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Personally Delivered, Inc., Introduces a New Line of Daytime and Overnight Adult Incontinence Pull-On Protective Underwear with Exceptional Absorbency and Comfort

Personally Delivered, Inc., Introduces a New Line of Daytime and Overnight Adult Incontinence Pull-On Protective Underwear with Exceptional Absorbency and Comfort

Lake Mary, Florida, United States, 2019-Aug-12 — /EPR HEALTHCARE NEWS/ — Personally Delivered, Inc., a leading expert in-home delivery of incontinence, skin care, ostomy, urological, and related supplies, is launching its new, competitively-superior line of Personally Delivered™ Premium-Plus Pull-On Protective Underwear in both Daytime and Overnight styles.

Leveraging 40+ years of listening to incontinence customers and helping them find the right products for their unique situations, Personally Delivered has incorporated the most advanced technologies to create a new unisex pull-on Protective Underwear available in both Daytime and Overnight styles. These state-of-the-art products offer superior absorbency and comfort to help users remain more comfortable, confident, and in control. Customers can now have industry-leading, superior products discreetly delivered right to their front door.

Made in the USA, Personally Delivered™ Pull-On Protective Underwear incorporates gentle cloth-feel stretch panels for maximum comfort and easy removal.  A dual-core system plus super-absorbent polymers provide rapid absorbency and superior leak protection. A gel core locks in odors, prevents leaks, and keeps the wearer drier.  Comfortable leg gathers deliver active protection and a secure fit.  Combined, these features provide the new standard in incontinence comfort and absorbency.

“We speak with people every day who struggle with incontinence and provide real-life feedback on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leak-free protection,” said Seth Segel, CEO of  ConvaTec’s  US Home Distribution Group, the parent company of Personally Delivered, Inc.  “We understand what these individuals are going through. We listened to them and then went to work creating products to address their problems.  Our new Personally Delivered™ Protective Underwear delivers optimal dryness and a leak-free experience.”

Personally Delivered™ Overnight and Daytime Protective Underwear are available exclusively through www.PersonallyDelivered.com. They are available in a range of sizes from Small to Extra-Extra Large.

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Helpful Information For People Who Suffer From Incontinence

Incontinence can be described as the uncontrolled leakage of urine or faeces, and is an extremely common problem. But help is at hand. Incontinence UK is a leading UK supplier of incontinence products, incontinence pads and incontinence pants.

You’ll find a series of helpful frequently asked questions below, designed to help you gain a greater knowledge of the incontinence products available, so that when it comes to purchasing incontinence products, incontinence pads or incontinence pants of your own, you are able to make an informed decision.

Will one type of incontinence product suit all my needs?

This is not always the case, and different incontinence products, incontinence pads and incontinence pants will offer different benefits.

Some sufferers might prefer a smaller, thinner incontinence pad or incontinence pant during the day but a larger, more absorbent incontinence pad at night when their leakage could be more severe. Alternatively, some incontinence sufferers might prefer the simplicity of exchanging incontinence pads during their daily routine, but prefer the added security of incontinence pants on special occasions or long days out.

What are the benefits of disposable incontinence pads?

Disposable incontinence pads can be thrown away after usage, meaning that hygiene and convenience are great benefits. It is very easy to carry disposable incontinence products with you and change them as and when is needed. Incontinence UK supply a large range of disposable incontinence products, pads and pants; ensuring that you can find an incontinence product to suit your needs.

What are the benefits of washable incontinence products?

Over time, washable incontinence pants prove to be more economical and environmentally friendly than disposable incontinence products. With the look and feel of normal underwear, certain incontinence sufferers prefer to wear washable incontinence pants, and they can also be easier to store. It is important, however, to ensure that you have enough washable incontinence pants to suit your needs.

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