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Recent African Leaders Malaria Alliance Meeting Highlights Importance of Partnerships to Ensure Continued Progress on Malaria Vaccine

During the recent African Union summit, the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) gathered to discuss how to combat the threat of malaria in the continent. Inspired by this meeting, Madiké Seye, Vice-President for Africa – GlaxoSmithKline wrote a guest article on the Independent’s website calling for “new tools, such as a malaria vaccine, which could complement existing interventions.”

Seye wrote, “Vaccines and immunization services have been critical to improving Africa’s health over the last several decades. Anyone whose child has suffered f r o m malaria – and there are only few of us who have not directly been affected by the disease – can imagine what a malaria vaccine would mean.”

F r o m there, Seye highlighted the importance of partnerships between African leaders, policymakers, international groups and the pharmaceutical industry. These collaborations are required in order to move forward with making the dream of a malaria vaccine a reality, whether that’s through improving drug prices or investing in technology to fully develop the vaccine. Seye noted that the vaccine is already in the final phases of development and trial results have consistently shown an “acceptable safety profile.”

Global Health Progress supports the role of these public and private partnerships and the participation of the pharmaceutical industry, particularly when it comes to addressing issues involving drug prices, access to medicines, and the continued efforts to create innovative new drugs and vaccines. GHP believes research and development are especially critical components of improving health care and combating epidemics of neglected tropical diseases, such as malaria, in developing countries.

GHP echoes Seye’s call for countries, multilaterals, NGOs, the pharmaceutical industry and scientists to continue to work together to, “make sure Africa is ready for a vaccine. One day there may be the means to save many more lives and change the equation in the fight against malaria for good.”

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Pharmacy College Teacher And Students Write On A Common Blog To Share Quickly Pharmaceutical Industry Technology Developments

Dr.Martin a former teacher in pharmacy college and now a director in a worlds biggest pharmaceutical company, was favorite amongst his students and colleagues for his innovative ideas on research and development teaching subjects on pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

One day he and his students on their last day in the college after completing the examinations in course in pharmacy , decided to stay in touch with each other ,and share technical knowledge regularly with each other , they in this process started writing on a common blog whoguideline.blogspot.com on the subjects on their own profession of pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology

This blog is now updated by then students and now top pharmaceutical industry professionals they never knew that this platform will soon become a favorite world wide amongst worlds pharmaceutical industry and pharmacists.

In pharmaceutical industry technology is moving so fast and to keep one self updated day today is a difficult task unless one join a group of a pharmaceutical association or a forums , where one is required to attend meetings and seminars there & one can discuss the latest happening in pharmaceutical industry.

The students says advantage of writing on this blog is just like attending a seminar on pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry , we write on vivid topics and the technical articles are very informative.There is not a single topic on pharmaceutical technology which is left untouched on this blog , be it biotechnology , microbiology or novel drug delivery system or latest happening in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and latest news in pharma industry is published regularly.

Dr.Martin the cheap author and editor of the blog said that we started writing on our blog to share our knowledge amongst under graduate and post graduate , and doctoral students and industry professionals , as it is best tool to publish and share the knowledge quickly and easily , in this process so far about 1161 pharmaceutical industry professionals and students and have successfully subscribed to the blog , and this blog is now one of the preferred resource of technical knowledge on all topics in pharmaceutical industry.

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ePharmaExpo.Com – A Central Source For Business News And Information For Everyone Associated With The Pharmaceutical And Life Sciences Industries

The recently launched ePharmaExpo.com website incorporates a virtual trade show, event postings, recruitment database, and forums to give everyone associated with the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries a central source for business news and information.

The launch of ePharmaExpo.com, a website encompassing multiple aspects of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, was recently announced. ePharmaExpo.com is designed to be a central information resource for businesses, vendors, employees, and job seekers within the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

The main draw of ePharmaExpo.com is expected to be the virtual trade show feature. This component of the website allows businesses to showcase their services and products through online booth displays, which take the place of traditional trade show booths. Businesses will have the opportunity to reach an undetermined number of Internet users year round and twenty-four hours a day instead of a limited number of trade show participants for a few days at a conventional industry trade show. Visitors can benefit from viewing products and services from their home or business instead of traveling to pharmaceutical and life sciences trade shows. ePharmaExpo.com owners hope to increase the quality of leads generated for the site’s exhibitors by offering a means to connect with interested parties.

Pharmaceutical and life sciences businesses, organizations, and universities from across the nation are able to post upcoming local events on ePharmaExpo.com. Newsworthy items such as information about industry-related conference and seminars and press releases are accepted.

ePharmaExpo.com can also be used as a source for businesses searching for qualified job applicants and for those seeking employment in the pharmaceutical and life sciences fields. Businesses can currently take advantage of the website’s introductory offer of free three-month job postings. The owners report that over one hundred positions have been posted since the launch of ePharmaExpo.com. A resume database allows companies to search for candidates with specific qualifications, decreasing their time and money spent recruiting qualified candidates. Job seekers can post their resumes and search for employment opportunities by state.

A discussion forum allows ePharmaExpo.com visitors to communicate anonymously with other visitors and the website exhibitors. Visitors can post comments and questions, exchange information, and seek the advice of other forum users. ePharmaExpo.com administrators have future plans for an anonymous messaging system, which will allow visitors to ask questions directly to the site’s exhibitors without revealing their identities. The intention of this feature is to promote a more relaxed atmosphere for visitors that allows for an exchange of information without disclosing personal data.

About ePharmaExpo.com: ePharmaExpo.com is a virtual trade show website for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. The website features exhibitions of products and services, discussion forums, and industry job postings and events. Contact Chi-chau Tse at 619-808-3773 or tse@ePharmaExpo.com for more information.

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