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Medis: The new 4D Flow Module reduces the complexity of HeartMRI scans substantially

LEIDEN, Netherlands, 4-Nov-2019 — /EPR HEALTHCARE NEWS/ — Innovative cardiovascular imaging technology solutions developer Medis today announced a new module for the company’s Medis Suite MR. The new 4D Flow module is intuitive and easy to use, and provides essential, practical tools to enable 4D flow to be incorporated into clinical routine and to allow the measurement of flow volumes from a single 4D flow scan instead of multiple 2D flow scans – reducing complexity and easing the process.

“With 2D flow scans, reconstructions must be planned while the patient is on the table,” said Hans Brons, CEO. “For complex scan protocols, this can be tedious and challenging – and the post-processing can be both time-consuming and complex. With the help of this new module for Medis Suite MR, it is now possible to acquire flow in 4D from a single scan and to create flow plane reconstructions retrospectively, allowing the complexity of HeartMRI scans to be reduced substantially – and also reducing the time it takes. This is especially relevant for paediatric HeartMRI units as well as units scanning patients with grown up congenital heart disease.”

Among its numerous differentiators, the new module is advantaged by its ease of use with an intuitive GUI, as well as single click noise removal and single click background offset correction.

As well as reducing the time taken, the new 4D Flow module supports the experienced MR technician in being more effective, more productive and able to deliver better diagnostic information. In addition to reducing the time taken, the new module is straightforward to learn and use for measuring flows in a variety of vessels, allowing the efficient incorporation of 4D Flow post processing in daily clinical practice.

The new 4D Flow module for Medis Suite MR is part of a wide-ranging suite of enhancements for the platform, including the 3D View module – further reducing the time needed for post-processing. In the 3D View module, a double caliper has been added for simple measurements. In addition, loading speed has been increased and it is now also possible to create straightened CPRs (curved planar reformats). Finally, Medis Suite AutoQ pre-processing can now be enabled to run autonomously, initiating Deep Learning contour detection and other advanced algorithms automatically.

Based on over 15 years of experience with cardiac MR, and over 30 years of cardiovascular medical image analysis in general, Medis Suite MR is a vendor-independent post-processing solution for HeartMRI cases. The workflow in Medis Suite MR includes a practical HeartMRI viewer, advanced clinical applications and convenient reporting all in one, making it highly efficient to work with. Seamlessly embedded in the workflow are advanced clinical applications considered best-in-class by many, such as the renowned QMass® and QFlow® applications. In addition, highly innovative and cutting edge research apps such as QStrain RE and QMap RE are also integrated.

Able to run on any workstation, Medis Suite MR is simple to integrate within the hospital IT environment. Connecting it to the DICOM network is straightforward.

4DFlow is cleared for market in the US Market. Clearance approvals for Australia, Brazil, Canada and Europe are pending.

Further information on Medis and its products is available at https://www.medis.nl/

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Recorders.Com Begins Sales And Shipping Of Recently Launched Dragon Medical 10, The Fastest And Most Reliable Real-Time Medical Speech Recognition Software In The World

Along the lines of its tradition of superior services to customers all over the world, Recorders.com begins sales and shipping of recently launched Dragon Medical 10 from its seven strategically located warehouses.

Dragon Medical 10 is claimed to be the best selling, the fastest and most reliable real-time medical speech recognition software in the world. With an enhanced accuracy of over 20%, the software is claimed to recognize dictation two times faster than its previous versions.

Dragon Medical 10 comes standard with additional and recognized medical vocabulary, improved electronic medical record (EMR) systems, upgraded regional accent support, and customizable command facilities such as Voice Shortcuts. It is the most widely used speech recognition solution being used today by 80,000 clinicians in the United States alone.

Dragon Medical 10 offers faster solutions for doctors and physicians to create medical records and emails. The new software is claimed to boost productivity with improved Web search, ability to control PC and EMR by voice. As a result, doctors and professionals can reduce transcription costs and enhance productivity and patient care.

A spokesperson for Recorders.com says, “We are thrilled to now offer the latest version of the Dragon Medical speech recognition software. Just when we thought Version 9 of Dragon Medical was going to be hard to top — Version 10 delivers on its promise of improved speed and performance and even greater speech accuracy, which allows users to increase the speed of their reports by 3 times faster than typing alone, but with up to a 99% accuracy rate. This is a must have software for doctors and physicians who value their time and the accuracy of their reports.”

Dragon Medical 10 offers support in over 75 medical disciplines with medical speech recognition vocabularies. It makes software as high as 38% more accurate than any other medical speech recognition software being used in medical practices.

Dragon Medical 10 has a host of additional features and benefits, which should also be noted. The speech software has accent recognition capabilities as it adapts to a variety of accents: U.S., Asian, Indian, etc. Dragon Medical 10 also complies to HIPAA regulations that are essential for patient confidentiality. The speech recognition software completely integrates directly and fully allows users to use their voice to dictate, edit and control widely used Microsoft software applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, Explorer and AOL.

Dragon Medical 10 comes Bluetooth ready, works with Bluetooth headsets and is ideal for doctors or physicians who need to be productive when they are on the go and away from the office.

About Nuance Communications, Inc
Nuance Communications, Inc is the industry leader in providing speech and imaging solutions with largest portfolio of such products. The company has the world’s best-selling speech recognition software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking® in its portfolio. Whether it is natural speaking software or the solutions that enhances customer service and business productivity, Nuance offers proven speech-enabled clinical documentation solutions for medical professionals and businesses.

About Recorders.com
Recorders.com is the renowned online supplier of audio-visual devices and software from well-known brands such as Philips, Sony, Olympus, and Nuance. They are a leading supplier and ship a wide range of top class headset microphones, handheld USB microphones, wireless microphones, 5-star rated digital voice recorders with a low price guarantee and a quick delivery system.

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