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Cambridge Micelle Technology in Carocelle® Lycopene and Resveratrol anti-ageing and cardio-protective formula

Cambridge, England, 2017-Feb-14 — /EPR HEALTHCARE NEWS/ — Resveratrol and lycopene are the compounds known for anti-ageing and cardio-protective properties. Mediterranean diet based, among others, on consumption of big quantities of lycopene-rich vegetables coincides with a longer lifespan, lower incidence of CVDs and reduced occurrence of some forms of cancer among the population of Mediterranean region. High resveratrol consumption is considered a factor in “French Paradox”, where epidemiological data show low incidence of CVDs, despite high consumption of saturated fats. Consumers have enormous choice of food supplements including lycopene and resveratrol, but key information is often missing: what happens to the substance once consumed and how much of it is really absorbed?

Resveratrol – the powerful anti-ageing, antioxidant polyphenol

Resveratrol is a phytochemical from polyphenols family, compounds known for their antioxidant properties. It is produced by plants in response to different stresses from their surrounding environment and found mainly in the peel and seeds of red grapes, also in peanuts and berries. High resveratrol consumption is considered a factor in “French Paradox”, where epidemiological data show apparent disconnect between the incidence of cardiovascular diseases in French population and high consumption of saturated fats. It is thought to be related to high consumption of red wine that contains resveratrol. There is significant scientific research on the beneficial effects of resveratrol relating to anti-ageing and longevity – activation of sirtuin enzymes, support of mitochondrial metabolism, protection of telomeres, antioxidant properties. It also supports cardiovascular health and influences glucose metabolism management.

Lycopene – great contributor to healthy skin

Lycopene belongs to family of plant-derived substances – carotenoids. Due to their strong antioxidative properties carotenoids help protect plants from oxidative damage caused by various stressing factors. Scientific interest in lycopene originates from the phenomenon of the Mediterranean diet and its’ cardio-protective and longevity promoting properties. The Mediterranean diet is based, among others, on high consumption of tomatoes and other vegetables that contain high levels of lycopene and other carotenoids. The population of the Mediterranean region has a longer lifespan, lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases and lower occurrence of some forms of cancer. Because of its’ antioxidative properties lycopene helps fight against free radicals in the skin, reduces its’ sensitivity to UV radiation, reduces mitochondrial DNA damage, lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Carocelle® presents best in class lycopene and resveratrol anti-ageing supplement

The main challenge of resveratrol supplementation remains its’ bioavailability. As quickly as it is absorbed from intestinal tract to bloodstream most of it is transformed into inactive compounds. New Carocelle® Lycopene & Resveratrol formulation delivers superior bioavailability, proven in clinical trials. Carocelle® technology makes resveratrol over +500% more bioavailable than other products on the market and provides its’ outstanding concentration that would normally be difficult to obtain from other available sources.

Pharmacokinetic tests for Carocelle® Lycopene have also confirmed 2x higher concentration of lycopene in the bloodstream (bioavailability) in comparison to reference brand available on the market, with the same dosage of the compound.

Carocelle® Technology behind compounds’ superior bioavailability

Vesicle-micellisation helps carotenoids become more resistant to degradation in the highly acidic stomach environment. This ensures that more active lycopene and resveratrol can pass to the intestines and be absorbed. The vesicle-micelle format is easily transformed in the intestines by bile acids to the mixed micelles. This guarantees optimal absorption of fat-soluble ingredients, like lycopene and resveratrol. The result is increased delivery of active lycopene and resveratrol to the intestine for maximum absorption, improved bioavailability and remarkable bioactivity. Chaperone compounds in Carocelle® Lycopene & Resveratrol vesicle-micelles additionally contribute to increased bioavailability of both lycopene and resveratrol.

There are currently 3 SKUs within Carocelle® range:

Carocelle® Lycopene & Resveratrol
Carocelle® Lutein & Zeaxanthin
Carocelle® Lycopene

For more information please visit www.carocelle-technology.com or contact us at contact@carocelle-technology.com

Carocelle Cambridge Micelle Technology™ was founded in 2015 in collaboration with UK biotech firm Lycotec, headed by Dr. Ivan Petyaev. The company invents proprietary formulations and products that are scientifically tested and proven in laboratories in Cambridge, UK. Carocelle Cambridge Micelle Technology™ has its headquarters in Cambridge and operates a network of partnerships with research and commercial partners around the world.

Dr. Petyaev is a medical doctor, researcher and author of scientific publications and inventions with applications in diagnostics, analytics, prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases. He spent his research years at MRS and Cambridge University in the Department of Pathology. To take his discoveries into innovative healthcare products he left University and set up his own company, Lycotec Limited. Dr Petyaev has wide experience of driving his innovations through the product development phase, clinical validation and in the setting up of industrial production of the successful prototypes. His projects have been supported by Cambridge University, the MRC, Papworth and Addenbrooke’s Hospitals, the British Heart Foundation, the Department for Trade and Industry and the Eurostars Eurica Project.

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Resveratrol Sales Continue To Grow Despite Controversy

Whether you liked it or not 2009 was the year you probably found out about resveratrol. General awareness of resveratrol as a health supplement has been growing steadily over the last few years. When news magazine 60 Minutes profiled the anti-aging compound found in red wine in a January 2009 segment though, resveratrol suddenly shot to prominence. Sales of the supplements then took off, rivaling even acai berry in volume.

But then Oprah and Dr Oz filed suit (US District Court of New York Case # 09CV7297 Judge Batts) against 50 acai and resveratrol supplement marketers citing unlawful use of their name, and the resveratrol craze came to a screeching halt … at least, for a couple of months.

The Oprah/Dr Oz lawsuit remains in the news, but consumers appear undeterred and are picking right back up where they left off. So much so, the Nutrition Business Journal projects resveratrol sales in 2010 will be five times those of 2009.

“The thing that makes resveratrol different”, says Andrew Ekman of ResveratrolHabit.com, “is there is so much scientific research showing the positive effects resveratrol has on the body.” Indeed, a search for ‘resveratrol’ on PubMed, the government directory for scientific publications shows 564 listings for the year 2009. As these numbers indicate there is a lot of excitement in the scientific community about resveratrol.

Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, the company profiled in the 60 Minutes story continues to see positive results from the human trials it is running. Other researchers like Will Steward of the Leicester Royal Infirmary, who oversees research there, including human trials involving resveratrol for its ability to reduce the risk of cancer, are also getting positive results.

Steward has great hopes for resveratrol. In an interview with James Silver of Wired Magazine, he said of the human trials of resveratrol he recently conducted, “Resveratrol, up to five grammes daily, was well tolerated and safe, and blood markers of biological effect looked promising, showing that [resveratrol] could have effects on cells which would be valuable in preventing cancer.”

Though when asked about resveratrol supplements his comments struck a much more conservative tone, allowing only that, “there is no strong scientific evidence of anything that you can claim right now in terms of any potential beneficial clinical effect of resveratrol in humans.”

ResveratrolHabit.com is a site dedicated to keeping the public up to speed on the pros and cons of resveratrol supplements and news related to resveratrol. To claim your copy of the highly informative Resveratrol Report, go to http://resveratrolhabit.com/resveratrolreport/index.html for immediate access.

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Biotivia Has Announced 15% Off Its Natural Supplement Range For US Armed Forces Personnel Serving In Afghanistan, Iraq And Korea

Biotivia has announced that it will be offering all US military personnel in Afghanistan, Iraq and Korea a 15% discount off their Resveratrol supplement range during 2010.

Biotivia Has Announced 15% Off Its Natural Supplement Range For US Armed Forces Personnel Serving In Afghanistan, Iraq And Korea

James Betz, founder and CEO of Biotivia, made this announcement to show his appreciation for the armed forces personnel who are serving abroad.

“I have served in the US Army myself and I understand the demands placed upon our armed forces. Not just to be in combat, but also to be away from friends and family in a hostile environment. All of this can have a negative effect on a person’s health, so if any of the Resveratrol enhanced natural herbal products we make can benefit serving personnel, I’m very happy to support them.”

As a former Captain in the 1st Special Forces Group, Betz knows first hand what these servicemen and women have to go through. He says, “Physical and mental well-being is high on each individual’s priorities, and Biotivia’s unique range of Resveratrol-based supplements were designed to help people from all walks of life perform at a high level.”

Betz continues: “Soldiers are strong proponents of fitness and advanced nutrition. Resveratrol and our co-ingedients helps men and women to increase physical and mental energy, improve strength and endurance, and fight aging. These are important qualities for the modern soldier.

To qualify for the discount, orders need to be dispatched to an official Armed Forces AFO or APO address. Simply insert the code ‘AFPO’ into the discount panel shown on the shopping cart at http://www.biotivia.com

A copy of the coupon is on Biotivia’s Facebook page:


A copy of the coupon is on Biotivia’s website:


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