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Bupa announces major expansion in dentistry

Bupa has announced a multi-million pound investment to grow its dental business and become one of the largest private dental chains in the UK by 2015.

Bupa has operated dental centres since 1999 and currently looks after around 13,000 people in 11 centres. Bupa also insures or funds over 130,000 dental customers through dental insurance and cash-plans.

The healthcare group plans to add up to 50 additional private dental centres to its existing portfolio, increasing Bupa’s presence in dentistry by as much as five-fold.

Ruth Chesmore, Director of Dental Services, Bupa said: “Bupa has run a successful dental business in the UK for more than a decade and we want to build on this by opening a chain of dental centres in convenient city centre locations. We have been in the business of healthcare for over 60 years, and because we have no shareholders, we can invest the money we make into more and better healthcare. The private dental market has continued to grow in recent years and as one of the most trusted healthcare brands in the UK, we know that we have a good opportunity to provide more people with convenient, high quality, good value dental care.”

The private dentistry market is currently worth £2.4bn. The market is forecast to grow at 2.7%pa over the next 5 years* reflecting the greater numbers of patients visiting a dentist and accessing a wider variety of treatments.

The new Bupa centres will provide customers with high quality, affordable dentistry in major UK cities. They will be located close to where people work, with appointments available outside of traditional office hours.

Bupa dental centres are open to all and provide a wide variety of dental services from routine examinations to specialist treatments and cosmetic dental treatments, all led by experienced clinicians, working to the highest clinical standards and using the latest technology.

Bupa also offers a wide range of ways to pay, including pay as you go, great value dental insurance and 0% financing options.

Bupa already provides high quality healthcare and excellent customer service to over three million customers in the UK and oral healthcare is an important part of this. It has operated a successful chain of dental centres in Spain for the past 12 years serving over 650,000 customers with 81 dental clinics distributed throughout the country.

Owners of city based dental practices who are interested in working with Bupa should go to www.bupa.co.uk/sellingyourdentalpractice for more information.

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Bupa Reveals Only Half Of Brits Visit The Dentist

Bupa has revealed that more than half of Brits believe that the quality of a person’s teeth has a major impact on a person’s career or romantic life, yet only half of UK residents visit the dentist regularly.

Bupa’s research found that three in five people (63 per cent) believe having bad teeth can prevent someone from finding a partner while over half (52%) believe having nice teeth can help someone get a better job. Almost half (46%) of respondents believe having nice teeth can help a person to make more friends.

However, only half of the people polled (53 per cent) attend a regular dental examination and one in seven (14 per cent) has not used any dental services in the last four years, with four per cent having never visited the dentist at all.

Despite the trend for American-style perfectly straight, sparkling white teeth, a British smile was voted the most popular in the poll, with Kate Middleton’s natural smile trouncing the competition and being voted the nation’s favourite.

Not only does the nation think that having a nice smile is important, it seems that many people would do an awful lot to get one, with one in seven (14 per cent) saying that they would give up having sex for a whole year if it meant they could get perfect teeth. Similarly, one in five (22%) would forgo booze for a year if they could have a spectacular smile

Brian Franks, Clinical Director, Dentistry, Bupa Health and Wellbeing said: “Being happy with your teeth can have a big impact on your confidence and this can affect your work and relationships. So it’s surprising that so many people don’t go for regular dental examinations. Even people who are currently happy with their teeth should pay attention to their dental health, as problems can happen at any time and get worse if not treated. For example, gum disease is very common, affecting more than half of adults. If left untreated for a long time it can lead to tooth loss. But the good news is that in its early stage it is completely reversible so it’s vital to visit your dentist regularly so they can spot any potential problems early and help prevent them getting worse.”

More than one in three people said that the expense is the main reason for not visiting the dentist regularly. Although three in ten people have landed themselves in debt or had to make sacrifices in order to cover unexpected dental bills, only one in ten people have dental insurance or a dental cash plan.

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Bupa Launches Its First Dental Insurance Product

Bupa is introducing a consumer dental insurance product for the first time, in response to high demand from customers.

Dental Cover 10 and 20 from Bupa allow customers to choose whichever dentist they want to visit. Dental Cover 10 offers customers a full refund for NHS treatment* and market-leading oral cancer cover up to £15,000 per person per year**.

Dental Cover 20 allows customers with a privately registered dentist to claim up to £150 a year of dental insurance for routine treatment such as check-ups, dental x-rays and scale and polish. For more expensive, non-cosmetic treatment such as fillings, root canals, extractions, crowns, bridgework and dentures, customers can claim up 75% of each bill, with up to £700 paid back per year. Cover also includes emergency dental treatment and treatment for dental injury***.

With no underwriting or pre-enrolment checks required****, set-up is quick and easy for the customer.

Previously Bupa dental cover was only available to individual customers as an option with the healthcare group’s adaptable health insurance product, Bupa By You.

Sue Moore, Marketing and Customer Development Director, Bupa Health & Wellbeing said: “Having listened to our customers, we have designed a product which gives people extensive cover when they visit the dentist, whether NHS or private. We know that our customers will value the peace of mind that this gives them.”

To obtain a quote, consumers can call 0800 600 500 or visit www.bupa.co.uk/dentalinsurance.

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