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Recently Launched Pharmacy Xpressdelivery.Com Offers Fair Deals On Popular Drugs

New online pharmacy xpressdelivery.com has been launched, offering its services to international customers. This is the first online drugstore to offer cheap generic Viagra online and other impotence medications at a fair price.

Xpressdelivery.com was launched with an understanding of the market lacking a pharmacy that would be truly committed to providing high level of service without charging too much money. This pharmacy was started as a place where it would be possible to buy viagra online, as well as purchase some other highly demanded medications that can be very expensive to buy without a prescription. Because of the company’s close cooperation with the largest manufacturer of cheap generic drugs (generic Viagra being one of them), xpressdelivery.com can offer affordable prices and more options for the customer to save money and leave satisfied. The pharmacy is ready to offer convenient shopping options to its customers, and new ones are introduced every day.

Xpressdelivery.com is planning to become truly international and popular with customers looking to save their money without the quality of their generic Viagra affected. Presently, it’s looking into the opportunity to cooperate with another large manufacturer, that way being able to offer a wider choice of medications at even more attractive prices. Due to years of experience its members of staff have, as well as constant attention to perfecting the services offered to new and regular customers, this pharmacy has already found its niche in the market and will keep working on bringing more advantages to people interested in saving money while shopping for their drugs online.

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Canadian Pharmacy Savings at SaveRxCanada.com

SaveRxCanada.com the premier Canadian pharmacy intermediary since 2004, continues to deliver prescription drugs savings to consumers. Though its unique network of licensed Canadian pharmacies and International online pharmacies, SaveRxCanada.com connects customers to their choice of dispensing pharmacies.

Canadian Pharmacy Savings at SaveRxCanada.com

This global approach to prescription fulfillment empowers the consumer to compare brand name drugs to generic equivalents. The interactive pricing tool enables consumers to find the best savings by performing comparisons between medications found in different countries.

SaveRxCanada.com lists over 3000 medications including specialty cancer drugs.

About SaveRxCanada.com
SaveRxCanada.com is a prescription marketing broker, negotiating the best prices for its clientele. All prescriptions are dispensed by licensed pharmacies and pharmacists located in Canada, Italy, the UK, New Zealand, India, Switzerland, South Africa, Israel, and Fiji.

Buying prescription medications online through Canada and other countries that regulate drug prices is a true alternative to paying the high prices that local pharmacies are charging. More and more people each day are taking advantage of the substantial savings that a Canadian pharmacy offers. This is a true win/win situation for customers: low prices with high customer service.

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Lloydspharmacy Is To Become The First Major Healthcare Brand To Supply Tamiflu Online

Customers can now buy Tamiflu via the Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor service. “We are playing as full a role as possible in the distribution of Tamiflu to NHS patients,” said Andy Murdock, Governance and Pharmacy Relations Director of Lloydspharmacy, “but it is clear that there is a significant demand for private prescriptions of the drug.

Supply Tamiflu Online

“We have decided to become the first recognised healthcare brand to sell Tamiflu online in advance of need so that people who want to buy the treatment can get it from a reputable online source which they can trust to dispense Tamiflu.”

Lloydspharmacy’s Online Doctor service is run in partnership with online health experts Dr Thom, the only online doctor to be regulated by the Care Quality Commission* specifically to prescribe medicines online.

Packs of 10 x 75mg Tamiflu will be available via the online pharmacy. All medicines will be dispatched using Royal Mail Special Delivery for delivery the next working day.

“Anyone displaying symptoms of swine flu, would be advised to call the NHS service appropriate to their area,” said Andy Murdock. “The Lloydspharmacy service is for people who want to ensure they have Tamiflu available if and when they need it and for people who will be travelling abroad at some point in the future.

“In the information sent out with every Tamiflu order Lloydspharmacy doctors will explain the symptoms people should look out for and the circumstances under which they should begin treatment.”

Lloydspharmacy has pioneered the development of online diagnosis and prescriptions. The Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor service is expanding and already offers treatments for impotence, hair loss and cystitis plus oral contraceptives, sexual health tests and travel medications.

About Lloydspharmacy
Lloydspharmacy has around 1700 pharmacies across the UK. These are based predominantly in community and health centre locations. The company employs over 16,000 staff and dispenses over 145 million prescription items annually. Lloydspharmacy is the trading name of Lloydspharmacy Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Celesio AG based in Stuttgart. Celesio is the leading pharmaceutical distribution company in Europe and is represented in 16 countries. With its three divisions, Patient and Consumer Solutions, Pharmacy Solutions and Manufacturer Solutions, the group covers the entire scope of pharmaceutical trade and pharmaceutical-related services.

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Lower prices, legitimate dealers ultimate goal of ePharmacies.com

ePharmacies.com, a website dedicated to promoting legitimate online pharmacies, announced today that after considerable research, they have determined that they provide the best fulfillment services on the net for prescriptions. In addition, because they represent more than one Online pharmacy, their prices are among the best available anywhere.

Cary Byrd, ePharmacies.com president, said that staying current with prices and availability is only one advantage of using the site as a pharmacy search source.

“In our research, we discovered that our competition usually has outdated pharmacy sources and drug prices,” Byrd said. “Plus, the pharmacies they use are usually not pre-screened. “ Byrd added that ePharmacies.com works exclusively with pharmacies and suppliers who have gone through the company’s third-party approval process.”

“In order to be accepted by the ePharmacies.com network, pharmacies must be licensed by the proper governing authorities,” Byrd added. “We also require independent, third-party verification of pharmacy licensing and standards by organizations such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA), National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), PharmacyChecker.com and the Better Business Bureau.”

Byrd said that the reason for so much security is quite simple: there are way too many scam artists out there selling phony prescriptions or lower-quality medicines and passing them off as brand-name prescriptions or high-quality generics.

“90 percent of the online pharmacies in Canada might better be classified as scam artists,” Byrd Said. “We’ve tracked several down to third world slums.”

These phony pharmacists may not know what they’re selling, but they’re very good at looking legitimate.

“Many simply put a fake government seal on the homepage of their website, and people think they’re dealing with a legitimate company,” Byrd said.

Byrd says the other goal of epharmacies.com is a bit more pragmatic: the site wants to save its customers money. The membership-only site is designed to save members an average of 50 percent on their prescription drug purchases – starting with their very first order. Members report saving up to 80 percent off U.S. retail prices. The site’s state-of-the-art comparison-shopping search engine connects shoppers with the most reputable online pharmacies. Both brand name and generic prescriptions are available, and prices are updated daily.

Memberships start at $24.97 per month, with considerable discounts for both quarterly and annual memberships. Annual memberships cost less than $90. It’s the lowest price structure in the online pharmacy business – and Byrd is very proud of that.

“We’re not trying to make a lot of money off of our customers before they buy anything,” Byrd said. “We want our members to save money where it really counts – on their prescriptions.”

For more than six years, ePharmacies.com has been helping customers worldwide to save money on top quality brand name and generic prescription drugs. As an independent investigation site, it is dedicated to exposing all Online pharmacy scams and helping customers to find the Best online pharmacy to fit their needs.

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Lloydspharmacy Has Become The First Major Healthcare Brand To Offer Women The ‘Morning After Pill’ In Advance Of Need

The online service is aimed at women who are concerned that they may not be able to access the treatment, also known as Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC), when they need it, such as whilst travelling or during weekends and bank holidays. The new service is also ideal for women who may be anxious about visiting a pharmacy or their local GP for this type of medication.

The service is available through Lloydspharmacy as part of an online partnership between the pharmacy and the Healthcare Commission regulated online health expert DrThom.

“With the emergency pill, time is of the essence,” said Clare Kerr, Head of Clinical Services at Lloydspharmacy, “The treatment is up to 95 per cent effective when taken 24 hours after sex but that reduces to 85 per cent in the following 24 hours and dips to 58 per cent in the next 24 hours.”

“Most women know that the morning after pill can be taken up to three days after sex,” she said, “but our pharmacists tell us that many women are unaware of the fact that effectiveness reduces during that period.”

The Lloydspharmacy online service is explicitly not aimed at women who have just had unprotected sex. They are advised to visit their pharmacist or GP straight away. There is a 72 hour delay in despatching treatments to discourage women from using the service in this way.

The online pharmacy service will not knowingly be made available to patients under the age of 18 and treatments will only be despatched to the person whose name is on the credit or debit card used to make the payment online.

Women must fill in a comprehensive online medical questionnaire which is reviewed by DrThom before treatment can be prescribed and dispensed by post. Women are able to access advice from a DrThom GP using their confidential online patient record.

“Unplanned pregnancy is an issue that can affect all sexually active women, including those in long term relationships,” said Clare Kerr. According to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, one in three women in the UK will have an abortion by the time they are 45 and about 30 per cent of all pregnancies are unplanned.

“We hope that our new service will go some way to reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies and will help alleviate some of the anxiety women feel after they’ve had unprotected sex or a condom has split,” Claire concluded.


About Lloydspharmacy
Lloydspharmacy has around 1700 pharmacies across the UK. These are based predominantly in community and health centre locations. The company employs over 16,000 staff and dispenses over 145 million prescription items annually.

Lloydspharmacy is the trading name of Lloydspharmacy Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Celesio AG based in Stuttgart. Celesio is the leading pharmaceutical distribution company in Europe and is represented in 16 countries. With its three divisions, Celesio Wholesale, Celesio Pharmacies and Celesio Solutions, the group covers the entire scope of pharmaceutical trade and pharmaceutical-related services.

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