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Lower prices, legitimate dealers ultimate goal of ePharmacies.com

ePharmacies.com, a website dedicated to promoting legitimate online pharmacies, announced today that after considerable research, they have determined that they provide the best fulfillment services on the net for prescriptions. In addition, because they represent more than one Online pharmacy, their prices are among the best available anywhere.

Cary Byrd, ePharmacies.com president, said that staying current with prices and availability is only one advantage of using the site as a pharmacy search source.

“In our research, we discovered that our competition usually has outdated pharmacy sources and drug prices,” Byrd said. “Plus, the pharmacies they use are usually not pre-screened. “ Byrd added that ePharmacies.com works exclusively with pharmacies and suppliers who have gone through the company’s third-party approval process.”

“In order to be accepted by the ePharmacies.com network, pharmacies must be licensed by the proper governing authorities,” Byrd added. “We also require independent, third-party verification of pharmacy licensing and standards by organizations such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA), National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), PharmacyChecker.com and the Better Business Bureau.”

Byrd said that the reason for so much security is quite simple: there are way too many scam artists out there selling phony prescriptions or lower-quality medicines and passing them off as brand-name prescriptions or high-quality generics.

“90 percent of the online pharmacies in Canada might better be classified as scam artists,” Byrd Said. “We’ve tracked several down to third world slums.”

These phony pharmacists may not know what they’re selling, but they’re very good at looking legitimate.

“Many simply put a fake government seal on the homepage of their website, and people think they’re dealing with a legitimate company,” Byrd said.

Byrd says the other goal of epharmacies.com is a bit more pragmatic: the site wants to save its customers money. The membership-only site is designed to save members an average of 50 percent on their prescription drug purchases – starting with their very first order. Members report saving up to 80 percent off U.S. retail prices. The site’s state-of-the-art comparison-shopping search engine connects shoppers with the most reputable online pharmacies. Both brand name and generic prescriptions are available, and prices are updated daily.

Memberships start at $24.97 per month, with considerable discounts for both quarterly and annual memberships. Annual memberships cost less than $90. It’s the lowest price structure in the online pharmacy business – and Byrd is very proud of that.

“We’re not trying to make a lot of money off of our customers before they buy anything,” Byrd said. “We want our members to save money where it really counts – on their prescriptions.”

For more than six years, ePharmacies.com has been helping customers worldwide to save money on top quality brand name and generic prescription drugs. As an independent investigation site, it is dedicated to exposing all Online pharmacy scams and helping customers to find the Best online pharmacy to fit their needs.

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Pharmacy Shoppers Find Lower Prices, Trusted Dealers at ePharmacies.com

Shoppers at Online pharmacies have a friend in ePharmacies.com. The six-year-old online service is dedicated to helping customers locate quality, legitimate medications at discount prices, while adhering to strict FDA regulations.

The company recently announced that after researching their online competition, they can safely proclaim that the site offers the best service and prices for both brand name and prescription drugs on the internet.

“When it comes to buying prescriptions on line, two elements are key: pricing and legitimacy,” Cary Byrd, ePharmacies.com president, said. “Our competition routinely uses outdated pharmacy sources and drug prices. However, at ePharmacies.com we update our drug prices daily, by way of XML feeds f r o m each of our member pharmacies.”

Byrd added that vendors are only added as providers on the ePharmacies.com site after a strict prescreening. This includes achieving appropriate third-party approvals.

“We’ve come across a lot of scam artists that claim to be legitimate Canadian pharmacies, only to find out that they’re unscrupulous third-world shops with lower-quality medicines,” Byrd said. “All of the online Pharmacies we represent are respected, trusted businesses in Canada, the U.S. or Australia. We make it easy to find a Discount pharmacy online by only working with the best.”

Byrd added that in order to be accepted in the ePharmacies.com network, online pharmacies must be licensed by the proper governing authorities in their respective countries. In Canada, these organizations include the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA), National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), PharmacyChecker.com, and the Better Business Bureau.

Byrd also warned would-be online shoppers to check the legitimacy of the security badges located on many disreputable websites.

“Many phony pharmacies can look very real simply by slapping a fake government seal, or a bogus security badge, on the home page,” Byrd said. “We urge our customers to do their homework before making such an important purchase online. Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of the work for them, but we welcome additional research f r o m our customers. We follow up on any concerns immediately.”

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