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Colleges And Universities: Connect Students With Alcohol Treatment

Finding alcohol treatment for a college student can often involve the staff at a campus health center, especially if the student in need of treatment is attending a school far from home. When this happens, Treatment-Centers.net provides the resources health center staff need to quickly connect the student and his family with an alcohol treatment center near the school. The online directory proves comprehensive in all areas of the country, ensuring that all students have access to the help they need to get sober and stay that way.

February 2011 – Created by Internet marketing expert Bernie Gohsman, Treatment-Centers.net features more than 11,000 addiction and alcohol rehabilitation center listings, plus a wealth of addiction-related resources. Gohsman launched the directory after his only brother died as the result of a drug and alcohol addiction. The goal of the directory is to help health professionals and families find the resources they need to help an alcoholic and thus avoid experiencing this painful loss.

Health professionals and families begin at the homepage of Treatment-Centers.net, where they will find links to state categories. There are even links to international categories, for those helping to find an alcohol treatment center for a student attending school abroad. Those helping the student also can call the directory (877) 335-4673 and speak to a treatment counselor immediately. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can help narrow the many options down to one. There is no charge to access the directory or to speak with a treatment counselor.

Campus health centers also can use Treatment-Centers.net as part of awareness campaigns for alcoholism and alcohol treatment. Health center staff can educate students about the directory and its free resources through pamphlets and e-mail newsletters. This can encourage students in need of an alcohol rehabilitation center, but who might not be ready to take the next step yet, to explore the directory on their own.

On the directory, students will find extensive resources, including online assessments and a robust community area. In the community area, the student can communicate with others who struggle with alcoholism through forums and in chat rooms. Treatment-Centers.net also has a frequently updated blog with news and words of wisdom and inspiration relating to alcoholism and alcohol treatment.

In addition to alcohol treatment center listings, the directory includes listings for other types of addiction treatment centers. Health center staff and families can turn to Treatment-Centers.net and its counselors for help finding centers and professionals– therapists and addiction-recovery organizations – that provide treatment for alcoholism, eating disorders and sex, Internet and gambling addiction.

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There’s An Alcohol Treatment Option To Meet Every Need And Budget

Treatment-Centers.net is a public benefits service that works to ensure anyone in need of alcohol treatment can find quality care. More than that, the service works to provide means for those in desperate situations to find affordable care at a top notch alcohol treatment center. All of this is made possible through a simple but very effective concept of providing a resource that offers superior information and a directory that allows an alcoholic to connect with a chosen alcohol rehabilitation center. This service is two-fold. Not only does it assist alcohol rehab centers in gaining new clients thus progressing with new treatment methodologies and gains, but it also helps countless alcoholics and their families that otherwise may not find suitable and affordable care.

December, 2010 – Treatment-Centers.net provides a smorgasbord of information that is useful for anyone interested in learning about alcohol treatment options and more. This public benefit service is available free of charge to educate those interested and in need.

Drug addictions and alcoholism affect people from all walks of life. When those with little income or little or no insurance are afflicted they are less likely to seek help. Finding an alcohol treatment center that provides care to this segment of the population is not always as easy as finding centers that cater to the rich and famous.

The life line for many of these less fortunate individuals can be Treatment-Centers.net. A visit to this site can provide them with easy access to links to countless treatment centers. Not only can the individual find basic information about the centers but they can also visit the centers’ websites to learn detailed information. If there is an interest the individual can contact the facility for even more details.

Before entering a treatment center it is always best to learn about the types of alcohol treatment options offered as well as the type of detox that is provided. Details about payment options are usually provided during the consultation process.

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Community Groups: Connect Alcoholics With The Right Alcohol Treatment

Treatment-Centers.net was created by Internet marketing expert Bernie Grohsman, who lost his own brother to drug and alcohol addiction. Grohsman created the comprehensive, online directory to help other families avoid experiencing this painful loss. He recognizes, though, that not all alcoholics have family and friends upon which to rely in times of need, which is why he encourages community groups to use Treatment-Centers.net as a resource to find them alcohol treatment.

A member of the community group can browse the more than 11,000 addiction and alcohol treatment center listings, reducing the number by looking only at centers in or near the community. The member also can speak to a treatment counselor immediately by calling Treatment-Centers.net at (877) 335-4673. The directory’s treatment counselors can help narrow the many alcohol rehabilitation center options down to one. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access to the listings in the directory and treatment counselors is free to community group members and anyone else seeking help.

If a community group wants to help an alcoholic not quite ready to seek alcohol treatment, it can encourage him or her to visit Treatment-Centers.net to learn more about its services and resources. In addition to the detailed alcohol treatment center listings, the website has extensive resources for alcoholics, including online assessments and a robust community areas. In the community areas, the alcoholic can communicate with other alcoholics in forums and chat rooms. The directory also frequently updates a blog with news and and words of inspiration relating to alcohol and drug addiction. Alcoholics who have used Treatment-Centers.net frequently say that having a place where they can get encouragement and feedback on a particular alcohol rehabilitation center has been the final push they need to enter treatment.

In addition to alcohol treatment center listings, Treatment-Center.net provides listings for other types of addictions as well. Community groups can turn to the directory and its counselors for help finding treatments for drug, sex and gambling problems.

About Treatment-Centers.net and Bernie Grohsman: Considered the leading Internet marketing expert in the behavioral healthcare field, Bernie Grohsman created the drug, sex, gambling and alcohol treatment center directory to provide free referrals to those in need. Visit Treatment-Centers.net for more information or call (877) 335-4673 to speak to a treatment counselor about finding the right alcohol rehabilitation center for a community member.

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Drug And Alcohol Treatment Is Not Only For The Rich And Famous

According to Treatment-Centers.net, drug and alcohol treatment options affect people across all walks of life. Although some people may associate addictions with the rich and famous, the reality is that this problem is not biased when it comes to selecting its victims. And because of that some groups of individuals have a harder time than others in finding a drug or alcohol treatment center that is right for them. Treatment-Centers.net works to connect those in need with a top quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that is also affordable. Affordability is often the missing piece of the puzzle when an individual decides to seek help for a drug or alcohol problem.

September, 2010 – The public benefit service Treatment-Centers.net provides an online directory of centers that offer drug and alcohol treatment. The website also offers resources, a self-assessment and lots of helpful information that friends and family members as well as those addicted are likely to find useful when making decisions about drug or alcohol treatment center options. When addiction strikes most families feel helpless. Learning more about addictions is one way to feel more empowered during this difficult time. The free materials provided at Treatment-Centers.net combine to create a comprehensive alcohol and addiction resource.

Celeb gossip magazines and TV shows that follow celebrities can sometimes give the impression that it is only the rich and famous that have problems with drugs and alcohol. The focus is often on the pressures faced by these individuals due to their fame and the accompanying lifestyle. Paris Hilton being in possession of cocaine and Lindsey Lohan reportedly being addicted to methamphetamine have been recent headlines. While these problems cannot be minimized just because the individuals involved are rich and famous, it does need to be pointed out that being rich has lots of benefits, even when it comes to an addiction.

The stories often neglect to mention the advantages that these individuals have over the ‘typical’ person dealing with an addiction. The rich and famous do not have to be concerned with the cost of the care at any drug or alcohol rehabilitation center they may choose to go to. This is a huge advantage, and it is one that has not gone unnoticed by Treatment-Centers.net.

Financial concerns are sometimes why individuals do not seek the help they need. But that does not have to be the case. Treatment-Centers.net is not directly affiliated with any drug or alcohol treatment center. This means that the website truly exists as a public benefit service. It is designed to help all people suffering with an addiction, whether they have money or not. Treatment-Centers.net provides the largest and most comprehensive directory of treatment centers available. With this directory listing it is a simple process to find a drug and alcohol treatment facility that meets the needs of any individual. The basic listings give general information with contact details. From there more information can be gathered.

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Treatment-Centers.net Explains Various Alcohol Treatment Options And More

Treatment-Centers.net, a public benefit service, offers top notch information regarding alcohol treatment options. When individuals are seeking help for a problem with alcoholism they are usually distraught and feeling quite confused. This compounds the difficulties and uncertainty related to making decisions related to which alcohol rehabilitation center is the best choice. Treatment-Centers.net helps to demystify the entire process of determining which treatment facility is best suited given individual circumstances. Those needing help can easily find a center offering a 12 step approach or one that focuses on a holistic model or an alcohol treatment center that uses a combination of both or something entirely different.

Treatment-Centers.net provides an easy way to determine which alcohol treatment approach or even which alcohol treatment center will be best suited for a particular individual according to specific needs. Most people wait for an exceptionally low point in their life before they opt to seek the help they need for a problem with drinking. At this time they are likely to be experiencing stress and pressure in various areas of their lives. This makes the selection of the ‘right’ alcohol rehabilitation center even more difficult than it would otherwise be.

In order to assist with this dilemma Treatment-Centers.net provides extensive resources at its website to explain the various treatment options and how they differ. Just as important are the differences that one will find from one alcohol treatment center to another. This includes such things as the timeframe of the program and the choices and involvement of the clients in developing their treatment plans. Some treatment centers do not have a set timeframe and others have very strict limits. Additionally, some treatment centers offer payment plans or even financing options, and others do not.

When choosing an alcohol treatment facility it is important to carefully weigh all of these options. But unfortunately, many people are under so much pressure when making these decisions they do not know what they need to consider, much less, which areas of concern are most important to them and their particular situation.

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Get Matched With The Right Drug And Alcohol Treatment At Treatment-Centers.net

For a drug or alcohol treatment to work, it must be the right treatment for the client. Many addicts struggle to find a drug and alcohol treatment center that fits them, though, which makes the service Treatment-Centers.net provides not only valuable but also vital to an addict’s long-term sobriety. The website and comprehensive directory include informational listings for more than 11,000 drug and alcohol treatment centers and professionals, plus confidential assessments and 24-hour live phone assistance to help the addict navigate the many treatment options in his area. Treatment-Centers.net does not charge the person seeking drug and/or alcohol treatment during any step of the referral process, and it also offers a robust community area on the website in which addicts can participate in forums and chats with others in similar situations.

When it comes to matching addicts with a drug and alcohol treatment center, Treatment-Centers.net leads by example. Recovering addict Bernie Grohsman created the directory to help others like him find the drug and alcohol treatment they need to battle addiction and regain control of their lives. The directory contains more than 11,000 listings for drug and alcohol treatment centers and professionals, and the website offers live phone assistance from addiction specialists trained to assist the addict during the assessment process and match him with the right drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Treatment-Centers.net surpasses all other referral services in terms of comprehensiveness of listings and access to qualified professionals.

The addict begins the referral process by filling out the confidential assessment form at Treatment-Centers.net. It asks for basic, personal information and a drug and medical history. An addict also can call Treatment-Centers.net for help filling out the assessment. If the addict does fill out the assessment online, he will provide a contact phone number and an addiction specialist will call him at a designated time to discuss drug and alcohol treatment options. A loved one also can fill out the assessment and have the initial conversation with an addiction specialist. The addiction specialist will then help the addict or his loved one determine which drug and alcohol rehabilitation center will work best for him.

For those addicts not quite ready to take the important first step of asking for help, Treatment-Centers.net has a thriving community area in which they can talk with other addicts about their struggles and successes with drug and alcohol treatment. Addicts discuss their own experiences with specific drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the forums and chats, and this interaction often gives the addict the final push he needs to request a drug and alcohol treatment center referral for him. The community area also features a blog that includes addiction news, inspirational quotes and stories, and videos on a variety of addiction-related topics.

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Treatment-Centers.net Connects Alcoholics With The Right Alcohol Treatment For Them

It takes great strength for an alcoholic to ask for help, strength that can be drained away by the overwhelming number of alcohol treatment options available today. Treatment-Centers.net has more than 11,000 listings for alcohol treatment centers and professionals across the country, ensuring that the alcoholic need not travel far for help, and live phone assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to determine which alcohol rehabilitation center suits his specific situation. There is no cost to use the online directory or to talk with an addiction specialist.

An alcoholic – or his loved ones – take that first step toward sobriety by filling out the confidential assessment form at Treatment-Centers.net. He provides his name, email address and phone number, plus detailed addiction and medical histories. The assessment form can be filled out by the alcoholic or his loved ones. After receiving the assessment form, an addiction specialist will contact the alcoholic or his loved ones to discuss alcohol treatment options. An addiction specialist also can fill out the form with the alcoholic or his loved ones over the phone at 877-335-4673, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By the end of the call, the right alcohol rehabilitation center for the alcoholic will be determined.

If an alcoholic or his loved ones are not yet ready to ask for help, Treatment-Centers.net is still a valuable resource. The website has in-depth information about alcoholism and drug addiction, plus resources related to the various alcohol treatment programs available today, including 12-Step treatment, holistic treatment, acupuncture treatment, sauna treatment, religious-based treatment, alternative-lifestyle treatment, and meditative and yoga treatment. An alcoholic also might find the final push he needs to enter an alcohol treatment center. The website’s community area features forums and chat rooms in which recovering addicts discuss their challenges and successes, and a blog with inspirational quotes and news items about alcohol treatment. Reviews of the different alcohol rehabilitation centers also are available on the website.

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Treatment-Centers.net Provides A Simplified Way To Locate Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Treatment-Centers.net, the largest online directory of drug and alcohol treatment facilities and professionals, is the go to place for anyone seeking information about treatment and rehab options. The free service offered by the site can be the salvation needed during a drug or alcohol crisis situation. This company understands that when the decision is made to seek help from a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center there is only a small window of opportunity that exists. The reality is that if appropriate care cannot be found quickly that window of opportunity may be gone. Treatment-Centers.net not only has a complete listing of facilities, it also includes a Help Line, a free assessment, and a smorgasbord of information related to various types of addictions and treatment options.

Treatment-Centers.net Provides A Simplified Way To Locate Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Finding and selecting a center that provides an alcohol treatment program that is agreeable to the potential client is vital to a successful recovery. Countless studies have shown that the more comfortable a client is with a rehab facility, the treatment program and event the treatment professionals, the more likely he or she is to ‘buy into’ the treatment. Obviously, if a client is not comfortable or does not approve of the alcohol rehabilitation methods or approach used by an alcohol treatment center he or she is less likely to ‘work’ the program. This demonstrates just how important it is that potential clients or those helping them learn all they can before selecting a rehab center.

The directory at Treatment-Centers.net offers a brief overview of each alcohol rehabilitation center listed. This overview provides enough information for users to determine if further investigation of the facility is warranted. Contact information for each center listed is included. Because the website is not directly affiliated with any drug or Alcohol Treatment center, the information offered about treatment options and the facilities is unbiased.

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Treatment-Centers.net Uses Straightforward Approach In Providing Alcohol Treatment Options & Resources

Treatment-Centers.net, the leading online resource website for addiction information and drug and alcohol treatment options, uses a simple and uncomplicated approach to providing an educational resource. This aids site viewers in insuring that they get the facts without the fluff. Typically, this site is visited during a stressful time in one’s life. By providing directory listings, and alcohol and drug information in an easy to navigate format visitors can effortlessly find and use the resources available. In a straightforward manner the site lists over 11,000 facilities. Because the website is not affiliated with any specific drug or alcohol treatment center visitors are not exposed to multiple ads and banners. The site offers tons of information plus a directory that lists thousands of drug and alcohol rehabilitation center facilities.

April, 2010 – Treatment-Centers.net has found a way to help those in need of finding information about drug and alcohol treatment options quickly and free of distracting ads. It has been noted that many times such ads can result in making a less than desirable facility sound wonderful. The website is ‘the’ online resource for articles and other helpful information and resources related to evaluating any drug or alcohol treatment center. Treamtent-Centers.net is not affiliated with the centers represented on the site so visitors can trust that the information provided is frank and straightforward. Additionally, the website offers a help line, a free assessment, and unexpected resources. Whether one is looking for explanations of addiction trends that are hot news topics or they are simply looking for an appropriate alcohol rehabilitation center for themselves or a loved one, this website can help.

The goal of Treatment-Centers.net is to provide a sort of ‘one stop shopping’ place for the purpose of learning about addictions and other disorders, including dual diagnosis issues, and in locating a rehab center that will work for any specific person. The reality is that although some centers have extremely high success rates, if the participating clients are not comfortable with the type of facility or program used, success is not as probable.

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Alcohol Treatment Resources that are Unbiased

Treatment-Centers.net Finding information about the appropriate alcohol rehabilitation center can be a daunting task. At Treatment-Centers.net we help to streamline this process by providing resources and a wide-range of facilities that would be considered the most appropriate for an individual’s particular circumstances.

There is nothing that is easy about having a loved one suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Likewise, alcohol treatment requires effort on the part of many individuals. Professional help from an alcohol treatment center is a good start. However, it is recommended that friends and family participate in providing support by becoming informed about how to best support their loved one.

In an effort to reduce some of the struggle associated with alcohol rehabilitation, we offer free information resources that may be accessed on the web or through our toll free telephone number. We understand that when one is faced with the need to find an alcohol rehabilitation center that it can be an overwhelming sensation. Our goal is to help individuals make informed decisions about the various types of treatment centers.

Many individuals are aware of the 12-step programs. We have information on several 12-step programs for alcohol treatment. The 12-step programs may not be the best fit for everyone. As a result, the drug and alcohol treatment center industry has seen a large growth in the number of alternative alcohol rehabilitation centers that are available for individuals.

We have professionals available that are ready and willing to help make sense of the rehabilitation industry and can recommend various programs that may best fit one’s individual needs. We provide the most sincere assistance by providing a wealth of information and giving individuals access to our extensive directory and broad range of resources.

It may not be every day that one needs to find an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. However, if the day comes we are ready, willing, and capable to help find the best solution that will maximize the chances for a permanent solution. Our extensive website and helpful staff members can help one make sense of a confusing situation.

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Cliffside Malibu – An Alcohol Rehabilitation Center That Has Never Been More Committed

Cliffside Malibu, a prestigious recovery facility on the Malibu coast, has long been a leading light in the California treatment community. Now, the center is pleased to announce its renewed commitment to helping victims of alcoholism achieve meaningful and lasting sobriety.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Alcohol is fundamentally distinct from drug addiction. Alcoholics face unique challenges on the road to recovery, and need unique support to get all the way to where they’re trying to go. The practical implication, of course, is that the most effective treatment facilities are those which adopt the most nuanced approach to the alcohol rehabilitation process. In the end, there’s no better way to ensure the success of a patient’s recovery experience.

That emphasis is at the core of Cliffside Malibu’s alcohol treatment philosophy.

With its expert caregivers and posh amenities, Cliffside Malibu is a world-class institution. The center has always catered to an elite clientele. Now Cliffside is expanding its mission, with the goal of delivering targeted alcohol treatment to those individuals who need it. At Cliffside Malibu, nothing less than the utmost precision will ever be acceptable.

“Alcohol treatment is a tremendously intricate process,” said Cliffside Malibu Program Director Dr. Georgina Smith. “To be successful, it has to be administered exactly the right way, with an unfailing attention to detail. Our role as an alcohol rehab clinic is to ensure that every client receives the best possible care given his or her needs.“

Unfortunately, not all alcohol treatment facilities hold themselves to such high standards.

There’s no shortage of Exclusive Alcohol Rehabs in Los Angeles. All of them pay lip service to the importance of patient-specific treatment. But only a few of them actually deliver. Indeed, many of the most high-priced facilities in Southern California offer the same generic “addiction treatment” programs to both their drug rehab and alcohol rehab clients. More often than not, those generic programs fail to produce meaningful results.

Given the stakes in the fight against alcoholism, Cliffside administrators insist that sort of failure is unacceptable.

“Our alcohol treatment clients can’t afford not to get better,” said Patricia Freeberry, Cliffside’s Clinical Director. “That’s why we provide the best level of care money can buy, with everything from professional depression treatment to personal spa services. It’s also why so many of residents achieve such outstanding success.“

It’s no secret that alcoholism is a devastating disease. But successful alcohol treatment changes lives. Countless clients have already just discovered how valuable Cliffside Malibu’s specialized alcohol treatment can be. For those who’ve been lucky enough to learn the truth firsthand, the future really is brighter than ever.

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Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Provides A Second Chance Start To Life

At some point in time, everyone feels as if their life is spiraling out of control. In that split second moment, each person scrambles for that person or place that will help get them back on their feet and face life again. Cliffside Malibu alcohol rehab program provides that helping hand for alcoholics to reduce a dependency on alcohol and make a fresh start.

Research indicates that approximately 50% of driving accidents are caused by a drunk driver behind the wheel. Some of those impaired drivers will need a car accident to wake up and realize that they have a problem. Others may turn up their nose at the mere thought of someone getting behind the wheel of a car after having too much to drink needing an accident as a wake up call. For the Cliffside Malibu alcohol rehabilitation center, this situation is seen as a cry for help.

Staff at Cliffside Malibu maintains a professional approach to assisting alcoholics with treatment. There is no judgment or disapproving stares in this drug detox program. Personnel are technically equipped with the best tools needed to help an alcoholic pinpoint the root of the problem and make that all important first step towards recovery.

Cliffside Malibu is a full service treatment program providing alcoholics with a safe place to engage in drug detox to reclaim their lives. Before entering into a rehabilitation program, there are several things that need to be considered to ensure a person obtains everything out of the treatment program. First and foremost a patient must be willing to admit that there is a problem and open to seeking a solution for that addictive problem. Alcoholism is just one of the many addictions that the center treats.

Upon arrival patients will see breathtaking views of the ocean as the treatment facility lies just outside the Los Angeles area. Patient rooms are equipped with the comforts of home without including too many luxuries that may detract from the Alcohol Rehabilitation treatment focus. Amenities include gourmet meals, laundry service and transportation off center grounds as needed.

The Alcohol Rehab Program focuses on several aspects of treatment for each individual. Each aspect of the program coordinates with one another to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible treatment for their alcoholism. Aspects of treatment include therapy in both an individual and group setting. Physical and psychological components of the patient are also taken into consideration.

There is often a social stigma associated with receiving treatment for alcoholism. Cliffside Malibu removes that factor by boasting a clientele listing that includes politicians, movie stars and musicians. All patients receive the same confidential services regardless of what their social status is on the outside world. Staff is experienced, professional individuals that have patient success and best interests at heart at all times.

Everyone needs a safe place to come when addiction rules their life. Cliffside Malibu works to be that place for every addict. Staff does not pass judgment on the lifestyle choice that brings a patient to their front door. Instead a healthy way to make a fresh start is sought after together. For additional information on the full range of addiction treatment services that Cliffside Malibu offers, please feel free to contact the facility at 1-800-501-1988. They can also be reached on the internet at www.cliffsidemalibu.com or via email at: admissions@cliffsidemalibu.com.

About Cliffside Malibu: Cliffside Malibu provides full scale treatment programs for a wide range of addictions. Staff is professional and discreet in dispensing the best course of action that serves an individual need to ensure the right course of action is taken the first time around. This ensures a successful second start to life in a healthy, happy, non-addictive manner.

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Stunning New Treatment Center Helps Those in Need

The panoramic ocean view from one of Cliffside’s balconies is something else. Stylish design, lush landscaping, beautiful trees, endless blue sky, sandy beaches, and the peaceful waters of the Pacific – a resident here sees this every day while taking their alcohol rehab program.

Mouth-watering, healthy, gourmet meals are prepared by their head chef, Cody Cargill. Only the freshest, finest ingredients are used in the preparation of their food, ensuring a nutritious, and delectable dining experience. Whatever a guest’s taste is, their chef and his staff are dedicated to making sure the food served to their residents is the tastiest, healthiest, and most nutritious meal they can get. Experiencing the added bonus of great food can surely aid in recovery here. Cliffside residents are provided nutritious meals by their professional Cordon Bleu chef and full-time kitchen staff. They accommodate all dietary concerns such as vegetarian and vegan diets, kosher needs and food allergies.

Dining at Cliffside is a community experience that everybody looks forward to. Meals are served buffet style and residents are seated informally in their panoramic dining room, with 180 degree ocean views. A guest would be hard pressed to ever find a restaurant with such stunning views and atmosphere.

Physical fitness is an important part of the treatment program at Cliffside Malibu. Their fully-equipped gym includes treadmills, stationary bicycles, weight machines, free weights and access to a personal trainer. Cliffside residents are also encouraged to make use of their heated lap pool. Whether for simple exercise or as a meditative activity, the private and beautiful surroundings ensure a vigorous, enjoyable experience. The large and comfortably furnished dining and living room areas at this alcohol rehabilitation center, give residents more than enough space to freely enjoy dining, social, or recreational activities. Numerous windows let in plenty of fresh air, and provide inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean and California coastline.

In the evenings and during other periods between treatment and scheduled activities, many Cliffside residents gravitate towards the living room to watch TV, play games, and hang out with new friends. Away from the rigors and demands of treatment, Cliffside residents can relax in their meditation garden. Surrounded by the beauty and aroma of Spanish lavender, this spot is a favorite of many residents.

With plasma TVs, internet access, scented candles, fireplaces, and other luxury amenities available in their comfortable, inviting bedrooms, occupants have the choice of entertainment, ambiance, or both. Another example of the dedication they have to creating a positive, pleasant environment for our residents during their recovery and rehabilitation or while undergoing drug detox.

At Cliffside Malibu, each and every resident bathroom is its own private retreat. Their bathrooms feature separate water closets and are elegantly decorated and appointed with items such as Egyptian cotton towels and boutique soaps. These bathrooms are such that a guest may want to renovate their own bathroom at home, they are so spa-like. And the bedrooms – no expense is spared in decorating and appointing their private bedrooms.

Treatment is a long and rigorous process; as a result, Cliffside ensconces residents in as much comfort and luxury as possible to aid in the recovery process. And, one of many places at Cliffside to find relaxation, the West Garden – features beautiful Grandiflora roses, Spanish lavender and local wildflowers – many of which find their way inside to decorate the house. Such attention to detail is abundant in this facility. Most hotels don’t have this amount of caring and understanding. This is all fuel for the mind as their gourmet meals and surroundings are food for your spirit and physical body, as well.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact cliffsidemalibu.com.

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