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The Harley Medical Group Reports In Increase In Bald Patch Treatments

The Harley Medical Group has reported demand from male patients for laser rejuvenation treatments is up +93% over the last quarter, across its 30 clinics.

Laser rejuvenation treatments now account for 11% of all non-surgical treatments carried out during June, July and August at the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery group. More unusual requests received this year are for skin regeneration treatments on receding hairlines, including laser treatment and chemical peels to reduce the appearance of aging sun spots.

Laura Marshall, specialist nurse counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, said: “The skin on the scalp is delicate and when not protected by hair or high factor sun cream is prone to burning which can cause dark patches, spots and wrinkles to form. Coming to terms with a receding hairline has always been a challenge for a man, but to then suffer the effects of sun damage on the balding area adds insult to injury. Rejuvenation treatments can help minimise the visible signs of aging skin.”

Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group added: “We’re not talking big numbers of bald–patch treatments but the fact we’re getting more enquiries does demonstrate how men are taking non-surgical treatments increasingly seriously as a cosmetic solution. With successful, high profile men, like Simon Cowell, openly talking about their cosmetic regimes it’s a subject that has become more acceptable for men to tackle.”

Via EPR Network
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