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Pennsylvania Dental Implants Office Takes Whole-Body Approach with Wellness Center

Dr. David DiGiallorenzo has a Pennsylvania dental implants announced the opening date for a wellness center associated with his Collegeville, PA periodontist‘s practice.

Located at 184 W. Main St., this center will open Jan. 1 and will offer medical facials, organic dermal fillers, acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, massage, heavy metal detox, infrared sauna, massage therapy, reflexology and reiki.

“Oral health and overall health can be enhanced in a number of ways besides traditional medical treatment,” said DiGiallorenzo, a LANAP provider who offers teeth/ bone grafting and crown lengthening procedures. “This wellness center is slated to provide therapies that improve well-being.”

Gum disease is a chronic inflammatory disease, and many people are at risk for other complications. Obese patients, diabetics, and those with high blood pressure and cholesterol risk getting gum disease.

“We take a whole-body approach to periodontics,” he said. “By providing stress reduction, detoxification, and services to feel and look better, we’re offering positive tools for one’s state of being.”

The center will provide infrared sauna and chelation for heavy metal detoxification. Many patients endure full oral detoxification, making it a perfect time to balance the system and cleanse all organs’ systems. Heavy metals exist in nearly everyone’s bodies from eating non-organic foods, smoking, cooking in aluminum cookware or foil, or because of amalgam dental fillings, stated Natural News.

DiGiallorenzo suggests detoxification during dental reconstruction to eliminate metals from the gastrointestinal tract and balance the body. Nutrition, herbal medicine and supplementation will be offered at the wellness center.

Via EPR Network
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