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When Depression Treatment Is Administered In The Right Way Healing Becomes Easier

Depression is a jointly physical and psychological disease. Depression recovery, in turn, must entail both physical and psychological healing. As obvious as that sounds, the unfortunate truth is that many of the most high-priced depression treatment facilities in Los Angeles target one dimension of the disease while ignoring the other. In the end, such a strategy is and can only be a recipe for failure.

The good news is that Malibu’s most successful depression treatment center does things differently. The center was founded on the principle that depression recovery must be a holistic process, one that helps clients get better in body as well as in mind. That’s why the center’s exclusive treatment programs are explicitly designed to promote broad-based healing. It’s also why so many of the center’s clients really do get better for good.

Depression is an awful disease. Depression treatment can fix the problem, but only if it’s administered in exactly the right way, by people who know exactly what they’re doing. The clinical experts at Malibu’s best treatment facility will help you rediscover yourself as you used to be, before depression turned you into the person you are today. Under the circumstances, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could ever ask for anything more than that.

Depression treatment must always begin with an evaluation of a patient’s personal needs and case history. That sounds obvious, of course-but the fact is that too many “exclusive” depression treatment facilities administer generic and impersonal treatment programs. In the end, that is and can only be a recipe for failure.

There is no “universal” depression victim. By the same token, there can be no “universal” path to depression recovery. Healing, when it comes, will have to occur on your own terms, in a way that’s meaningful to you and no one else. A treatment program that can’t deliver that to you won’t ever help you get where you need to go.

The good news in all this is that at least one Malibu treatment facility understands the importance of personal attention in the healing process. That’s why the facility is recognized all around the world for its sterling success rate. More importantly, that’s why the facility is the place you’ve been looking for. Successful depression treatment will change your life. Don’t wait any longer to finally find that out for yourself.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Strives Hard To Bring Out The Patients From Addiction, Psychological And Societal Problems

A recent survey has got a shocking revelation which states that about 70% of people with drug and alcohol addictions are suffering with dual diagnosis. There cannot be any answer to the question on which problem occurred first, like, is it chicken or the egg? Professional treatment will find a suitable answer to multiple addictions and address them seriously. Usually patients are encountered with 2 different problems and each has to be identified separately. Treatments have to be for both the disorders but not just one. Dual diagnosis treatment at Sunset Malibu delivers what is promised to the patients and has become a beacon of hope for many.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The psychiatric symptoms and the mental health should be monitored well. Withdrawal of the detoxification may even worse the conditions for the patients. They have to be handled with care and the apt treatment methods should be adopted for the welfare of the patients. The staffs at Sunset Malibu understand the requirements of the patients and do the need by performing detailed assessments on all their problems. Dual diagnosis treatment centers employ a correct combination of therapies which will be employed in the treatment methods. The center at Sunset Malibu has a luxurious feel and ensures complete privacy for the patients. It has Spa treatments, Workout Facilities, Ocean Views and much more to pour in the inner joy for them.

A good treatment center will make its patients very comfortable by completely eliminating their stress. This process helps the patients to be an active member during the rehabilitation. Co-operation from the patient’s side is very important. These centers must adopt programs which will assess the clinical and psychological conditions of the patients and support them with the right kind of treatment program. Dual diagnosis treatment center at Sunset Malibu offers individual attention which will give personal satisfaction for the patients which will give them a special boost in the recovery process.

Rehab programs play a vital role for the individual success. A good rehab program may change the life of an addict for ever. It is only through these programs, one can defend himself from drug addiction. It gives much importance on individual counseling with experts. The vast amount of experience could help the counselors in rightly identifying the problems and the solutions. Dual diagnosis rehab at Sunset Malibu is one of the world class programs for any kind of patient. Their beautiful location ensures privacy and freedom for the patients. They can have absolutely no chances for distractions.

Sunset Malibu is a renowned drug rehab center situated on an exquisite land marvel overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They have a team of well qualified and experienced professionals in the field of addiction disorder treatments. Drug addiction is treated at all levels with the primary objective of healing the patient and to make them return to their active life.

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Clinical Depression Can Cause Serious Effects Which Need To Be Cured Immediately

Most people are not even aware of being affected by such a disorder and they claim to be perfect. It is really a pathetic condition and should be overcome by effective treatment methods. Steps taken to come out of such depression at the earlier stages can give concrete results. Proven depression programs must assist the treatment methods for better results. Manic depression treatment needs knowledgeable staff who can boast of their success rates. The treatment programs are thoroughly based upon the individual needs and are targeted upon the underlying causes of depression.

Patients must be encouraged to play an active role in the recovery process. Sufferers and their family members should have the hope for a complete and ever lasting recovery. Anxiety disorders can cause serious concerns and the treatment programs must include both physical and psychological cure. Treatment for depression and anxiety has to be unique. The level of anxiety disorder will vary from every individual. Centers offer counseling programs and after-cure programs for all their patients. An alumni meeting is conducted at Sunset Malibu every week so that the existing patients can really come to know about the successful tips on how to recover soon.

A good treatment center will assign a primary therapist who can work with the patients round the clock in the initial stages. A good company is very much essential to solve all these problems and if that company can be an expert in this field, rip-roaring success can be obtained for the treatment. Severe depression treatment will be decided by the medical professional and adjust the approaches accordingly. People cannot come out of this severe problem all alone. The first step is to enroll them in a good rehab program. One must convince himself to join such a program. The landing place of the patients must be a place where professionals dwell and work round the clock for the benefit of the patients. Sunset Malibu is one place where patients can be safe and secured.

Treatment for severe depression is heavily dependent upon the surrounding and the atmosphere. A good treatment center like the one at Sunset Malibu should offer features like

* Private beach access, Lush gardens, Spa treatments
* Gym, fitness center and personal trainer
* Recreational and relaxation activities including yoga, swimming and hiking
* Dining room featuring ocean views and healthy, gourmet meals

Sunset Malibu offers world class service to its patient with the state of art facilities. The luxurious bedrooms with the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean brings them cheer and happiness in their life. The lost confidence is greatly revived with the help of trained professionals. The persons who suffer with depression can surely walk in their campus to go back with all their happiness back in life. It has become their habit to deliver their promise and to make their customers happy.

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People Are Reluctant To Undergo Medical Treatment In Case Of Mental Illness

The power of mind is really incredible. It often needs some rest. A fast paced life will often lead to depression and if it is not treated on time, situation can be made worse. Treatments for depression should address all the symptoms which include suicidal tendencies, drop in self confidence, dull presence and often a sad display of face. The patient must co-operate in his best ways to overcome this problem. The center must have the state of art facilities to treat the patients. Cliffside Malibu is one of the best centers for such kinds of treatments and offers care, affection and love to the patients.

Medical Treatment In Case Of Mental Illness

The treatment programs must scrutinize the cause of depression to the maximum extent which holds the key in reviving the patients out of this pathetic condition. It happens mainly due to the chemical imbalance in the brain. Depression treatments are often hectic and may cause mild side effects. Happiness found inside the home is the best treatment, which any patient could get. Family members should show utmost love for their beloved ones and similar kind of care has to be shown by outsiders also. The trained professionals at Cliffside Malibu shows greater care on par with the patient’s family members and will create a world of difference and happiness to them. The officials give individual care and best treatment programs to gain back the happiest moments of their life.

Patients who suffer with depression have got all the rights to bring back the moments of joy and they cannot be denied their rights. Those suffering with dual diagnosis problem will face the pain of chemical dependency and also addiction. It is very disheartening to see the loved ones affected with depression, Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and much more. Dual diagnosis treatment should be intelligent enough to identify the reasons for both illness and ensures that the causes are not masked making the treatment very difficult. Cliffside Malibu has an exceptional team of doctors who are capable of addressing any serious concerns and strive hard to cure the patient.

The first step in curing is to get admitted in Cliffside Malibu’s center. Good dual diagnosis treatment center identifies the symptoms and engages the patients in various process of different diagnosis. An effective treatment will take some time as the patient has to undergo the Detox successfully. Experts at Cliffside Malibu has a clinical team involving themselves in an intensive assessment process which will help the patients to be relieved from any external stress.

Cliffside Malibu offers wide range of recovery process and enables them to fight against the odds. The center has got a rip-roaring success in treating the patients and has got high success rate. Every patient is treated equally and all are welcomed back by the alumni association to share the success story. The assurance of a depression free life is guaranteed by the center.

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When Depression Gets the Best of You Private Treatment Is Needed

Sunset Malibu, an exclusive treatment center on the California coast, has long been a transformational force in the field of rehabilitation and recovery. Now, Sunset is announcing its redoubled efforts in the fight against clinical depression.

Depression is a disease, not a choice. Depression victims don’t decide to be sick. By the same token, they can’t simply decide to get better. On the contrary, meaningful depression recovery can only occur under the supervision of qualified depression treatment specialists. In the end, there’s no other way for healing to happen, whether it’s Bipolar disorder or severe depression.

That emphasis on professional help is at the heart of Sunset Malibu’s treatment philosophy.

With its world-class caregivers and elegant accommodations, Sunset Malibu is an unparalleled recovery destination. The center has always catered to upscale residents from every corner of the globe. Now Sunset is renewing its commitment to its core values, with the goal of delivering physiological and psychological therapy to depression victims. At Sunset Malibu, the client’s needs always come first.

“Depression is an awful disease,” said Sunset Malibu owner Richard Taite. “But effective depression treatment really can solve the problem. Our mission at Sunset Malibu is to change the lives of the clients who trust us with their health.”

That passion is precisely what sets Sunset apart from its competitors.

Many addiction treatment facilities offer depression treatment programs. However, very few of them devote adequate resources to their depression recovery efforts. Indeed, many people feel that most of the highest-priced rehab centers in California provide their depression treatment clients with woefully insufficient care. As a result, these clients rarely achieve lasting wellness.

Taite asserts that such an inferior standard of service is absolutely unacceptable.

“Our clients look to us as their last best hope for healing,” Taite said. “We at Sunset Malibu, we take that responsibility with all due seriousness. We do everything in our power to ensure positive treatment outcomes for each and every one of our residents. Anything less would be a breach of our professional and personal obligations.”

Depression victims don’t need to be told about the perils of the disease. The good news is that Sunset Malibu has a long record of healing minds and changing lives. For Sunset’s clients and their families, it’s hard to imagine that any selling point could ever possibly be more persuasive than that one.

As with all co-occurring disorders, Sunset Malibu treats Major Depression disorders as a co-occurring disorder with drug and or alcohol abuse. Sunset Malibu is a luxury Depression and Anxiety treatment center located in Malibu, California. For further details about Sunset’s treatment strategies, accommodations, or other general facts, please call 1-800-332-9202 or visit our Web site at http://www.drugrehabsunsetmalibu.com/.

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Expert Reveals Simple Secrets To Lifelong Weight Loss

You can finally lose weight and keep it off forever… just by thinking like a fit person. That’s the promise of a new book, Die Fat or Get Tough: The 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People by Steve Siebold. It’s a new approach to helping two thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese.

“It’s about learning and using mental toughness to stick to a diet and exercise program,” says Siebold, an internationally recognized mental toughness expert who lives in North Georgia and South Florida. “It’s so simple that anyone can use mental toughness. This will be the last book you’ll ever need to read on weight loss.”

The author was recently a “fat tub of lard with a large pot belly.” The information in the book helped him lose 40 pounds in 12 weeks, and he hasn’t had a problem since.

Here is a question and answer session with Steve Siebold:

What is the book about?

“It’s not about the fact that diets don’t work or getting fat wasn’t your fault. Of course, it was your fault. Someone wasn’t stuffing pizzas and doughnuts down your throat. You did. It’s not all about diet or weight loss or exercise.

“It’s about learning and using mental toughness to stick to a diet or exercise program. It’s about thinking – consciousness. Mental toughness is about taking mental and emotion control of your life, and it begins with self-discovery. But mental toughness can get you thin and healthy.”

What do you mean by the title, Die Fat or Get Tough?

“Overweight people have only two options in life. Die fat or get tough! Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, says the federal government, and the number is increasing rapidly. This is a giant health problem.”

So is mental toughness the secret to losing weight?

“Yes. Dieting is not easy, but it is simple. Just pick a world-class diet and exercise program and develop the mental toughness to stick to it. It’s the only effective way to shed unwanted pounds. You can develop mental toughness by understanding the 101 differences in thinking between fat and fit people explained in the book.”

What’s so different about this book?

“There’s a million diet books out there. But this book is a new approach to losing weight and getting fit that is so simple that anyone can use it. And it will be the last book you ever need to read on weight loss. You’ll think about being fat like you never have before. That’s why I believe my book is so unique and effective.

“It’s really hard-hitting. It will eliminate every excuse you’ve ever made for being fat. It will force you to see yourself as others see you. You will learn that getting fat is really your fault – completely your fault. And it will help you emerge victorious over your weight problem. You will begin to believe you can do anything – that you can live a long, healthy life, filled with boundless energy and super self confidence.”

Who is the book written for?

“If you are 10 or more pounds overweight and ready to get fit, this book can be the answer. It’s for anyone who really wants to lose weight, wants to get tough, do it and solve it for once so it never comes back. I’m not talking about some fad diet where you lose some weight and gain it back. I’m talking about wiping out all excuses and solving your weight problem once and for all.

“The people who really work hard at controlling their weight have a mindset – it’s mental toughness. And you can adapt this mindset and understand how fat people think versus how fit people think. If you catch yourself thinking like a fat person, you’ll know how to change it to a fit person’s thinking.

Why did you write this book?

“I wrote it to shock people out of the psychological delusion that keeps them fat, sick, and unhappy…and into reality about what it takes to get fit forever. People are suffering needlessly, getting sick and dying too young because they’re fat. This book has the power to change that, if the reader is tough enough to grow up and accept objective reality.”

How did you gather the information in the book?

“I did five years of research and interviewed hundreds of fat and fit people across the United States and dissected their core beliefs and philosophies around diet and exercise. What I found were fit people have completely different beliefs and philosophies in this area, and these beliefs and philosophies drove their eating and exercise habits. The differences in thinking are so extreme I decided to write a book about it.”

I understand that the book has been called “disturbing.”

“One of my colleagues called my book a disturbing masterpiece. This book will shock you. It will grab you by the throat and not let you go. I’ve had people tell me they get mad at the book, toss it aside for a while and then pick it back up. I’m known for being direct, but this book is borderline offensive. People all over the world say they are shocked with the approach or offended but couldn’t disagree with anything I wrote.”

What is your background?

“I am an internationally recognized expert in mental toughness, and I once was a fat slob! I train sales management teams of Fortune 500 companies, address some 60 live audiences a year and rank among the top 1% of income earners among professional speakers worldwide. I have written two books on mental toughness. The late Bill Gove, the father of public speaking, and I formed the Gove-Siebold Group, based in Boynton Beach, Florida. I co-starred in the movie “Beyond the Secret”, which is to be released June 23, 2009.

“I live in South Florida and in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area with my wife Dawn, a dog and two sugar gliders.”

How can someone get this book and your other books?

You now can get five chapters of the eBook for free at www.diefatbook.com. The print soft cover edition of Die Fat or Get Tough is scheduled for release in mid-July 2009. You can order copies in advance at www.diefatbook.com, starting about mid-June.

More at http://www.mentaltoughnessblog.com and www.diefatbook.com

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Addiva Network Sponsors First Virtual Retreat June 5 – 7, 2009 For Midlife ADHD Women Worldwide

The first virtual retreat for adult AD/HD women will be held via teleconference June 5-7, 2009. The online retreat is sponsored by the ADDiva (pronounced ay-dee-dee’-va) Network, which supports women 40-and-better who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and women who simply have “ADD-ish tendencies.”

The retreat encourages women from across the globe to share their experiences and learn more about midlife ADHD. Linda Roggli, PCC, will facilitate the three-day event, which kicks off on Friday night, continues through Saturday with closing sessions on Sunday afternoon.

With a surge in the number of women approaching age 50, there has been a parallel increase in diagnoses of midlife ADHD women, according to Ms. Roggli, a certified professional coach for ADHD women. “Wildly fluctuating hormones often unveil latent ADHD. Women diagnosed at age 40, 50 or even 60, realize they have been compensating for their ADHD without knowing the reason. Suddenly, it all makes sense; ADHD has played an enormous role in shaping the lives of these women.”

Ms. Roggli founded the ADDiva Network as a response to the need for midlife women to connect with each other. She has facilitated ADDiva retreats since 2006 at her retreat center in North Carolina. The response has been overwhelmingly favorable. Retreats differ from conferences or workshops.

“Conferences usually provide training or information. Retreats go a little deeper. ADDiva women’s retreats have educational components, but the emphasis is on self awareness, acknowledgment and positive support.” Ms. Roggli said the issues for midlife women who are adjusting to their ADHD are unique. ”There is a period of denial, grief, acceptance and finally a strong urge to make changes. There is a deep sense of urgency; time is running out, they want to live their long abandoned dreams before it’s too late.”

Ms. Roggli created the first Virtual ADDiva Retreat to make the work more accessible to women unable to visit GardenSpirit. “Now women from around the world can be part of an ADDiva retreat,” said Ms. Roggli. “The Virtual ADDiva Retreat retains the flavor of my on-site ADDiva retreats, but has the added benefit of no travel, food or lodging costs. That’s important in today’s economic climate.”

Ms. Roggli is an ADDiva in her own right, diagnosed at age 45. She founded the ADDiva Network in 2006 to support women with ADHD. Today, the ADDiva Network connects hundreds of women with ADHD across the globe via the whimsical ADDiva website (http://www.addiva.net), the ADDiva Forum, monthly ADDiva Connection calls and a variety of classes and workshops.

“There is a vast reservoir of talent among ADHD midlife women that is being underutilized. With the right support, we can unlock that potential and allow ADD women to share their gifts with the world,” she said. “That’s what the 2009 Virtual ADDiva Retreat is all about.”

For more information about the ADDiva Virtual Retreat, women may contact Ms. Roggli at linda@addiva.net or visit the retreat website at: http://www.adhdvirtualretreat.com.

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An International Panel Of Physicians Reports About A Special Way Of Healing On The Spiritual Path

An extraordinary series of lectures will be held in Fairfax, VA (near Washington, DC) and Los Angeles, CA in May, 2009. Seven Medical specialists from four countries will report about a free special way of healing for everyone. Medical doctors, veterinarians and psychologists from Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa have formed the Medical Scientific Group of Specialists (MWF). The task of this group, which belongs to the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, is to record and verify healings the spiritual way. A compilation of more than 200 concise healing reports can be found on our web site: www.bruno-groening.org/english/ under the link Healings.

The international panel of physicians includes:

G. Blaettner, M.D., Germany,Board Cert. ENT
M. Galante, M.D., USA
L. Colizoli, M.D., USA, Board Cert. Psych.
K. Winchester, M.D.,USA Board Cert., Opthal.
Prof. G. Beketova, M.D., Ph.D., Ukraine, Board Cert. Pediatrics, Prof.Univ. of Kiev
R. Friewald, M.D., D.V.M., Germany
F. Gringinger, M.D., D.O., Austria, Board Cert. Family Prac.
R. Leo, USA

They will speak about their experiences on the following dates.

Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 3 – 7 pm 
(incl. 30 min. break):

George Mason University, 
Fairfax Campus
Lecture Hall, Room 1
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030
Contact: Mrs. Heidi Gewehr at 571-313-0267 or h.gewehr@web.de
*Sunday, May 3, 2009 ~ 3 -7 pm 
(incl. 30 min. break)*:

Anderson School of Management, UCLA 
(park in structure 4)
Korn Convocation Hall – C Building 
110 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Contact: Chris Runge at 323.394.4691 or chrismwf.info@yahoo.com

During these lectures, physicians will talk about persons who have experienced healing and freedom from long lasting, severe and chronic diseases in a miraculous way. Medical documents will be presented; the experts will explain the intricacies of a superior healing power that has been widely forgotten in modern medicine. The teachings of Bruno Groening (1906-1959), who became world famous due to extraordinary healings in the fifties, are taken as a basis for the lectures. Bruno Groening said time and again: “There is no incurable – God is the greatest physician”. He spoke about a higher power that he called the healing stream, life power or divine energy. This power is abundantly available for everyone. The knowledge about how to make use of this power is passed on free of charge in the worldwide non-profit, volunteer based organization of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.

The work of the MWF is supported by some well-known people in the United States, e.g. Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Carl Simonton. Link to information online: http://www.bruno-groening.org/english/lectures2009.htm.

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Stan Popovich Discusses How Fear And Anxiety Can Devastate A Person’s Life

What can a person do when their fears and anxiety have the best of them? It can be tough to deal with fear, anxiety and depression on an every day basis. Many people who deal with these issues feel helpless and do not know how to manage their fears.

Stanley Popovich, author of ‘A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear’ understands that fear and anxiety is very common in today’s world. Fear and anxiety can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Persistent fear and anxiety ruins lives and can devastate families. Fear and anxiety can also lead to additional health problems that can have long-term effects on one’s life.

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that approximately 1 in every 5 adults suffer with the anguish of a fear-related disorder. Here are some quick facts:

· 18.8 million American adults will suffer from depression this year 
· 2.3 million American adults will struggle with Bipolar disorder this year 
· 9.1 million American adults have an anxiety disorder 
· 2.4 million American adults will experience a panic disorder this year 
· 3.3 million American adults will be treated for OCD this year 
· 5.2 million American adults will experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder this year

Fear exacts untold costs upon American society. Even more sobering is that many people do not know where to turn for help. Mr. Popovich knows what it is like to deal with fear and anxiety. Mr. Popovich wrote a book that focuses on those strategies that will manage fear, anxiety, and depression. A person who reads Mr. Popovich’ can get many ideas on how to deal with fear, anxiety, OCD, depression and other mental health issues

The book is easy to read and provides instant help. Half the book focuses on cognitive and behavior therapy and the other half of the book is Christian based. The book is geared for both the religious and non-religious person who struggles with fear, anxiety, OCD, depression, panic disorder, suicide, and bipolar disorder. Stan’s book is not a substitute for the guidance of a professional.” Remember that when dealing with fear and anxiety, the key is to be smart in how you manage it.

Copies of ‘A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear’ can be obtained at http://www.managingfear.com. Stanley Popovich is available for interviews and can be reached by email at spopovich@managingfear.com.

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There Are Pearls In The Pain of Every Experience

Former Child Bride/Teenage Wife/Mother Realizes the American Dream: You Can Make It if You Try. Dr. Trevicia Williams’ stirring bounce back book, There Are Pearls In The Pain of Every Experience: Spiritual Truths about Life’s Experiences (ISBN: 0-9743519-0-3), cuts to the chase about her life as an African American teenager in an arranged marriage to a man of European descent in the United States. It’s about currents of faith, hard decisions and perseverance and ways to bounce back from near life shattering experiences.

Trends in the United States show Mississippi as the state with the highest rate of teenage pregnancies. However, Houston (Texas), the fourth most populous city in the U.S. is probably the last place one would expect to find a 13 year old African American girl facing discussions about an arranged marriage, and, at 14 years of age in an arranged marriage to a man of German descent 12 years her senior. That’s exactly where Dr. Trevicia Williams’ arranged marriage happened, and, at the age of 15 she became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter just before her sixteenth birthday.

How she survived an incredible start is in There Are Pearls In the Pain of Every Experience: Spiritual Truths about Life’s Experiences. It’s about being caught between childhood and forced adulthood, and having to make some very difficult choices: Taking high roads out of some very low places. Dr. Williams takes readers on a subtle journey between having to create a support system, being a child herself while being a responsible parent to her child. It’s about faith and adversity and Dr. Williams’ use of inner strengths. “I’m amazed when I hear the life stories of young women auditioning for shows like True Beauty and American Idol. Success requires an awareness of inner strengths and greatness, and, it is during the moment of decision that the course of life is determined, or, at the very least, the next experience” says Dr. Trevicia Williams.

About the Author
Dr. Trevicia Williams is a psychologist, trainer and speaker with over a decade of academic studies in human behavior. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston-Downtown, Master’s degree from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and Doctorate degree from Walden University. Dr. Williams’ passion for helping women optimize their potentials takes her into community based organizations speaking to girls and women about overcoming adversities. It also inspires her to travel across the U.S. with motivational, inspirational and educational conferences. Dr. Williams is a woman of titanium faith: Although Lakewood Church of Houston, Texas, Pastor Joel Osteen, is the church that she still calls her “home church,” she also enjoys worship at Northland Church, where Dr. Joel Hunter is the Senior Pastor, community in Orlando/Longwood, Florida.

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