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Sinusitis Treatment Rather Than Sinus Surgery

General Home Pharmacy Inc. Sinus Dynamics™ announced the company has successfully treated over 25,000 patients suffering from Nasal Allergies, Sinus Infections and Sinusitis. Sinus surgery was recommended for over 75% of these patients; however they chose SinusDynamics™; a topical sinus treatment using nebulized antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications to treat sinusitis rather than sinus surgery.

Sinus surgery or Sinusitis surgery is often times the last option to treat this chronic sinusitis condition. SinusDynamics™ has an alternative non-surgical sinusitis treatment option with proven efficacy and safety. For patients whose quality of life is regularly impacted by acute sinusitis or chronic sinusitis, this non-invasive nasal sinus treatment with Nasal nebulizer offers the convenience of treating their condition from the comfort of their own home or work place without any limitation or interference associated with any sinus surgery.

What does combined antibiotic and anti-inflammatory nebulized treatment mean for patients suffering with Nasal Allergies, Sinus Infections or Sinusitis? SinusDynamics’™ combined antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment is a non-surgical solution offering the most advanced technology in treating sinusitis. This treatment method targets the source of the infection directly, resulting in quicker and better outcomes for patients with little to NO side effects. The SinusDynamics™ treatment is quick and easy-to-use, providing patients with an alternative to surgery.

Findings in clinical studies have shown SinusDynamics’™ combined antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications improved and treat the condition of sinusitis patients. The SinusDynamics™ deposition of smaller particle size is supported by experimental and clinical studies. Researchers found that Sinus Dynamics increased deposition of aerosolized antibiotics in the maxillary sinus resulted in longer infection-free periods for patients with acute and chronic sinusitis. This study used particles with a mean diameter of 3.2 µm.

Researchers retrospectively found 82.9% of patients treated with Sinus Dynamics™ nasal nebulized antibiotics with mean particle diameter of 3.2 µm had a “good” or “excellent” response in treatment of Sinusitis. The medicated mist penetrates the tissues of sinus cavities and sinus infection topically to treat sinuses that are inflamed and infected. Physicians from across the country fax their prescriptions to Sinus Dynamics™ with combined antibiotic and anti-inflammatory nebulized topical treatment for their sinusitis patients.

Sinus Dynamics™ provides patients with a high level of customer service. SinusDynamics™ insurance billing and patient follow-up is unmatched. The company has a wealth of data and information gathered from their patient base and strives to ensure that each patient receives and achieves the optimal experience and results.

For most sinusitis sufferers (before or after sinus surgery), the infection can often times take over their lives – requiring numerous treatments throughout the years. Sinus Dynamics™ sinusitis and allergy treatment offers patients the option not to settle for simply managing the symptoms of a chronic disease with surgery.

Sinus Dynamics™ has raised awareness among influential groups, such as The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), to include the nasal sinus nebulizer combined Antibiotic and Anti-Inflammatory treatment in their treatment regimens. There is also a growing trend that discusses the overuse of oral antibiotics and the issue of antibiotic “resistance” and how alternative antibiotic therapies with nasal nebulizer need to be used and evaluated at the time of treatment. Physicians need to consider not just topical antibiotics but alternative delivery methods such as nasal nebulized therapy utilizing the SinusAero which is the only nasal nebulizer offered exclusively by SinusDynamics™.

Contact Sinus Dynamics™ at 877-447-4276 visit their web site at  www.sinusdynamics.com. Sinus Dynamics™ works with otolaryngologists, allergy & immunology, infectious disease specialists, and pulmonary specialists throughout the United States; providing custom compounded medications, exclusively formulated to treat sinus infections and inflammation through nebulized topical sinus treatment. A network of representatives is available for on-site demonstrations and consultation.

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