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Menopause Blamed For Rise In Receding Hair

Hair loss is often the hardest aspect of growing old, but for a number of people the problem is not confined to their later years.

And it’s not just men suffering from the affliction, with studies suggesting an increasingly number of post-menopausal women are finding their hairlines receding.

This new epidemic is a type of alopecia, which damages hair follicles so that hair falls out and cannot grow back.

The condition known as Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (FFA) can cause women to lose up to five inches from their hairline as well as their eyebrows. If FFA goes undiagnosed, women can even lose hair at the sides and back of their head.

Scientists believe that FFA is a result of the immune system attacking hair follicles, which causes inflammation at the root. This can damage stem cells in the follicles and prevents hair from growing back entirely.

The only treatment available involves controlling this inflammation, so only offers a reduction in overall hair loss rather than a cure.

However, the damage for most has already been done and the only alternative is to undergo a hair transplant.

The Hospital Group, one of the country’s leading cosmetic surgery providers, is at the forefront of hair restoration surgery, treatments and techniques. Those seeking a solution to their hair loss can undergo a hair transplant, which involves splitting the follicles of existing hairs and relocating them in the sparse area.

Providing expert advice and assistance, The Group carries out more hair transplantations than any other clinic in the UK and recognises that hair restoration is an art just as much as a surgical procedure.

Since The Hospital Group was established in 1992, it has grown from a small pharmaceutical company to one of the UK’s foremost weight loss surgery providers.

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Night Sweats A Memory Of The Past For Many Menopausal Women And Hot Sleepers With Bedfan

It’s a new product that is designed to stop night sweats before they start. As we sleep — or try to — our body generates heat that is absorbed into the sheets and mattress. When a night time hot flash occurs, our body is seeing excessive skin level heat. That heat will lead to sweating (night sweats) unless you are able to cool yourself down fast. The Bedfan Personal Cooling System will keep your body cool, remove the built-up heat and cool your bed at the same time. This is accomplished by delivering a soft breeze that flows along your body. The Bedfan is a simple system that is hidden at the foot of your bed to deliver a gentle flowing air between your sheets. This gentle breeze keeps the body and bed cool enough to stop night sweats. No more nighttime tossing and turning, or changing clothes and sheets due to sweating. Menopausal women rejoice night sweats are over, the Bedfan is here. (How Bedfan works: http://www.bedfan.com )

The Bedfan is capable of moving up to 100 Cubic Feet of air each minute but can be dialed down to create an incredibly gentle breeze as well. The unit comes with a compact “Speed Controller” that can be placed under the pillow or on a bedside table giving you full control of the airflow. The Bedfan is a breeze to use and install, and is designed for an extremely long service life.

Most fans, like a ceiling fan, simply circulate air around the room. Up to now, many people used oscillating fans or rigged-up clip-on fans to combat the heat problem. But the Bedfan is the only fan specifically designed to deliver a gentle breeze between your sheets, right where it is needed to end night sweats. If a couple finds that one sleeps hotter than the other, the hotter sleeper can use a Bedfan to keep himself or herself cooler without interrupting the partner’s sleep.

“I had seen the options available for hot sleepers to end night sweats and found that there was truly a need. In the case of Menopausal women there were very few options other than drugs methods to absorb sweat while they tried to sleep.” Says the Bedfan inventor, Kurt Tompkins. “The Bedfan is able to stop night sweats from ever starting this is accomplished by keeping the body and the bed cool.” Not only are people sleeping cooler at night but they are actually saving hundreds of dollars a year on their electric bills. “I knew it was working when my mother in-law, started sleeping throughout the night without waking. Something that menopause had not allowed her to do for the last three years.

The Bedfan sells for $89.95 and is available online at: www.bedfan.com.

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