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Eye Care Practices Use Social Media To Connect With Patients

Medical Management Services Group, L.L.C. has expanded its Internet development and management consulting services through the formation of a new digital group-iMeme Digital®-to assist eye care and surgery practices to connect with patients through social media vehicles like blogs and Facebook. “We have been active in providing content and developing practice and patient education web sites for some time. The use of social media to help practices and patients stay connected on thoughts about eye care topics like LASIK and cataract surgery offers all involved a useful vehicle for engagement and sharing,” said Katherine Carlisle, Managing Member.

Members of the iMeme Digital® group have been active in the development of internet marketing strategy and implementation since 1999. This includes the development of practice web sites, development and management of LASIK and cataract surgery patient education and surgeon directory sites, direct e-mail campaign and database targeting and development, search engine optimization (SEO) and the full scope of search engine marketing for clients. After evaluating “best practices” and using our experience and resources to formulate a systematic set of solutions for practices wishing to build social media presence through creativity, thoughtfulness and integration into social media, iMeme Digital® is able to offer ophthalmology practices access to the “know how” and “management oversight” necessary to get started in a comprehensive but reasonable format.

“Given the very rapid growth of social media it will become more and more important for eye care and surgery practices to adopt this method of connectivity to patients. Even for those ophthalmology practices that feel they have a solid foundation in internet marketing, participating in social media can be overwhelming and intimidating. It can also be a time consuming, ineffective and resource wasting effort,” said Ms. Carlisle. “The need to blend Internet strategy, brand strategy, patient acquisition strategy and media strategy into a coherent action plan-AND do it in the context of a medical practice with regard to content sensitivities, privacy and security, is not trivial.”

Early adopters of the iMeme Digital® program and services include Baltimore Washington Eye Center in Glen Burnie, Maryland; D’Ambrosio Eye Care in Lancaster Massachusetts; Eyecare Medical Group in Portland, Maine; Doctor & Associates in Westport, Connecticut and Michelson Laser Vision in Birmingham, Alabama.

“We knew that we had to start building a presence for our practice in the social media like Facebook but we just kept getting stuck and didn’t seem to quite get it together,” said Philip Harrington, Practice Administrator at Baltimore Washington Eye Center. “We were pleased to have the guidance, development resources and executional support to get this going.”

“After creating the consistent brand identity across platforms we work to integrate them into a viral network and most importantly assist in the creation of ongoing digital content for ophthalmology practices-that they can be assured helps to reinforce the brand by demonstrating authority, building trust and being social,” stressed Ms. Carlisle. “We take advantage of our collective 70 years of experience in ophthalmology and couple it with media and Internet know how to assist practices in their efforts.”

“At Eyecare Medical Group we had set up a Facebook page that looked just like everyone else’s and thought we were getting somewhere. Then we watched as our pages got transformed and how it projected our brand and identity,” said Clement Berry, Chief Executive Officer of Eyecare Medical Group.

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Big Mountain Pharmacy Launches a New Blog: Blogging the Drugs

One thing that has often been lacking from online Canadian pharmacies is information. Not only about the drugs on sale themselves, but also about illnesses and general news on the medical industry such as regulation and equipment.

That is what triggered Big Mountain Drugs to start their health information blog, which is now fully up and running on their website offering articles packed with information about common illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, erectile dysfunction (impotence) and acne. Not only that, they have also released articles giving useful information to help with particularly common issues. These include helping patients with poor eyesight by giving tips on how to identify medication safely, and giving family and friends of patients’ advice on how to tell the difference between dementia and depression.

Information like this is extremely valuable to patients, as they can learn more about the drugs that they are taking and the conditions that they are taking them for. The knowledge to patients increases safety as they can easily spot the symptoms of complex or potentially dangerous illnesses, and learn how to deal with the issues that come with many conditions. Blogging the Drugs from Big Mountain pharmacy, which can be found on their website, now lists many informative articles to help their customers. All of the information is free, and is written by medical professionals giving accurate and interesting information and facts.

One customer said: “Blogging the Drugs from Big Mountain pharmacy is extremely helpful and I’ve discovered a lot of new things about my illness that I didn’t know before, including information about the drugs that I am taking so that I can keep an eye out for side effects. It makes me feel much safer that I have more knowledge than I did before”.

Big Mountain Drugs commented “We wanted to add value to our customers by allowing them to make more informed decisions. Although they cannot buy most of the drugs without a prescription, it still gives them the opportunity to learn about the drugs that they are prescribed by their doctor so that they can speak with their doctor if they have any concerns. It also helps them to learn about their illnesses so that they can be aware of any issues such as symptoms of their conditions”.

One concern however, is that online Canadian pharmacies as of recent times, are no longer allowed to advertise on Google unless it is in their own country, which will mean that many people searching for information on drugs online will not be able to find the blog unless they live in Canada if they use Google to search for it.

You can join the blog on Facebook (bigmountaindrugs) and Twitter (bigmountaindrug), some of the most popular social networking sites so it is always very easy to connect and check out any new information that is issued by Big Mountain Drugs. They also post videos on Youtube and you can subscribe by RSS feed so that you get information in new articles as soon as they are posted online.

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