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There Are Pearls In The Pain of Every Experience

Former Child Bride/Teenage Wife/Mother Realizes the American Dream: You Can Make It if You Try. Dr. Trevicia Williams’ stirring bounce back book, There Are Pearls In The Pain of Every Experience: Spiritual Truths about Life’s Experiences (ISBN: 0-9743519-0-3), cuts to the chase about her life as an African American teenager in an arranged marriage to a man of European descent in the United States. It’s about currents of faith, hard decisions and perseverance and ways to bounce back from near life shattering experiences.

Trends in the United States show Mississippi as the state with the highest rate of teenage pregnancies. However, Houston (Texas), the fourth most populous city in the U.S. is probably the last place one would expect to find a 13 year old African American girl facing discussions about an arranged marriage, and, at 14 years of age in an arranged marriage to a man of German descent 12 years her senior. That’s exactly where Dr. Trevicia Williams’ arranged marriage happened, and, at the age of 15 she became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter just before her sixteenth birthday.

How she survived an incredible start is in There Are Pearls In the Pain of Every Experience: Spiritual Truths about Life’s Experiences. It’s about being caught between childhood and forced adulthood, and having to make some very difficult choices: Taking high roads out of some very low places. Dr. Williams takes readers on a subtle journey between having to create a support system, being a child herself while being a responsible parent to her child. It’s about faith and adversity and Dr. Williams’ use of inner strengths. “I’m amazed when I hear the life stories of young women auditioning for shows like True Beauty and American Idol. Success requires an awareness of inner strengths and greatness, and, it is during the moment of decision that the course of life is determined, or, at the very least, the next experience” says Dr. Trevicia Williams.

About the Author
Dr. Trevicia Williams is a psychologist, trainer and speaker with over a decade of academic studies in human behavior. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston-Downtown, Master’s degree from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and Doctorate degree from Walden University. Dr. Williams’ passion for helping women optimize their potentials takes her into community based organizations speaking to girls and women about overcoming adversities. It also inspires her to travel across the U.S. with motivational, inspirational and educational conferences. Dr. Williams is a woman of titanium faith: Although Lakewood Church of Houston, Texas, Pastor Joel Osteen, is the church that she still calls her “home church,” she also enjoys worship at Northland Church, where Dr. Joel Hunter is the Senior Pastor, community in Orlando/Longwood, Florida.

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