering from addiction. Addiction comes in a variety of forms – drugs, alcohol, depression, and even pornography. Cliffside Malibu and its team of qualified experts in the form of group leaders, psychiatrists, and a great staff of chefs and other rejuvenating services, are there to help people who are truly seeking help, to get that help in their state of the art luxury facility. Addiction is on the steady increase in this country due to the economy, life, and other stressful factors.

Instead of working with their stress, many Americans turn to forms of addiction for help instead of dealing with it in an enlightened way that is positive and life affirming. Cliffside Malibu is there to change all that. Cliffside Malibu’s goal is to help those who want help themselves, turn away from their addiction and cope with life. Cliffside Malibu is the place to go for addiction treatment.

It’s easy to get taken in by false treatment centers that take your money; just plain don’t work; don’t have the services you need – or do not treat you as a whole person. The latter is key to getting better. Cliffside Malibu offers patients everything that they need to fully recover as a whole person and reclaim their lives, their jobs, and their families, from the insinuating illness that is addiction.

Cliffside Malibu is set in sunny Malibu, in lovely Southern California. The center boasts chefs, gourmet cuisine, great furniture, helpful and soothing décor, and of course, spectacular views of the sea. Patients staying at this rehab resort can enjoy great views and a good climate during their recovery. Addiction is hard and getting over it is even harder. Being surrounded by beauty and comfort makes the whole process easier and helps patients focus on the problem at hand, whether it is their alcohol rehab, treatment for drug addiction, or other addiction related illnesses. Patients can enjoy leisure services, gourmet meals from the staff, holistic treatments – all in a welcoming, caring environment. This is a boon in helping them to recover.

Using dual diagnosis, a holistic, whole-body, whole health diagnosis system that is an integral part of addiction treatment – Cliffside Malibu seeks to find out the whole problem and treat not just the addiction but the whole person so that they can be free from their addiction and heal the cause of the addiction at the same time. Addiction and its recovery must involve the whole person. Cliffside Malibu treats the whole person, not just the addiction.

In a recent blog post they stated: “The best alcohol rehab center is that which gives patients a fresh start in life. That might sound clichéd, but the plain fact of the matter is that alcohol rehab can only succeed when it helps an alcoholic remake themselves and their world. Alcohol addiction, after all, is a thoroughly devastating disease. To overcome it demands a thoroughly holistic sort of recovery, driven by an alcohol addiction treatment program designed to help an alcoholic get better from the inside-out.”

Cliffside Malibu also boasts a highly trained staff of psychiatrists, group leaders and other professionals, to help people through the long road to recovery. They also have highly trained staff that helps their patients after they have left Cliffside Malibu, to make sure that people can take back and keep their lives from the perils of addiction. Aftercare is a critical factor in continuing patient care. Addiction is tough, but the addiction treatment program at Cliffside Malibu is tougher.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact cliffsidemalibu.com.

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Cliffside Malibu Opens For Drug Detox And Other Addiction Treatments

At Cliffside Malibu, they firmly believe that to be successful in addiction treatment, each patient’s individual circumstances must be considered and accounted for. They use programs that are targeted at specific addictions, but their counselors and therapists will work closely with a guest during all stages of their stay and tailor the treatment to their needs, making any adjustments required to ensure that they succeed. They employ a range of traditional and alternative treatments in their programs including personal, group and family counseling, herbology, massage, yoga and acupuncture.

Their staff members are experts in their fields and they have drawn deeply on their experience to design effective programs for a wide range of addictions and disorders, including: alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, dual diagnosis, gambling addiction, eating disorders, interventions, drug rehab, pharmaceuticals addiction, methamphetamine addiction, opiates detox, porn addiction and depression. The list is long and their experience wide.

The alcohol rehab program at Cliffside Malibu offers hope for alcoholics and their families. Their staff draws upon a wealth of experience in successfully treating alcohol dependency, using group, family and individualized psychological/emotional therapy in addition to alternative treatment methods such as yoga and acupuncture. Their alcohol rehab program has been developed by experts to counter the effects of long-term alcohol abuse and to give their patients the best chance to beat alcoholism.

Individual attention is critical, so every patient is assigned to a primary therapist on admission, ensuring that he or she receives valuable one-on-one time and that treatment is constantly monitored and adjusted as required to meet his or her unique needs. The premises at Cliffside Malibu are second to none, with a luxurious beachfront location that boasts a long list of amenities, including: Gourmet meals, ocean vistas, well-appointed rooms, access to a wealth of recreational and relaxation activities, an exclusive location that ensures privacy and security and discrete staff.

Their residents are comfortable, relaxed, healthy and worry-free during their stay, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery. When in-residence treatment is completed, an after-care program is provided to prevent sliding back into old habits and they also offer counseling and services for family members.

Cliffside Malibu is no ordinary alcohol rehab center, that’s for sure. Cliffside Malibu can empower you to overcome your alcoholism. They are aware of all the programs and methods out there and they know what works, and what doesn’t. Their therapists and counselors are experts in the treatment of addictions and have successfully treated people for alcohol dependencies for years; they understand what guests are going through and will spend the time needed to make their stay a successful one.

They have the staff, the programs, the facilities and the experience. If a person or their loved one suffers from an alcohol dependency, seeking out treatment is the biggest and most important decision that individual can make. Guests at Cliffside Malibu can beat their addiction and concentrate on regaining what they may have lost as a result of it. They will get sober, improve their health, get their career on track and take back their life. If a person isn’t living their life to the fullest, then that’s no kind of living at all.

And remember – their selection process for their doctors, nurses, and therapists is as meticulous as the one for their personal trainers, massage therapists, chefs and residential advisors. They do this to ensure that their clients have successful recoveries that last for the rest of their lives. If recovery is sought here, rest assured that it is the best possible place that can be found to help a human being back into life and love.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact cliffsidemalibu.com.

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Cliffside Malibu Is The Best Treatment Center For Addictions On The Coast

With stress levels high in today’s economically depressed world, there is wonderful news about the latest entry into the treatment center world, at Cliffside Malibu. Seek addiction treatment here and you won’t be disappointed. They have personalized therapy programs tailored to meet your needs. If you are wary about privacy issues, they are quite fanatical about maintaining your anonymity.

As a residential facility, Cliffside Malibu offers extended care treatment programs for adults suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, depression and other co-occurring disorders. Their drug treatment philosophy incorporates a variety of clinical components to create a comprehensive, personalized and highly effective addiction treatment program, fine-tuned by their in-house experts to meet the needs of each individual patient. One-to-one patient/therapist interaction is strongly emphasized.

Their world class staff pays attention to you on an individual basis – this is an absolutely first class facility looking more like a five star resort than a treatment center. They also state that they have an unparalleled success guarantee, which is worth looking at. An after-care program enables guests at this alcohol rehab center to succeed. With the facility overlooking the Pacific Ocean the setting boasts a relaxing combination of sunshine, fresh air, lush gardens, sandy beaches and soothing waves.

They value and make use of a variety of philosophies in their treatment plans, allowing a unique degree of flexibility for customizing treatment to suit the specific needs of each of their patients, ensuring the best outcome from the guest’s stay. Components of alcohol and drug rehab at Cliffside Malibu typically include detox programs, individual and group therapy, depression treatment and alternative medicine. Amenities offered there are unparalleled – they have personal trainers, massage, acupuncture, spas, yoga, hiking, swimming, cycling, gourmet dining and, of course, the beach. If alcohol rehab is what you are looking for, this center seems to offer it all. And these are the amenities you’d seek for a luxurious vacation at a tropical resort – rooms are fully equipped with the necessities and luxuries of modern day life.

Reading through the information about their treatment programs, you’ll notice that the word “comfort” appears frequently. There’s a reason for this. It’s an unavoidable fact that some aspects of drug or alcohol rehab can be decidedly unpleasant, or uncomfortable. Recognizing this, Cliffside Malibu has gone to great lengths to make everything else about a patient’s stay as comfortable as possible. Residents of the drug and alcohol rehab center are there to be treated for their addictions, not to be punished for their addictions. They are treated with the respect that they deserve and enjoy the luxuries that help make treatment a positive experience.

Cliffside Malibu know that a little comfort goes a long way on the path to recovery, so they offer residents a wide range of recreational activities (such as hiking and beach walks), the best in food, as well as lavish spa treatments such as facials, manicures and pedicures. There is nothing more relaxing and calming to the soul than a twilight walk on a California beach. The whales may be passing by, dolphins swimming and playing, or sea lions just plain goofing off after a joyous day.

After a lovely walk on the beach a great dinner is in store for the guests at Cliffside Malibu. And, only the best of chefs create these five star meals. If you have had food for your soul, and mind, it’s easier than ever to feel relaxed and looking forward to the next day of your life, where a guest here will get plenty of help to aid them on the road to recovery from addiction.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Cliffside Malibu.

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